Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tea's Tangents

1. Really Chicago? On top of having the HIGHEST sales tax (10.25%) of any city in the entire country, we are starting to pass a liquor tax to consumers on top of our high ass regular tax? Imagine my disgust [and perplexed face] when I picked up a bottle of goodness for $22.99 and the bill was $27.51. I know y'all aren't mathematicians, but that's 19.65% tax on my drank. Really?

Yeah, I can't wait for an election year (2010). Todd Stroger's ass has GOT to go. This man would tax air if he could. He's not his daddy AT ALL.

2. Lucy Pearl is the most underrated CD ever. Anyone who ever road-tripped with me in college knows that CD well, but it still warms my heart when it comes on my iPod shuffle. Don't sleep on it.

3. I have two boas hanging off the hinge of my front door from various bachelorette parties I've been to. About once a week I find a pink or white feather stuck to a piece of clothing or darkening my doorstep. I wonder what people who see me disposing of hot pink feathers think is really going on.

4. Why are major life accomplishments always followed by mini-fuck-ups? It's like God's trying to help you remember who's in charge out here. Like don't get too happy about that great thing I just helped you do... you're still imperfect. Duly noted God, duly noted.

5. Verizon Wireless came with that GOOD customer service last week. Issued two credits to my phone bill without even arguing with me. Saving me time, saving me money... keeping my business... I can dig it.


antithesis said...

they taxed the liquor?! that's never ok!

and yea number 4 is that good old reminder that i get just about as equally as often as something good happens.

b.enchanted said...

As for #1, it's almost cheaper for me to just travel more often. Can you say DUTY FREE? LOL

PyT said...

#1 - That's that bullish!
#2 - Absolutely love Ralph and Dawn!
#5 - Holla at a playa about how you did that.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Ooh, I remember Lucy Pearl! I forgot all about them. Reminds me of high school or was that college?? Anyway, they were a very unique and underrated group!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Lucy Pearl! My poor CD is just about dead and I can't find another one anywhere.

I can't can't stand your mother . . .

boogie said...

verizon does come with those LOVELY credits without argument recently...i have YET to pay for my VZNagivation.