Friday, March 6, 2009


Ok, I didn't comment about the little monkey cartoon in the New York Post because I don't read comics, nor do I read the New York Post, nor do I care how most people interpreted the racist cartoon that the NY Post cartoonist put out there. I pick my battles and if I'm sending a letter or e-mail it's going to be something I actually care about.


What I do, do... is read. I read often. Fiction, non-fiction, magazines, blogs... whatever I can get my hands on and find the time to devour. So imagine my sheer disgust at the photo below. Barnes and Noble, a national bookseller, has the nerve to have this heinous, blatantly racist display. I don't care if a teenager did it to be funny in one city at one store, you need to monitor your displays more closely and mark my words... I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM BARNES AND NOBLE EVER AGAIN (and I won't let the interns from my company purchase anything company related from there either).

If I was an author, I'd pull my books out of Barnes and Noble stores. I work too hard for my money to buy so much as a peppermint candy from a blatantly racist organization.


antithesis said...

oh dear! need address of this location to write a letter. i signed the litle online petition regarding that cartoon but you just helped me realize, i dont really care. i do care that b&n is acting like this because there is one near my job that i actually find convenient and i would HATE to have to cease all purchases.

Reese said...

honestly i thought this was funny, a lot of the time i want to get angry as hell about stuff but we gotta act like the rappers on this one. If they not hating that means they not paying attention! i mean this could have been someone who worked at this store or it could have been some asshole who was in the store shopping. we will never know. this was in the window of a store in florida, and the company quickly released a press release saying that they condemn the actions (you knew that was comming). i say all this to say, there is gonna be a lot a sideways racist shit that happens and people are all gonna try to play dumb and say "oh i didnt know" (insert side eye here) or "i thought it would be funny" (if i was there i would slap someone). so Im actually putting my angry black man away for at least another day or 2 cause im happy about the warm weather (lol).

T said...

@ Reese, YOU gotta act like the rappers. I have a college degree, so I know they're doing more than dry hating. They are perpetuating a system of hatred and stereotyping that has existed for years and needs to be obliterated.

They are also hoping that most people will be too shy, too busy or too scared to say or DO anything.

Well... excuse the vernacular, but I ain't never scared. AND I damn sure am not loose with my funds.

ThummyB said...

I'm actually not that upset by this. For me to boycott, then I need to see that the organization is perpetuating a system of hatred/racism. In this case, I don't see that. I only see that one individual did something inappropriate. Now I would expect that this individual would be fired, and if they have not, then that would be something that I would hold against the company.

Reese said...

"@ Reese, YOU gotta act like the rappers. I have a college degree, so I know they're doing more than dry hating. They are perpetuating a system of hatred and stereotyping that has existed for years and needs to be obliterated. "

T, i know how strong willed you become when someone says ANYTHING against the great St. Barack H Obama, so i wont take it as a diss as i have a college education and pride myself on being able to understand and disseminate (sp?) many cultures and sub cultures way of thought as it pertains to my own.

what i was simply saying is that the application of a way of thought to this situation could provide some light as to why people spend so much time "hating" on the president becuase of whatever reason they can come up with.

we are not going to be able to change how some bigots feel through our anger, protest, or boycotting of every and anything over what is or is not a (precieved or actual) transgression against us. I mean if we boycotted every product that ever did anything wrong to blacks we would be walkin round naked with nothing (exxageration i know but i feel it drives the point lol) Yes whoever did that is wrong because that image in the eyes of an unknowing person can perpetuate stereotypes which are wrong, but come on, shit like this happenes every day, it needs to be on a larger stage and many things are becuase we now have a president, but I and you know that the change we want to see may not happen in our lifetime, i hope i am proven wrong as i never thought i would see a black president either :)

T said...

@ Reese & Thummyb, I probably am overreacting... but you know how I feel about spending my money and despite your valid points, I still feel like I should withhold it from B&N.

@ Reese, you KNOW I wasn't dissing you. I was just saying "I" don't act like rappers (unless I'm at the club throwing up the "A" or something)

Last thing, I would be offended if this was a black history display with a monkey in the middle of it, whether the President was involved or not. I don't want people to think my anger is out of an affinity for the President.

My anger is real and not to be confused with infatuation.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

OMG!! I didn't hear about or see this photo. I agree with ThummyB. It's not entirely B&N's fault - it's the employee or an ignorant B&N patron.

It just saddens me that in 2009, we're still thought of as being sub-human; even if you are the president. :-(