Thursday, February 5, 2009


As big of a football fan as I am, I'm actually not talking about sports today... not really. I'm talking about the club, the bar, the beach house and any other place where buying a drink is involved.

How do you convert "trying to holla" into a drink? You can laugh all you want to, but this is a skill I've yet to master and I'm SO serious about making it happen.

Proven techniques:

1. Whatcha drinkin?
Pass: You're holding a drink - a fella says what are you drinking and heads to get you another from the bar.
Fail: You're hold a drink - a fella says what are you drinking, you answer and he says, oh ok. I like those.

2. I'm thirsty
Pass: You're chatting it up with a fella, you say, I'm thirsty... he says you want something to drink? and heads to the bar to get you a drink.
Fail: You're chatting it up with a fella, you say I'm thirsty (and pause a lil bit)... then you say I think I'm going to head to the bar (and pause a lil bit)... Then he says I'll see you when you get back.

I typically fail at 1 and 2.

Another proven technique is to have a man and/or husband, but I haven't mastered that technique yet either... baby steps people, baby steps.

I will also say that when I'm not trying to get a drink, the fellas always want to buy me a drink. Maybe when I AM trying to get a drink they smell the thirst coming off of me. Sad.

Nevertheless, I need more techniques. Ladies and fellas, how do I convert "trying to holla" into a beverage?


ThummyB said...

Sorry homie, I've only ever had success with the 'boyfriend' tactic.

Though ppl must think I am very successful at this b/c when commenting on my lack of knowledge on the avg. price of drinks...a male co-worker commented that this was b/c I never buy my own :-)

PyT said...

Lol. Girl, I have had failed and succeeded. I must say that the first two nights while in DC, brothas were seriously trying to buy drinks but I wasn't on it.

The tactics you mentioned have worked for me, and I have a few others. If a brotha asks me what I'm drinking, I respond with "why, are you buying?" I say it in the cutest way possible in hopes that he’s not offended. The few guys it has worked with simply laughed at my forwardness and ended up buying me a drink. Also, I tried an experiment one night at the club, where I bought a cutie a drink. I had the waitress ask what he was drinking and I walked the drink over to him. He was impressed and ended up buying me drinks the rest of the night. This is in hopes that you’re okay with coming out of $20 (but if he ends up treating the rest of the night, I say it’s worth it).

antithesis said...

u see how u have success when you dont want one? i NEVER want one (from someone; i buy my own) but oftentimes i get them. one tactic is i have cute friends. they usually have dudes offering to buy drinks and they or their boy will buy me one too. i had it so the dude bought my friend a drink, his boy got me one and i made the other boy get my other girl one. some dudes will like one of us and get us all drinks. just depends on the deadbeats you come in contact with...

never ask or suggest it tho. that's one thing i dont like about some of my friends.

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

ROTF!!! This is indeed an important issue. I wish I had tips for ya but alas, I am useless in this matter

suga said...

Every time a guy buys me a drink, he acts like he owns me for the rest of the night so I hit them with the "No thank you." I learned this in a "How to get rid of stalkers" course that I took online lol

Seriously though, I only accept drinks from guys I know because I've been know to walk away as soon as I get the drink in my hand and the word around town is, doing something like that is kinda rude lol

Knowing how to attract guys who use $ to impress women is the only tip I can give ya