Thursday, May 21, 2009

French Food

Fresh food/baked goods: All the French food was super fresh. There were a lot of bodegas and farmer's markets. I didn't see any big grocery stores. I did however, see bakeries, bakeries and tons of bakeries. Oh Lord, I was in heaven. There were different things at the same bakeries every day because everything was so fresh. Our favorite bakery was 24-hours. My favorite were the fresh fruit tortes. A.MA.ZING!

Meal Times: The French are real serious about their meal times. We were never up and about quite early enough for breakfast, but lunch is from noon to 2 p.m. at most places and noon to 3 or 4 in other places. If you want something to eat between 4 and 7, you're pretty much S.O.L. or restricted to the corner places that have food all day (think meal carts in NYC) or this one chain called Jacob's.

Paninis: I had a real panini. Now, for the record, I typically don't like paninis. They seem like soggy smushed bread with icky meat and cheese. Even breakfast paninis seem to be dripping with grease on soggy and just plain horrible-tasting to me. But I learned that real panini bread looks like a baguette before it's put into a panini press. Then they give you the scorching hot footlong sandwich in a paper bag and you eat it walking down the street. It tastes SO much better than the counterfeit paninis I've had in the states.

Funniest Meal: We were chillin' at a diner, eating some Mousson Frites (mussels and fries=Provencal delicacy) and we look up and see two guys running at top speed, and a third guy close on the second guy's heels. I immediately thought they had grabbed someone's purse (or several people's purses) and were running from the cops. Then someone pointed out that the third guy was a waiter. White crisp shirt, black pants, of course! OMG, it was straight out of the scene of a movie. We couldn't see what ulimately happened, but the waiter was running so fast, I'm sure he caught the second guy. Wouldn't it suck to go to jail for stealing lunch?

By far, the best part of the story is someone, who I'll call the Matre D, comes jogging by with a pitcher of water in his hand, looking both ways anxiously about a good 2 or 3 minutes after we see the running spectacle. I guarantee you this dude is going to tell the story and say he had the waiter's back the whole time. Dude, you may as well have stayed at the restaurant, running that damn slow.


ThummyB said...

Ahahahaha! That restaurant scene was GREAT!

...and I'ma have to swing by Panera today to get my 'American Bakery' expereince on. Dang, I miss that 24 hr bakery (best invention EVER).

Kismet said...

LMAOOOO!!!! That was sooo funny.

Damn you took a picture of the baked delicacies? I just got back and I'm already sick for them. :(

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