Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kobe & Lebron Puppets

These jumpoffs are HILARIOUS!!! I think they're narrated by Katt Williams and Keenan Thompson... I could be wrong.

Best lines:
And this is my problem?
You got to be hungry, Lebron... I'm talkin' bout stomach growlin!!!
Why do we live together?
Who's asking these questions?


Kismet said...

hilarious! im glad im back from France for these little reasons.

Yo, Mr. hipped me to another video that they didn't play on TV (yet)

WiZ said...

these are good. i posted about them the other day too. i just love to watch them over and over and over.

T said...

@ Kismet, I just saw that one last night. I LOVE IT! "That was Mrs. Lewis from downstairs. She said... you ain't got no defense!!!"

@ Wiz, I can watch the 3 rings commercial on repeat like it's a movie. Too funny!

Kismet said...

LMAO. 3 rings is still my favorite.

They had a brief one on Sportcenter singing the intro

Whoever thought these guys up deserves that promotion. And the company car.

TatooTuesday said...

Kismet said...

When you've got a good thing, I guess you just keep that good ish coming: [The Spoofer Version--HILARIOUS!]

T said...

@ Kismet, these jumpoff are great! I love when lil Dez is like "my bad brother, allergies" Ooh, that had me dying laughing. The spoof is great.

I must say I didn't like the Kobe jumping in a moving car one. Every other one was hilarious to me.