Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why is this so difficult?

So when I got back from France it was officially spring in the Chi. I know where most of you live it's been spring for a while, but Chicago only does summer and winter, so this spring thing caught me by surprise. I took a look around and realized my closet is looking rather wack as far as spring looks go as well.

So I head to Nordstrom and Macy's to do some damage in the shoe department. I was looking for a neutral flat everyday shoe that's not a flip-flop and a black wedge casual shoe that would work with jeans and tanks as well as summer dresses.

I was quite disappointed with the selection. What does a sister have to do to find a summer shoe that's not:

- A peep toe boot
- A gladiator sandal (which could also look like a peep toe boot)
- A wedge platform
- A wedge platform with leather on the top and cork on the bottom (for the record I tried these on and the look HOT, but what do I look like wearing She-Ra sandals to work everyday?)
- A wedge platform espadrille with leather on the top (who thinks of this stuff?)
- Flat with ZERO support for your arch or
- Just plain ugly

Needless to say, I was unsuccessful in my search for a casual shoe, but I am the new proud owner of these delicious Michael Kors bad boys! YESSIR!!!

P.S. I got these a size bigger than the photo. Can't have my toes all scrunched up like an accordion.

How's your summer shopping going?


antithesis said...

those are some HOT shoes. i was tempted to get a knock-off from dsw but i decided on a pair of brown sandals which were a little more practical. i envy those who can make both practical AND fierce shoe options. i have to always find a way to roll it in one.

ThummyB said...

Woooooow...Love the shoes, and I see that you were out to do some serious damage w/the Michael Kors!

I didn't get into shoes this weekend, but I did snag two FLYY purses from a vendor at an event that I attended this weekend. Yea...I'm very ready to hurt 'em this summer!

Southside_Superstar said...

Damn thats sexy! I need to see you in those!!!

PyT said...

That's hotness right there. Can't wait to see you rock with a dress or something.

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are the bizness!!!!