Monday, March 23, 2009

Did I Do That?

So, I was at a triple birthday party on Saturday. Two of my girls and a girlfriend of theirs. Homegirl # 1 is married to a man in a fraternity. Homegirl #2 is dating one of his frat brothers from the same chapter. So naturally a bunch of members of their frat also came out to celebrate. It was a college reunion of sorts, everyone's sitting around, drinking, having a wonderful time.

I walk in about an hour after all my peeps got there and the first thing they do is hook me up with my buddy Pat, Patron that is. So the drinks get to flowing and everyone's feeling WON-DER-FUL.

In walks another of their frat brothers and he's on a date. *side eye* Now, you can't just be bringing new dates to parties without giving folks fair warning. We're a tight knit group of folks and, though I'd love to say we welcome everyone with open arms, that's not necessarily the case. Now folks, not only was she new, she was white.

T, OMG, how can you even call out that she was white? You're a reverse racist for saying that. What if you were dating a white guy and his friends called you out like that on a blog? Are you going to treat your kids, brothers and/or nieces gfs and bfs like that... OMG, T, OMG?

Yeah, yeah, yeah now that you're finished judging me, let me just reiterate that I have no philisophical problem with interracial dating. I found out that night that I have an emotional problem with it, but I can't control my emotions, only my reactions and I had no intention of reacting. None whatsoever. The problem is you can be extremely well intentioned, but what you can't do, is plan a reaction for the unexpected. Stuff just comes up and you're like oh boy, this has never happened before and look at me, I'm acting an ass.

So the scene was a party full of black women who were drinking heavily and feeding off each other's ignorance. I'm not going to lie to you, our reaction, no matter how appropriate or inappropriate, was HILARIOUS.

It went a little something like this:

Me: Did Bubba just walk in?
Friends: Yeah, and he brought a date.
Me: A date? I thought he was still with ex #2?
Friends: I don't know girl, but he brought a date and she's white?
Me: He brought a white girl? WHERE?
Friends: right there
Me: *Falls out all over my seat like a baby having a temper tantrum* OH WOW
Friends and I: Laughing uncontrollably, dramatically cupping our mouths, eyes widened, taking shots and drinks to the head to keep from saying something ignorant, rude or heartlessly cruel.
*Bubba leaves his date seated at the head of the table and walks over greet the group*
Bubba: Hey T



Anonymous said...

LOL! I know what you mean w/emotional v philosophical responses - even though I'd be perfectly okay if one of my brothers dated/brought home/married outside of the race, I have still always prayed that they wouldn't! Glad y'all were able to maintain your composure...sort of!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

now thats fun-ny


ThummyB said...

Ahahahahahaha! of the most shocking and hilarious moments of my life.

Reese said...

sigh.....i really like the fact that u seperated your philisophical feeling from your emotional response, that being said, which one is the truest to you? the PC "philisophical" response, or the emotional one? or a little bit of both? And i have something that i was just turned on to on the tequila side, you may wanna leave Pat alone after i get you on this

ThummyB said...

Reese...don't come in here ruining a happy relationship btwn Tea and Pat!

As for the true response...both responses are the truth. The emotional response is your gut reaction to something (just as a desire to stay indoors may be a gut reaction to snow).

However, the actions that come next are also quite true even if they go against your gut reaction (just as a decision to go skiing or build a snowman would be contra to that initial reaction).

It's the ability to evaluate our natural instinct and THEN act in a logical and appropriate manner that makes us higher thinking beings. Otherwise we would all be slaves to our emotions. I mean...your natural instinct may be to physically harm someone who disrespects you, yet you know how to handle the situation in a more appropriate manner. This is what separates you from an animal (or maybe just a thug). One does not really discount the other.

Reese said...

and something i just peeped, why didnt he come and introduce his date, she shoulda got in his ass for that, no woman id ever date white, black, red, green, or blue, woulda went for that one

T said...

@ Thummyb, you answered that so eloquently. That's exactly what I would have wanted to say, but I don't know if I would have been able to say it that well.

@ Reese, there's SO much more to the story. I had to keep it as light as possible (no pun intended) on teaandsuch, but I'm so glad you peeped that. Did you see where I said she was seated...

TatooTuesday said...

I'm bringing a white girl to Trina's b-day party in April. I dare ya'll to act a fool!

T said...

@ TT,

1) I've yet to be invited to that event.
2) You just told us you're bringing her, so now we have time to mentally prepare.
3) I dare you to bring a white girl without warning the masses and get there after we've been drinking...