Friday, April 10, 2009

[Michelle] Obama Friday

Is my first lady fly as hell or what? The thing that I love about her is that she really doesn't look like anyone else. It's no secret that I think Cindy McCain is fly and Sarah Palin's wardrobe (no matter how illegally financed) was flyer than a mutha, but they both look like cookie cutter images of politicians or wives of politicians.

I truly believe Michelle Obama is an original. And she's so damn classy. I couldn't have picked a better women to be on the world stage representing all of America, all of American women, all black women in America and most importantly, me.
Check out these slideshows of her U.K. fashion choices

And to the naysayers that say we (Tea, other bloggers and the main stream media) shouldn't be discussing her style, that we should instead be discussing her intellect, I say thanks for that opinion, but I respectfully disagree. If someone has no style, then people don't discuss it (cough*Laura Bush*cough). If someone's fly as hell, people talk about it.

Mrs. Obama's super flyness doesn't negate her degrees, her experience, her strength, her fine mothering skills, nor her place in society as the premier first lady! I'd argue that her style is the icing on her super-fly cake.

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Brown Girl Gumbo said...

You know I love Michelle Obama!!! So classic and chic!