Monday, February 9, 2009

Tea's Tangents

1. The grammys were surprisingly hot last night! Al Green and JT... um delicious! Coldplay and Jay-Z... hotness. Carrie Underwood was Fire... Stevie and the Jonas brothers (they remind me of a white version of The Boys. I used to LOVE the Boys)... Swagger like us HOTTEST PERFORMANCE EVER... the Four Tops rendition... John Mayer, Keith Urban, B.B. King OH MY! The whole show was hot.

2. I can't believe Beyonce wasn't at the Grammys. You know I haven't been on her team as of late, but she helps me get it right, get it tight at the gym with the I am Sasha Fierce joints, so I like her again. I heard she was crying her eyes out about Etta James' comments and rightfully so. Etta was mean. She better bounce back though. It's money to be made out here.

3. It's REALLY EFFED UP about Chris Brown and Rihanna. If he really did hit her I have lost all respect for this dude. If he didn't hit her, I've lost all respect for Rihanna. Either way, I'll never look at them as a cute couple again. Damn teenager millionaires.

4. I have the Essie nail color Wicked on right now. While it's fabulous it also looks JUST like KC masterpiece bbq sauce and I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about 6-piece chicken nuggets from Wendy's everytime I look down at it.

5. How do I say this without offending anyone... aw eff it. Here goes: Just because you're light-skinned, it doesn't mean you look good with blond hair. What you want to do is, go to, upload a photo of yourself and try on a bunch of hairstyles. If blond looks bad on you on the Web site, trust me it looks equally tragic in real life. Please share this message with friends. Lord knows, I don't want to have discuss this in detail with photo examples.

6. Bed, Bath & Beyond sends coupons like they're going out of style. Linens N Things used to take Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons without respect to date, so I could essentially get 20% off every single item I bought because LNT didn't care. But now I actually have to go to BB&B and BB&B respects their own expiration dates. FUDGE!

7. D.L. Hughley breaks the news was HORRIBLE for its first episode, but I caught it again lately and it's actually kind of funny. Give it another try if you haven't seen it since that first day.

8. I absolutely love when men wear untied ties and bowties. The concept is the sexiest thing ever to me! But be forewarned, if you have on a loose tie or bowtie I will take it from you and wear it. At the club, at a wedding, winter gathering at your boy's crib, doesn't matter, if it's loose and it's fly, I have to take it from you and wear it and the drunker I am, the more determined I am to get it.

9. Katie Couric's new haircut is super fly.


ThummyB said...

Yes the Grammy's were that isht last night. I now need to go purchase a Coldplay and a Radiohead album b/c I have been sleeping on them. Kanye and Estelle (American Boy is my joint!) as well as the Swagger Like Us performance (though I missed the 1st 30 seconds trying to wrap my mind around what M.I.A. was wearing).

Chris Brown and Rihanna...I'm waiting to hear the whole story. Maybe it's my personal biases, but I know some island chicks that bring the I have to reserve judgement until I find out how the fight really went down.

Also - not ever BB&B respects their expiration dates, so you may still be able to use old coupons.

ThummyB said...


T said...

@ thummyb, LOL @ M.I.A.'s outfit. I was hoping the ridiculousness of it didn't overshadow that hot performance. Did you see what she wore there though? Horribleness, I tell you. I was on fb the whole time too and people's status updates were HILARIOUS with respect to the atrocities that were M.I.A.'s attire.

PyT said...

1. I love Coldplay! I've been bumping "Clocks" as of late. I'm not sure if the Jonas Bros. are the white version of The Boys though.. hmm
2. Etta still hitting that heroin.
3. I agree with ThummyB. I'm waiting on the entire story. I've been hearing Rhi Rhi has a temper and I just need full details. I think both of them are guilty of hitting each other.
7. It's quite funny.. the episode where he went to a Palin rally was hilarious!
8. LMAO!

antithesis said...

beyonce was not missed

i was not proud of jay w/ coldplay but swagger like us was hotness minus the fuckery that was M.I.A's attire

lol @ #5

kay* said...

agree with all of these...well, with a few modifications.

#1 - the show seemed way too long to me

#4 - because i don't have this nail colour...but i trust you're right so i guess i agree :)

#8 - i haven't seen it but again, i'll take your word.

LMAO at #5 too damn true