Monday, June 1, 2009

Hey Drake!!!

We all got dreams and we all start reaching
All-star reachin, All-Star weekend
One hotel room that all y'all sleep in
Housekeeping knock to see if all y'all decent
Young girls envying the life y'all leading
Never satisfied with a nice calm evening
You be at the games looking right all season
but you always with me on the nights y'all leaving
Ass low, ask lo, I always request you
You go get fucked up and we just show up at your rescue
carry you inside, get you some water and undress you
I give you my all and the next morning you'll forget who
or why or how or when,
tonight it's probably about to happen all over again
She live in a mind set that I could never move to
Until you find yourself it's impossible to lose you
Because I never had you
Although I would be glad to
I'd probably go and tattoo
your name, on my heart
or somewhere
I start
to think
that I'm going crazy...

Go and get her outta Houstatlantavegas... She just stuck in Houstalantavegas!!!

This ISH is HOTT. Two weeks ago I didn't know who Drake was and now I'm a fan. Word to the wise from TT: This song is about strippers... still hot though. Download the whole So Far Gone Mix Tape here. Thanks to TT for putting me up on game.

P.S. He raps AND sings. Like really raps and really sings. (not this 50 Cent/Ja Rule madness)

Have you heard [of] Drake? Do you love him, like him or just think he's a-ight?


antithesis said...

so many people i know are on drake SO hard. i never listened maybe i should.

K to the... said...

I love him!!! I'm just scared his actual album is going to be wack as opposed to his mixtapes.

Southside_Superstar said...

oh thats fucked up! you know I put you onto drake in the car on the way home from El Mexicano Resturante (I forgot the name)

T said...

4S, you're such an attention whore. TT told me the Web site to get the music from, which is why he got a shout out. I do believe you told me to hit him up for more information. I am NOT about to mention every single thing we discuss on the blog.

and LMAO @ El Mexicano Restaurante. You're a damn fool!

TatooTuesday said...

4S, is on pure bullshit. He must didn't think I would read this. I put his ass up on Drake when Comeback Season dropped but this fool didn't want to listen until everybody starting talking about him. AND I had to give him So Far Gone. Stop being an attention whore as T said.

Word to the Wise T, I know you interpreted those lyrics to be good. But HLV is about strippers, who jump from city to city and are stuck in that trap and can't leave.

T said...

@ TT... Yeah, I had a bad feeling it would be some ol' gutter BS. Damnit! I'm gonna change the entry just a bit, but the song's still hot.

I interpreted it to be about a party girl who had some issues so she couldn't settle down. Again... damnit!

J said...

He is bring light-skin back. I love his songs. My sister been on his music for a while,before all of this Weezy accolades. I am glad to see a brother who is not angry all the time and is sexy to boot!!