Thursday, June 25, 2009

Big Easy Music

I loved the music in New Orleans. I'm a jazz fan in general. Ask thummyb, in college, I'd have my yahoo jazz station on nonstop with an aromatherapy candle burning, studying my tush off. (Ok, sometimes I was planning events for campus organizations, but the point is, I was putting in work and jazz kept me calm.)

Everywhere we went there was music playing. On the street, in restaurants, at the French market. It was so upbeat and so awesome.

We also went to a bar/club/whatever you want to call it called 541 on Bourbon Street that had THEE best live band. I mean they could do Chaka Khan and follow it up with Usher's Yeah. They were so good! They're energy was electrifying. I could seriously listen to them every night.

(Can' you tell I'm ready to go back).

On a side note, I love that their airport is named after Louis Armstrong. There's a big statue of him by the baggage claim, just makes me smile. There might be other airports named after black men in the United States, but I've never been to them (and I've been to an inordinate amount of airports).


ThummyB said...

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta is named after Maynard Jackson. I feel like you have a better chance at coming up on 'anything' named after a person of color in the south.

antithesis said...

hey, i dropped u an email.

Kismet said...

BWI just got renamed Thurgood Marshall Airport (since I've lived here that is) but there are no statues that I know of. Unfortunate too.