Tuesday, May 19, 2009

France and Such

I've been struggling with how to write about France. It was such a great experience that I didn't want to just hastily recap it and make it seem like I didn't have the time of my life. I'm going to just write and see what comes up and then I'll break my stream of consciousness up over the next couple blog posts.

I journaled while I was in France, so I might bless you all with some of my uncensored thoughts from my journal.


Background: Kismet was doing research in the South of France for her dissertation. Yeah, my girl's ABD (all but dissertation), which means when she gets done with her research and presents her dissertation, we'll be calling her Dr. Kismet. Amazing, isn't it? Anywho... right before she left she extended an invitation to come and stay with her during her three-month research trip. Thummyb and I, never ones to shy away from a fab getaway, checked flight information and booked ASAP, taking advantage of [relatively] cheap prices to Europe and that free lodging with Kismet.

We've both been to Europe once before. I to Spain for study abroad and Thummyb to Rome for vacay. We spent a great deal of our time comparing France to Spain and Italy, more on that later.

We flew into Marseille and stayed in Aix En Provence, which is about 30 minutes away.

Funny side note: When I said I'm going to France, people automatically assumed I was going to Paris and most people said "Have so much fun in Paris" or "Enjoy Paris." It's like if you say you're going to Arizona, people just assume you're going to Phoenix. Hilarious.

Pre-trip journal entry: "I'm on a KLM flight to Amsterdam. I'm on my way to Marseille, France to visit [Kismet]... I don't know what I expect in France. Well, I expect good cheese, bread, olive oil and dessert. I expect people to be dressed Bohemian chic. I expect stuff to be expensive. I expect people to talk really low and I expect to not understand much... I expect to have a relaxing fun time."

Keep reading below for the first funny France story. I had to break up the long posts.


kay* said...

i LOVE travel and travel posts - so i look forward to reading yours. i've never been to france but it's slowly making it's way up on my list of places i want to visit...most of my list consists of countries not necessarily on the most popular list...like ethiopia, south east asia, tanzania...or perhaps they are on the popular list? :)

T said...

@ Kay, my girl's dad is from Ethiopia. She goes to visit her grandparents yearly. I also know someone who's been to Tanzania. I don't know about South East Asia, but I'm pretty sure lots of other people would like to go too. Keep us posted on where you go.