Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big Easy Party Scene

I don't go anywhere without hitting the party scene. Of course, in New Orleans it was Bourbon Street. If you've never been I don't even know how to explain it to you, but I'm going to try.

It's crazy! All the women wear flat shoes. If there was a woman with heels on by the end of the night her shoes were either off or she had on some vacation flip flops. (You know the ones that say Corona or some other nonsense you would never buy, but that you pick up because your feet hurt. Don't act like I'm the only one that's bought flip-flops from a convenience store). I'm disgressing.

There were people of all ages (and I do mean all ages) partying together and you really have to put on your anything could happen hat. It's not not swanky. It's not upscale. It's like if you took all the crazy middle-America people from the Vegas clubs, put them in mini-skirts, tank tops and flip flops and put them in the same general vicinity with some cheap liquor and GOOD music.

It's pandemonium! Side note: What I don't understand is how people twice my age can deal with it. I'm not Cancun on spring break young, but I'm not married with children in college old either... I'm in a nice in between I like to kick it age and I was only able to "tolerate" the shenanigans. I couldn't see my mom kickin' it on NOLA, but please belive people her age were down there gettin it.

Back to the point, at this point in my partying career the company I keep makes or breaks my night, so my favorite part was kickin' it with my close friends (who are basically family). Thummyb was there, R&P and the KAPsi crew were there... Any night out with R's little brother is going to be a fun night. It's like being out with Jamie Foxx or Mike Epps, you just never know what kind of wrecklessness is about to come out of his mouth.

The best part of the party scene was dancing in the middle of the street (and I do mean the middle of the street) to Blame it on the Alcohol Friday night and to Best I Ever Had Saturday night. Any city where you can have open dranks and dance outside in flip flops is O.K. with me.


antithesis said...

i wish i would party in flip flops. no i really wish i would and could. i would get down with that. however, the whole all ages thing would irritate the life outta me. sounds like good times to have specifically ONE time. just to say i did it...

ThummyB said...

*singing and dancing* 'Get silly...get silly, get silly, get silly...what!'

K to the... said...

Yeah, definitely can't wear ya good ish on Bourbon street!