Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CNN Eye Candy

Why are the CNN black male anchors so fine? (anchors, not correspondents, LOL!) I have a little crush on Don Lemon and TJ Holmes. HEY!!!


ThummyB said...

Let the chuch say 'Yamen'!!!!

Whew, CNN Saturday weekend mornings is like Must See TV, for me!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I really like the Lemon guy too! Very handsome! I've never seen the other one but, he's a cutie too!

b.enchanted said...

Yeah, they are both Yummy. It's the little posts like these that make women happy :)

Spiderlgs said...

4 words: get off my man.

I have gotten up early to watch TJ Holmes every saturday for years LOL he is delicious. As if this were 4th grade, I called him. No one else can have him. Thank you. Feel free to enjoy the other dude, he just doesnt do it for me like Mr. Holmes. I wonder what that T.J. stands for its prolly country as hell