Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fashion in Aix En Provence

Journal entry on fashion: "I absolutely love Zara. The clothes were pretty wack, but the shoe game is SERIOUS! Now is as good a time as ever to talk about the fashion in Aix En Provence. I see a lot of leggings and free flowing 'shirts.' I see a lot of free flowing stuff in general. Stuff you're supposed to use a belt or big fashion accessory [with]. I don't like it for me because I need things to be defined. I need clean lines and things that pretty much match. They have these gladiator sandals that look like fences on your feet that everyone has... There are also fun fashion things with scarves, but not as many as I expected to see.

Men wear a lot of Puma looking shoes, but they're Nike and Adidas brand... Men wear tight jeans, not skinny jeans though, just naturally tight... The main thing is that everyone just does their own thing. No one really looks like anyone else to me. I've seen some FLY heels. I've also seen a lot of kitten heels with a strap around the ankle , boots and skirts or boots and shorts are popular.

We saw a girl with a fleece pineapple suit on in Zara. Complete with the hat."

****UPDATE**** The pineapple suit looked this, except with a brighter yellow fleece and a yellow hat with green at the top. Seriously, I can't make this stuff up.

Random journal entry: "There were a lot of men wearing capris. That must be the hotness in France."


kay* said...

did you buy any shoes?????!?!?!?

b.enchanted said...

Now... when you say "Fleece Pineapple Suit" are you referring to pineapple colored, or a pineapple design?

If the answer to that question was "design," where the heck is my photo?? LOL

T said...

@ Kay, I was on my cash only grind in Europe and most shoes were about 70-80 Euros, which was a significant chunk of my cash. So, no, unfortunately, I didn't buy any shoes. I'm sick as hell about it too. There were three pair that I have dreams about... or now they're nightmares. I checked online, but Europe doesn't really do the online thing like America. I'm sad about it.

@ B, I completely punked out in France with the picture taking. I don't speak any French, so I just imagined that people would call their French cousins'nem when they saw me snapping pics. It was a pineapple suit in design though. I figured maybe she worked at the smoothie shop as the samples girl and decided to stop in for some clothes. It was ridic though!

b.enchanted said...

That's too bad. I was picturing a fleece jogging suit with little pineapples all over it. Tack-ay!