Monday, June 22, 2009

Big Easy Cuisine

Ok, New Orleans was off the chain! It was my first time down there and there was SO much history and culture. It really makes me want to go back. This week I'm going to put up a bunch of (relatively) short posts about my trip.

Today, we'll talk about the food. I LOVE cajun food. I didn't know this until I went down there, but just like I'm craving that French bakery for Aix En Provence, I'm really dying for some N'awlins cooking right now. I'm going to just have to learn how to cook it.

While I was there I had the following:

- Shrimp Courtboullion
- Red Beans & Rice
- Cajun Potato Salad
- A ham Po Boy (from Mother's)
- Crawfish boil (I'm actually allergic to spicy food, so I only had a couple of these, but they were worth the irritation.)
- Popeyes Chicken (story of that experience coming up later in the week)
- Beignets (from Cafe Du Monde)
- A hand grenade (I actually just sipped some of my boy's and it's Wack Arnold's. I don't care what anyone says. It tastes like watermelon gah-bage, but whatever, I tried it).
- A hurricane (from Pat O'brien's. Again, I wasn't impressed. It got me gone though. LOL)
- Daquiris (from Fat Tuesdays, of course)

I didn't have any gumbo and I didn't get a muffaleta. There are only so many meals one can eat in a 48 hour period... but did I miss anything else? What your favorite food (or drink) from N'awlins?


antithesis said...

man the last thing i need is another spot on my list simply for the food. now my sis and i will have to go down there and get our fat on...

b.enchanted said...

Yum, beignets! We used to always eat them when we would visit my big sister at Xavier...No place else does them justice.

K to the... said...

Oh my gosh...that cajun potato salad!!! If it was a man, I was GOING! Beignets are awesome for sobering up! :-)