Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Michigan Avenue Store Closings

The Pottery Barn - Closed

Victoria Secret - Closing on Michigan Avenue and Chicago when they re-open where Pottery Barn used to be (supposedly summer '09)

Borders - Closing by Jan 2010 (wonder what they are going to do with that space since only Filene's will be left. YIKES!)

The Disney Store - Closing by Jan 2010

Ethels Chocolate - (In the Nordstrom mall... all Chicagoland Ethel's are closing)

***UPDATE*** Can't believe I forgot this one, but Starbucks between Erie and Huron also closed late last year. This is not due to the economy, but to the new condos that are being built. The condo association/builder/whomever didn't want any outside businesses in their complex. This is stupid as hell from a business standpoint if you ask me, but hey, maybe they know something I don't.

Damn economy... Michigan Avenue's about to start looking broke down like State Street. Womp.


ThummyB said...

Wow...I'm surprised at Borders (in particular) and The Disney Store.

I can see where Disney might not have great appeal everywhere, but it seems like tourists are happy to buy their kids some dvd or plush animal while out for a day of shopping. I would think the Mich Ave store would do well even if others did not.

As for Borders, I'm just always baffled that ppl don't buy books. It just always seems like a good investment to me.

b.enchanted said...

How about, I can't even picture where Pottery Barn is!

T said...

@ thummyb, I don't think people read either and it's so sad. But I HOPE that people are just using libraries or Amazon.com. Borders rarely has real sales (the books in the sale section generally suck), so I HOPE that people are just looking for deals.

@ b, Pottery Barn used to be sandwiched between Banana Republic and Tiffany's (between Chicago and Superior). That's the new home of Victoria's Secret. It'll supposedly be open in the summer.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

OH NO!!!! I really hate to read this. :-(

I haven't been on Mich Ave in a while. Say it ain't so!!!!!

Is that Banana Republic still open?

T said...

@ BGG, Banana's still there... they're having a $98 dress sale right now too, but I guess that's kind of off topic. LOL!

b.enchanted said...

I'm a library girl. And I think that in the last year or so, the amount of people in there has definitely increased. Books are expensive...