Friday, April 24, 2009

Quotes of the week

1. Aw shit son (NY accent and all)
- 4S, I can't even explain the context


2. "I need to get out the house, been on that boo shit for a couple weekends."
- Anonymous

Good Lord, I love my girls!!!


Background: I'm going to France in a few days. Have I mentioned that on teaandsuch? Digressing... Well, when I tell people about my upcoming trip they keep saying stuff like "wow, I wish," "must be nice" and "I'm so jealous." So yesterday I responded:

3. "You should be jealous, it's an awesome trip."


I giggled a little when I said it and I didn't even realize that those types of comments bothered me until I reacted so callously, but... what the hell am I supposed to say when people say they're jealous of my cool job, my paid time off, my extensive travel, my no-kids-go-where-I-want-do-what-I-want lifestyle? I AM pretty effing fabulous. I need to develop a friendlier key message to deal with the constant commentary on my fabulousity. LMAO!


Reese said...

love the modesty babe! that shit is awasome, have a BALL out there.
take a ton of pics

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. The modesty here is overwhelming. I can't take it. I'm going back to my own page. LOL Enjoy France and go to the red light district. All of the hookers are thick as heck. Given that all of the rest of women in France are skinny, it makes you go hmmmm. (and Disney World outside of Paris has the BEST sorbet in the universe! I swear!)

K to the... said...

Do you get people that try to make you feel bad and feel good in the same breath? I've experienced this alot lately:

*with stank 'tude* "Dang, you always gone...well you don't have any kids or husband, so this is the time to do it."

Like I didn't already know this. lol Have a safe trip, T!