Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do you remember?

I have a crazy memory. My short term memory sucks, but when it comes to numbers I remember SO much. This post was sparked when I surprised myself by dialing a colleague's number by heart.

Note: I don't mean the short extensions of people I work with or numbers I recognize when they pop up on my caller I.D. at work (which sometimes omits names). This is a list of numbers I could dial (all 10 digits) off the top of my head with no extra information:

Family: Mom's cell; two land lines at mom's house; stepfather's cell; maternal grandma (don't trip, my paternal grandma changed her number last year after having the same number for 30+ years); Sam's cell, Josh's cell

Friends: thummyb, P (R's P), Nicol's mom's house (random, I know)

Colleagues: Two people I talk to way too much in NYC.

And that's it. Everyone else's number I can't remember. That's actually pretty sad given the brain's capacity to remember things, but I also know most of my credit card and bank account numbers by heart, so you all's phone numbers will have to stay stored safely with Verizon 'nem.

Question of the Day is who's number(s) do you remember by heart?


antithesis said...

i make no efort to commit any new numbers to memory. some people have really easy numbers and they automatically get stored. others, whatever. i know my mom's cell, my dad's cell, and my brother's cell, my maternal grandma's house number, and one uncle's house number. i also know my ex boyfriend's cell but i had forgotten it and he told me again and it's a really easy number. oddly, ive never forgotten his work number. i dont know my sister's numbers which is interesting because she is the person i call the most.

b.enchanted said...

I"m so good with numbers, but not words. So I know every number, but can't figure who it belongs to.
I also have a crazy thing where I remember random digits. Like my mom's license from the car as a kid, or my sister's CPS id number. Maybe this is why I know my dad's social and bank account numbers by heart, ICE...

ThummyB said...

By heart I can dial...

Parent's home
Mom's cell
Dad's cell
Grandma's home
Tea's cell
Ex's cell *sigh* office *shrug*

That might be all. Everyone else I have saved, so I rely upon my phone book.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Fun post!! I have a TERRIBLE long-term memory, however, I do remember numbers too. I can recall these numbers:

Both of my sister's cells and house numbers
My mom's house number and her cell phone
My best friend's cell phone
My husband's cell
Old college friend's cell
Aunt's home number

That's about it! LOL

Oh I do know my banking number and my mom and husband's social security numbers.