Monday, February 2, 2009

Moment of Silence

I'll be back to my crazy self tomorrow, but right now I just want to take a moment of silence for this young brother who was shot and killed AT THE CLUB in Chicago.

I remember the summer of '04 in Chicago, the club scene was crazy and not in a good way. We lost Coryel to some bull-ish at the door at Door 21 (and people still try to get me to go there). Lost a couple young brothers to some stupidness at Cafe Allure too, the weekend after me and my girls had gone for the first time.

I thought things had died down, but apparently not and it's so sad.

You all know I like to party and I've never been to Transit, but some of my homies have and it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for me to be there. It's just crazy how you can loose your life trying to live your life. All the clubs I've been to and partying I've done... this definitely could have been me.

So yeah, take a moment of silence and pray for the family of this 28 year old black man who's 7-year old son lost his father last week to NONSENSE.


PyT said...

It's very sad. When people want to start nonsense in an atmosphere meant for having fun and time to get away from whatever nonsense they have going on in their lives at the present moment.

I am really hoping the day will come when people (especially men) will learn how to control their emotions and understand that taking someone else's life is not the answer.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

What a terrible, terrible story. I read about this in the Sun-Times last week. The violence must stop in Chicago.

Reese said...

and you know this incenses me expecially because i am out in the club atmosphere on the regular. this just speaks to the clubs management, and the bouncers at the door, what i know about the situation is the dude that was shooting left the club got a gun and came back into the club, so the bouncers let him in! sigh this makes me angry, sad, and paranoid, but it also makes me tailor the events that i am a part of to a certain crowd. And i am in no way saying that if you discriminate in terms of your crowd it will completely cancel all "situations" but i would rather a couple cats who get lost in the sauce to have a shoving match instead of a cat bringing a gun in......sigh this situation hurts my heart.