Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Airlines Anyone?

One thing we noted right away is that the European flight attendants are much nicer than American flight attendants. They're always smiling and they seem to want to make sure you enjoy your experience whereas American flight attendants seem to want to make sure you have the safest experience possible.

A funny little situation happened on our flight from Amsterdam to Marseille. One man who spoke English was sitting with two women who do not speak English IN THE EXIT ROW. Now, it's airline policy that anyone sitting in the exit row has to speak English. The plane won't take off until this happens. Dude was clearly offended that his travel partners had to move and to complicate things he was afraid to have his guests be far from him since they don't speak English and wouldn't know what was going on in the case of emergency (Ironic... I know).

He kept saying, why do you have to speak English to open the door. There are pictures, we know how to open the door and I can tell them.

The European flight attendants were all smiles and giggles trying to explain this mess and get the man's buy-in. Wouldn't have gone down like that in America. It would have been like "Sir, you and your party need to get up now and if you don't, we'll consider you a hostile passenger group, at which point you can all get off the plane, go back through TSA and perhaps have to take the Amtrak to wherever the hell you're going. mm.kay!?!"

Now, me and thummyb (thummyb especially) are sitting one row behind this fool, going "Aw hell naw. I am NOT flying with this dude having to translate emergency procedures [which will be delivered in English] to his non-English speaking travel party. Nope, aintgonebeabletadoit!!!"
Thankfully, the lady sitting next to us noticed us speaking English and suggested to this dude (in French) that his guests just switch places with us so they'll only be one row away from each other.

Only after this happened, did the plane take off.


ThummyB said...

I'm LMAO @ 'esp. ThummyB'.

I was shaking my head TOO hard going "Mmm mmmmm...don't do it 'flight attendant'. They are trying to run game on you. Anglish, muthaflucka...they don't speak it!'


b.enchanted said...

So then, you two had to sit in the COLD emergency row?

T said...

B, you are hilarious. Since when is the emergency row cold? It was the same temperature as the other row and there were no emergencies. Thank God! :)