Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Perfect Sunday

This is so random, but I feel like I need to document perfect Sundays to remind me that the weekend is coming on weekdays where things aren't going so hot.

7:50 a.m. Early service at AFC
11 a.m. Brunch with my besties at Dixie Kitchen
2 p.m. Printer's Row Lit Fest (Came up on 4 books for $20)
4:30 p.m. Delicious nap
7 p.m. NBA Finals Game
9:59 p.m. Started thinking the Lakers might sweep. I'm not happy about it, but... it might happen.
10 p.m. Cleaned up my place
10:30 p.m. Prayed for a blessed (and peaceful) week in the Chi
11:30ish Shut it down

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