Monday, March 2, 2009

It's my blog-iversary!!!

I can't believe this, but it's been a whole year since I started blogging! It seems like just a few posts ago. Blogging can be kinda sad to me because unlike a novel that readers can read from start to finish, every reader of my blog doesn't have the same background information. (Seriously, who has the time or attention span to go back and read 365 days worth of posts.)

Only some of you know the anxiety I have when I don't pack my party shoes... A lot of you know what a shoe party is and most of you have read about my feelings on marriage, infidelity, hoes and the like, but everyone hasn't read everything, so blogging leaves some things to be desired.

I guess it's much like real life. New friends can be closer to you than older friends, but the older friends, hold the history. Deep inpenetrable connections can be made with both groups, but in different ways.

Well, whether you commented on my very first post (miss you Reese) or are reading for the first time, I love you all for reading my random thoughts on life, love and the pursuit of pretty shoes, er um... I'm mean happiness.

So in honor of my blogiversary listen to this Tone Toni Tone and check out Tea's top 10 (i.e. most popular) blog posts... in order of comments made:

1. Unanswered questions [to myself]

2. Chilvalry... What's That

3. Male First Date Mistakes

4. I slept with a big girl

5. All My Frito Lays

6. DC/Chicago Gun Ban

7. She Get it From Her Mama!

8. Misuse and Abuse of Leggings

9. Bad Parenting

10. Feet


kay* said...

Happy Blog-iversary!

I have missed a few of the posts so I'll have to go back and check them out...i think I began reading right around the 'feet' post lol. that one stands out!

antithesis said...

happy blogiversary!

looks like i was only a couple of months late on your blog. loved every post since i started reading!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I know i'm late, but congratulations on your blogiversary!!!

Keep up the great work!!!