Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea's Tangents: Philly Airport Edition

Happy Friday! The older I get the more respect I have for this day. You'd think the novelty would wear off, but nope Friday is still so exciting... so many possibilities for the weekend... so many ways to leave the office early... so many blueberry muffins to eat in the kitchen. :)

Anywho, here are today's tangents (written and/or conceived in the Philly Airport on Tuesday night)

1. I'm so sick of traveling, but as you'll see from the upcoming tangents, I don't know that I'd have anything to talk about (or time to think about what to talk about) if I didn't travel so much.

2. I keep seeing ads for JCPenney's and the clothes are super wack. The ad says "dresses for just $24.99" and I'm thinking CLEARLY.

3. I had an American Airlines flight for 7:10 out of Philly. At 4:05 p.m. it was delayed until 7:45. I called the good folks at American to see if I could get on an earlier flight. Unfortunately, the only other flight was at 4:15. Fortunately, that flight was delayed until 6:05. They booked me on it, free of charge, then I got to the airport and it was delayed until 6:40. We boarded the plane at about 6:30. We then proceeded to sit on the runway for a full hour, we were like 15th in line for takeoff. We took off at about 7:30 and I didn't even check to see what time my 7:10 flight ACTUALLY left out of Philly if at all. I don't want to know.

4. I read in the RedEye that American is the worst airline when it comes to ontime departure. And here I thought O'hare was the problem. Well... it is, but American and O'hare equals a formula for absolute lateness.

5. My co-worker's Southwest flight was delayed from 5:40 to 8:55 on Southwest though.

6. I spent a good 20 minutes walking to every food place in the Philly airport looking for a chocolate chip cookie. I had already eaten, but couldn't find a cookie to save my life. I didn't want the little mini-Oreos. I didn't want those puffed up oatmeal raisin cookies from Guava Java that looked like they'd been there all day. I didn't want something cookie-esque. I wanted the real deal.

I finally found said chocolate chip cookie and the experience was anticlimactic to say the least. I think they could've baked that bad boy a little longer. I still ate it with the soggy middle and all and just kept the empty wrapper in my purse in case I died of food poisoning, so you all could have a clue.

7. This is random, but I leave clues about everything everywhere. A Law and Order episode about me would last about 5 minutes. They'd be like she ate the cookie, left the wrapper in her purse with crumbs that we can test in the lab, saved a draft about said cookie to her blog and died. DUN DUN!

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b.enchanted said...

Oh, I leave clues too! I'm always grabbing something on the way out the house, so people can identify my body if I die out in these streets... I also tell people all the time, "If I end up dead, so and so did it!" LOL.