Friday, February 20, 2009

Question of the Day: Winning and Such

My clients sponsor a ton of contests and sweepstakes and I usually write the rules for those bad boys with a lot of help & direction *cough* headaches and stress *cough* from legal.

Needless to say, I sign up for EVERYTHING. (I'm clearly not eligible for stuff my company sponsors, I'm talking about everything else.) I figure I have to be someone's prototype for something. I've never won any national sweepstakes or contests, but I've won a great deal of stuff locally.

Stuff I've won lately
- Tickets to the Bears/Packers game (from a raffle at work)
- Tickets to another random Bears game (from a spelling contest at McFadden's)
- An iPod (from a vendor at work)
- A $100 Best Buy Gift Card (Summer outing raffle at work)
- A jar of Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercreme (from Nerd Girl)
- The American Journey of Barack Obama (from BGG)
- Jeanette Jenkins workout videos (From BGG too)

Stuff I would like to win right now
- A trip to NYC, Vegas, the Bahamas, hell anywhere that's not Chicago
- Diamonds from A Diamond is Forever (I NEVER win their sweepstakes)
- And countless other Shape, Self and Essence magazine contest and sweepstakes that I've entered.

So, have you ever won anything? Are you in the running to win something right now?


PyT said...

I've won the old mini iPod from a vendor at my old job for guessing correctly a scientist in a photo (random!). Also, the $100 driving credits from i-go at the party we went to last year. Those are the only two items that really stick out.

I always try to do those surveys where they say you'll win money or whatnot, but I'm really wondering if it's just a ploy to get feedback..hmm.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dang u should go to vegas and sit at a table

antithesis said...

i know u saw my post on the stuff ive won so far but im trying to win any and everything on people's blogs right now. i would love to win some curly hair products like you.

b.enchanted said...

I never win anything.
My sister always wins contests at work, such as a day off or spa treatments. My dad once won tickets to the auto show-trying to make a call he accidentally dialed a tv station. My mom won a trip to Hawaii in a bowling tournament.
Guess I'm the unlucky one.

T said...

B... didn't you win $500 from Lucky Strike last year? I think that counts.

suga said...

As a teen, I used to win concert tickets ALL THE TIME... back when I listened to the radio. It is truly ridiculous how many times I won. But nowadays, I can't win anything to save my life. I cant even get on the radio to send a shout out to Pookie and 'nem. lol

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Thanks for the shout-out (I've been backed up with visiting one of my favorite blogs!:-)

I used to win sooo much stuff. Not anymore though. I have won a camera, camcorder, Garrett's tin of popcorn (twice), Picasso print, $100 gift card...this happened all in like a matter of 6 months two years ago. My winning streak has ended. LOL!