Thursday, May 28, 2009


"He got that foul because he's Kobe. He's in a different foul bracket than Carmelo."
- My cousin explaining to me why Kobe gets so many shots... because the refs have a favorite team too. (I effing HATE the Lakers, mainly because of Kobe, but mostly because I ride the CTA, not bandwagons)

Side note: I love to hear pretty girls curse. I know that's weird, but it's so ironic and I happen to be a pretty girl who (on occasion) curses like a sailor, so I guess pretty women cursing validates my potty mouth. (Pray for me.) On to the quote...

"He fuckin' up. You don't turn off no damn Too Short at a party. That's fuckin' DJ-ing 101."
- One of my beautiful girls, commenting on the wackness of a DJ

"Where were you such that it impeded you being with me at a time designated to be with me?"
Overheard... but don't you just love how she so eloquently stated: "Where the f#$% were you?"

"I mean, I just don't know too many positions a straight man would be in for someone to be able to kiss him in the back of his neck like that."
thummyb, on how ridiculous Kenyon Martin's tattoo of Trina's lips on the back on his neck is

Disclaimer: I'm about to take y'all in a totally opposite direction with the next one, but it's a great quote nonetheless:

"If you love the Lord, the roaches in your homes will know it"
- Preacher at AFC, when Dr. Smith was out of town. Oh Lord, I couldn't stop laughing at this dude.

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