Monday, April 20, 2009

Aesop's Fables

So my boy was telling me a little fairy tale about how he was at a party and his girl's girl was interested in his boy (Keep up now). And his girl said I think your boy likes my girl. To which he replied: no, you've confused "like" with "would have sex with."

My question to the masses is how does one make sure not to confuse "like" with "would have sex with"?

This is so funny because I would instinctively think that someone who wants to have sex with me would like me, but my boy noted that liking someone and liking them enough to have sex with them are two totally different things.

I'll start the tip giving (most of these apply to males and females):

- If you only text date, the person you're texting probably just wants to have sex with you.
- If you only get phone calls from someone when it's dark outside, then said caller probably just wants to have sex with you.
- If the person says "I just want to have sex with you" then they probably JUST want to have sex with you.

LOL! Have fun in the comments.


Reese said...

so real, i wont give up too much of how i really feel but i will say this. there are a lot of women id have sex with that i dont really like. I mean if you like someone the sex is icing, someone that you only like enough to have sex with, them not having an STD or being absolutely crazy is icing.

im not gonna blog jack, but ive been back blogging yall im on T's blog roll and im working up steam with the posts

ThummyB said...

I think the same principle holds true for women. Think about the 'maintenance man'. You might be willing to get down (if that's what you're into), but you're not about to take that brotha to the company Christmas party (or hell...even your girl's birthday party).

Tip: If you're leaving an event (club/dinner party/'drinks') anytime after 10pm, and a guy asks you 'Soooo...what are you doing later?', then he's probably just in it for the sex. said...

So true! I would also add, if you haven't met anyone he knows or cares about, then you are just friends with privledges, nothing more.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

adults should not trip say what you want - we conmplain of folks playin games but we often play them ourselves and cant respect or accept str8 foward honesty or truth

Southside_Superstar said...

Hi I'm 4S long time reader. I have a bit of insight into this subject. To say I like a person means that I have some sort of connection to that person, mentally, emotionally, common goals and interests, hell I enjoy your company...etc. On the other hand wanting to have sex wit a person requires NONE of the above, all you need is a mutual understanding that you both know how to GET IT IN!!!!

I have had women who I know don't like me have sex with me. "How do you know that 4S" (woman voice) Because during sex she would routinely say "4S (real name insert)I HATE you..." and other pleasantries. She in no way cared for me and or even like me (the feeling was mutual but we both knew that when we got together it was crazy.

People waaaay to often erroneously attribute emotions and feeling to sexual situations that by default have no emotional foundation. Example 2:30am text "whats good"...c'mon.

ThummyB said...

Ahahahaha! 4S I hate you/love you/hate you/love you.

Southside_Superstar said...


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

That is funny!! Yeah, one would think that if someone wants to have sex with you, they should at least LIKE you!! What is this world coming to? LOL