Wednesday, April 29, 2009

But Why?

I guarantee you I'm not trying to be funny, I'm just trying to understand something.

Why do adults who are not engaged and do not have kids together take couples photos?

Now parents take yearly photos of kids so they can see their growth and because they don't want their kids to be the only kids in the school to not get photos. Teenagers take photos at the mall because they don't have anything else to do and they actually collect and distribute wallet size photos and show them to people while en route to and from school. I have a stack of those bad boys from high school.

[I think] Engaged adults take photos so they can display them at their wedding and because the engagement is a celebratory time that they will [hopefully] never experience again, so they want to capture the moment.

Families (married or not) take photos for the same reason that parents have their kids take photos, to show growth over time and because grandma will always complain that she doesn't have any recent photos of your from Sears. (Gotta love grandmas).

But, in 2009, why do grown adult couples that are not engaged and do not have kids together take couples photos? Who are you going to give that photo to? Would you carry a photo of a couple in your wallet? Who would you show it to? "Oh this is my girl thummyb and her man, this is b.enchanted and her boo, this is PyT and her sigfig, um... no!"

And don't say it's just to put on facebook either, because people have been doing this way before facebook. There is a fundamental thought process that I just don't get. Is a couples photo like a promise ring?

I've never been coupled up long enough for a photo shoot to come up, but if I was and my honey said let's go take couples pictures, I would just ask why? Don't get me wrong, I love a good photo opportunity, but I think Kodak and Fuji can get it done. Why the Sears/Walmart/Target/Super K-mart photos?

Have you taken couples photos? Seriously, please tell me what you think.


Reese said...

"loves this shit, and am still upset i missed the festivities, im slowly getting better"

I have been in a relationship for 4 years and that topic has never come up, me and the miss even live together and this has never come up. I think i am with you in feeling that the digi cam can get it done, if i "put a ring on it" then we can go somewhere and have pics taken.

antithesis said...

that is funny! i would take regular pics with my boyfriend (if i had one) but not nothing i pay money for. what you described does not make sense to me. but you know, different strokes...

b.enchanted said...

Yeah, it's super stupid. I'm so not going to Sears or the Picture People (ha!) to take a picture with some dude. So my mom can put it on her mantle? I think not.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I love, love, love this post!! Just a week or so ago I was talking about this very topic with my husband. I was on Facebook and saw an associate who had "professional" photos taken with her and her boyfriend. I thought it was VERY strange!!! So to answer your question, I have never taken "professional" photos with any boyfriends. Heck, I haven't even taken any with my husband (outside of wedding pics of course)! I think those are only appropriate if you have children and take holiday photo cards. Until then, you won't see me and my hubby in any "pro" photos! ahahahaha

Well-Heeled said...

Well... we took prom pictures together. And then before I left to study abroad we took another set of "couples pictures". Then... we got on a bad break. Go figure.

Now I don't think we'll take any "professional" pictures if/when we get engaged. I figured I don't want to pay for them. Digital camera pictures are good enough for me. :)

Anonymous said...

I have something to show you and you are going to blog about it later. I PROMISE.