Friday, May 29, 2009

Tea's Got Jokes

I've been watching the NBA playoffs by myself, sitting in the house having ALL kinds of jokes. Here are a couple of things I noticed...

Might be funny to you, might not, but I was amused.

1. I wish someone would give Sasha Vujacic a rattail comb so he can fix that makeshift part in his head.

2. In Game 4 of the Cavs Magic match-up did anyone else notice my man at the score table with the Coogi Sweater on?

3. Why do the NBA players look like etch and sketches gone wrong. Tat, tat, tatted up!!!

4. Speaking of tats, is there a tattoo mimimum to be in the NBA? I'm thinking if you have a tat, you have to get at least three at a time and you get a bonus for having tats on your neck.

5. Why when they announced Nene did he not have a first and/or last name. They're like Kobe Bryant, Derek Fischer and Nene... Is Nene his only name? I KNOW they have last names in Brazil... WTH. This dude must've been around since bible times with no last name. SMH.

6. Why does Craig Sager wear suits like every day is Easter Sunday or Men's Sunday at a Southern Baptist Church. I couldn't even talk to him if I was a player. I'd be like my bad dude, your suit is blinding me.

Happy Friday!!!


antithesis said...

my friends be lettin craig HAVE IT on twitter. but yea, everyone does have a tat but i guess its not that odd to me because everyone i see on the regular has a tat. it's not too many people i do know under 30 without em.

nerdgirlms said...

Can Pau Gasol use the comb when Vujacic is finished with it? Please? I know you're not a Lakers fan, but have mercy - the man needs some grooming!

Oh lawd, they are tattooed beyond belief. Somewhere between Kenyon Martin and The Birdman I feel like I am on a bad acid trip! I've never dropped acid, but you get my drift ...

Enjoy your weekend.

Brian and Lauren said...

According to my NBA-crazed husband, the thing to do in Brazil is for the super stars to just go by one name.... go figure