Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tea's Tangents

Hope you all had a good long weekend. Here are some tangents to kick your short week off right!

1. Is George Lopez's wife's voice [on the show] not the most irritating thing you've ever heard in your life? I love watching the re-runs of George Lopez, but I swear if I had a stay-at-home wife that nagged like she did, she'd have to get a job... and add a little base to her voice. UGH!

2. Have you seen that dumb ass T-mobile commercial where the woman cuts down all the telephone lines to promote the fact that people don't need landlines anymore. I'm turning into a cranky old woman because I was screaming at the TV thinking about how irresponsible that commercial is.

3. Speaking of irresponsibility and commercials, aren't the buy now, pay later commercials the most disgusting display of irresponsibility you've seen in a long time? HELLO, abusing credit got us into this crisis.

4. I have been so unbearably busy at work that this is the third day in a row I've forgotten to eat breakfast. Ironic isn't it, that instead of stopping what I'm doing to go get breakfast, I ran over to teaandsuch to speak on it. It's now 10:32, so it makes no sense to eat breakfast. I may as well wait an hour and a half and just eat lunch. My body is not happy about this. Tea does not miss her breakfast.

5. Do you ever tumble dry your clothes on low. ALL my clothes say tumble dry low, but if I do that I'm going to have to dry my loads twice. Do you think the clothes dryer industry and clothing manufacturers are in business together trying to get you to spend more money (The same way shampoo companies say repeat when they know good a well one wash is enough). I'm just sayin'

6. Memo
Attn: New Dude
Subject: Caking
What I'm NOT gone do is text you all day like we've been dating for years. I just met you... be easy.


ThummyB said...

Love #6...if for nothing more than the way you phrased that!

antithesis said...

lol! @ #6

Kismet said...

Re: #6
Damn T. More cakers? Sugar sweet and hard to beat huh?
Get em.

nerdgirlms said...

Bwahahaha @ #6. Love it!