Friday, April 3, 2009

SET Magazine

Side note: I am currently in the San Antonio airport making my way back to the Chi (or on a plane, or in the Chi, depending on when you read this). Pray for safe travels and sanity. :P

Have you seen SET Magazine yet. It's stands for Sports and Entertainment Magazine and I must say I rather enjoy reading it. The above is the premier issue. I've also read the second issue which has Gilbert Arenas on the cover. It's a lifestyle magazine (think Essence, Glamour, Redbook) that focuses on Sports (athletes, athlete's wives/gfs, and all things sports). It's not manly like Sports Illustrated, but it's not overly feminine like Cosmo.

This mag reminds me of Vibe Vixen. It was a women's lifestyle magazine, but dealing with all things Hip-Hop. (Oh, how I wish it was still in production).
I've talked to the Editor-in-Chief [for work] and she's a real business woman. Works tirelessly on the mag and deserves every success coming to her. Please grab a subscription or at least a copy of the mag.
What's your favorite mag? Any of your favorites been discontinued?


Tlynne said...

Hello! This is Tracey with Clutch. You stopped by our booth at Shecky's. I sent you an email. Please check it out. And THANKS for such great compliments!

antithesis said...

havent read this. dont know how into it i would be. i'm a glamour, harper's bazaar, instyle girl. sometimes i like cosmo, not often. i subscribe to essesnce and glamour.

PyT said...

I subscribe to Essence but am finding that many of the articles are a bit redundant as of late, but I still love it nonetheless. I loved Vibe Vixen, so sad that it flopped. Used to be a big Vibe subscriber.. and still pick it up every now again. As of late, my fav magazine dealing with music and fashion is Giant. I love the editor-in-chief and how it makes the mag cover all genres and does an excellent job at putting new talent on the map.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I actually freelanced (photo editing) for this magazine. Yes, the EIC is a true business woman who is extremely great at what she does.

My favorite mag that's been discontinued was HONEY from back in the day.