Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's the Little Things

I've been so busy I nearly forgot about my birthday this year (It's today). I didn't totally forget, but I was considering not celebrating it in the Chi because I'm going to France two days later. Anyone who knows me knows that's completely out of character because my birthday is kind of a big deal. :P

So anyway, I'm doing something cozy, no evite, no facebook invites, no pretentious swanky bar, just a Tuesday happy hour with good people, good drinks and good times.

Since I'm not making a big deal, I figured everyone else forgot. Then I logged on to ING Direct and they had a happy birthday message on my homepage. Awwwww! You know my sentimental ass LOVED it! Chase has never wished me a happy birthday. LaSalle Bank never wished me a happy birthday. DSW, Victoria's Secret & The Melting Pot always wish me a happy birthday, but that's just because they want me to come spend money (I do, but I'm just sayin').

ING Direct is so sincere. Not only do they give you a ridiculously high interest rate and send notes about money management (and give out free coffee in their cafes), but they send happy birthday messages to customers wanting NOTHING in return.

*singing like India Arie* It's the little things and the joy they bring.

***UPDATE*** ING definitely just sent me an e-mail saying happy birthday and just for my birthday I can get 15% off anything in the ING store. LOL! Everyone's in it for the money.

Happy Birthday to me!


Brown Girl Gumbo said...


Team Taurus!!! :-)

I hope you have a wonderful b-day at happy hour with good people, good drinks and good times!!

Have fun!!

kay* said...

oh my gosh happy birthday!!!!! i totally here you on wanting to keep it low key. sometimes those are the best.

and wow - paris?!?!? work or pleasure? either way have TONS of fun :)

K to the... said...

Happy Birthday, T!!!!

antithesis said...

happy birthday, T! enjoy! have fun in France!

Southside_Superstar said...

It's yo birthday, so I know you want to ride out
Even if we only go to my house
Sip on weezy as we sit upon my couch
Feels good, but I know you want to cry out

You say want passion, I think you found it
Get ready for action, don't be astounded
We switching positions, you feel so rounded
Tell me where you want your gift, girl

Girl you know I-I-I, Girl you know I-I-I
I been feenin,
Wake up in the late night
Been dreamin bout your loving, girl
Girl you know I-I-I, Girl you know I-I-I
Don't need candles and cake
Just need your body to make...
Birthday sex...Birthday sex
Birthday sex...Birthday sex

T said...

@ 4S, Between you and TT, I have NO words!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday - enjoy!!!

JOE CASTRO said...

I'm way late... but Happy Birthday!