Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some Things Never Change

So everyone's been putting up the irritating facebook chain letters, I mean er um... fun notes. I participated as well and for the non-facebookers basically you write 16 or 25 interesting facts about yourself and post them as a note and people comment on them. Then you tag 16 or 25 of your friends then they have to do it too.

Everyone has their own take on it (funny, serious, reflective; TMI; TT's note-like all his other notes-started an 80-comment conversations on relationships with a bunch of people who aren't in relationships **oops did I type that out loud**HAHAHA). I heard my 16 facts were hilarious (I so did not mean for them to be, but whatev).

So while reading I find out that more than a few of my favorite, down-est party homies used to be shy. I'm on some straight WTF because I don't really like shy people. Shy people make me nervous. I'm like say something... do something... you're scaring me with the quietness.

So anyway, I still love my homies, but I've just never been shy, reserved, quiet, introverted, nothing of the sort, ever. I might have been intimidated by a few folks which 'caused me to be quiet for a limited time only, but quiet is never a word anyone would use to describe me.

Peep a few pre-school stories that I can remember that further illustrate my point. Yes, I remember pre-school... stop calling me weird.

1. On the first day of pre-school at the tender age of 3 (maybe 2 and a half) I politely left the fun circle where the rest of my classmates were playing with blocks and legos and ish and went over to my mom who was sitting in a chair on the wall watching me. I asked her to please leave and quickly. She had taken off work and decided to stay with me on the first day to make sure I was alright. I, at the tender age of three, felt like she was seriously messing up my social flow. I convinced her that I was ok and vividly remember shoo-ing her out the door with this embarassed look on my face before getting back to my blocks. GEE WHIZ MOM!

2. My pre-school (Oak Park River Forest Day Nursery STAND UP! LOL!) was very strict about having kids having to stay with their own age group, but I was too smart-a special case, if you will. I knew how to read at 3, but most of the other kids were stupid. So being the good Christian 3-year old I was I felt like it was my job to pass out all the answers to my less-than-gifted homies. Every day the teacher would scold me for helping people out. I couldn't understand it. I was thinking, sharing is caring and I'm out here trying to help my dumb friends and I keep getting in trouble.

Teacher: Johnny, it's your turn. Do you know what the "H" sound is.
Johnny: Uh... Uh...
T: Looking around...
T: *Whispering like a 3-year old whispers, so I was loud as hell* It's HUH, like Hi or Hat
Johnny: It's HUH, like hat
Teacher: *in a condescending teacher voice that they use for little stupid kids* Now TEEE, we've gone over this. You cannot give the answers to the other kids, ok?
T: *with my top lip all the way up on my nose in disgust and looking as guilty as the day is long* What? I didn't give him the answer.

About 2 weeks of that and they swiftly moved me into the room with the overgrown four year olds. They were stupid too, but that's neither here nor there.

The moral of the story is I've been a social butterfly since birth. What about you? Were you shy as a shorty? Do you have any funny stories from pre-school?


kay* said...

what?!? where are the other 14!!!! you can't NOT post them after saying they are (unintentionally) hilarious!

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

OK LMAO @ the ther dumb kids.

Like you, I could read by age 3 and was actually a fan of newspapers (which ironically, I dont like to read now)

Anyway.. No I dont remember any fun preschool stories I barely remember what I ate for lunch yesterday. Reaching back to when I was a wee wittle wuvvie aint gon happen.

And umm I think I've always been extroverted, altough I just got this IG in high school.

Florence said...

I have a story similar to yours. Happened in kindergarten. My "best friend" Adrienne (who beat me up all the time) was called on to answer "What does 2+3 equal?" She had no idea and was quiet for about 10 seconds before I whispered "five." She blurted the answer and Ms. Jones said in her scary voice: "Negrita, did you tell Adrienne the answer?" I sheepishly said yes. Can't remember whether I got in trouble. Probably not.

I am definitely an introvert. If I have nothing of value to add to a conversation, I just don't say anything until I do. I can usually tell when people are uncomfortable with silence. I think it's funny, and sometimes I keep it mute just to eff with 'em.