Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby, How's Your Credit?

Seriously, where did January and February go? The next time I post it'll be March. WOW!

Anyway, since I've been riding the relationship train all week, might as well keep that party going. Here are two articles I came across a while back that I wanted to share with you all.

Disclaimer: The following statement is going to make you think I was lying earlier in the week about not having high standards, but "dating" someone and marrying them are two different things:

If you want to marry me two things that I need to know for sure are 1) that your mother's pretty (seriously, think about the kids) and 2) that you have good credit (financial problems are the #1 reason for divorce in America).

Here's a great article about relationships and credit scores
Baby How's Your Credit

And on a separate, but related note, check out how this sister threw a $6,000 wedding. I'm not really going to do all this manual labor and cost-cutting, but even using a few of her tips can help you save money for a wedding (or any other large expensive party or gathering).
$6,000 Wedding Article
$6,000 Wedding Photo Gallery

Happy Weekend All!

Side note: Lord knows I love my President, but can someone who's paying attention please explain to me where all this money is coming from? I guess I don't really know what the 2009 budget is to compare it. Maybe we spend that much money every year... I just want to say if My President can preach to us about being personally responsible, fathers taking their place in their kids lives and not spending money we don't have and such, I think he needs to share that lesson with government. I know I'm sounding real Republican right now, but I'm an independent... all this extra spending is not making me feel any better about the state of the economy.


Reese said...

*strecthes out* I've been absent, and I've missed yall. that article was really good and having decent credit is even more eral now than it ever has been, BUT, if you really love someone does that matter? Or do you hold back on your love while finding out all the info you want to know and use that as the reason to fall or not fall for a guy? And then find some other nonsensical reason to cut him off i.e. "he goes out too much" or "i didnt like the way his breath smelled in the morning" lol.

I am saying this to put out the point that indeed good credit is shit good credit lol, but does it matter if you are in love? or on the road to getting there?

I forgot.....does this only matter with women to men? or should men start checking up on womens credit as well (im not talkin about the nigganet either TT or 4S), or do men just not care about womens credit when we are sealing the deal?

ps i have a great credit score and a couple cards, wont throw out names of em though ;).

ThummyB said...

HELL YEAH it matters, and BOTH parties need to be aware of the credit situation!!!

I'm not saying that you won't marry someone b/c of their bad credit, but it may affect factors like deciding to merge your bank accounts, buying property together, and future financial planning.

Wouldn't you rather know the deal and plan accordingly (including taking some money management courses, for the person w/issues) than to join your live with them and get a surprise?

ThummyB said...


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Credit really does need to be discussed before people tie the knot. Luckily, my husband had stellar credit, me not so much. But he worked with me to make it strong again.

As for the $6,000 - I did mine for about the same price ($5000 back in 2005). It can be done with taste and style!! :-)

Have a great weekend!

TatooTuesday said...

*yawn* Again this is only a topic that matters to women. I believe you should know about your partners credit but someone's credit will never stop me from marrying them. We're young, some of us did stupid things, didn't know any better and were irresponsible. Does that mean he is less capable of being your husband, lol. Dare I say it, worrying about credit scores is something I will put in my "middle class black woman" box. If men had as many rules as women when it came to relationships out here, we'd all be dating other races!

Reese said...

Brown girl summed it up in her statement "Credit really does need to be discussed before people tie the knot. Luckily, my husband had stellar credit, me not so much. But he worked with me to make it strong again."

now if the shoe were on the other foot? Ladies i need to know how you feel!? cause id be more than willing to help my woman out, but it was said by thummyB that HELL yeah it matters, so i need clarity, does it matter or doesnt it. credit is a thing that can be worked out over time, and i mean with relationships being how they are and this country having a 50 percent rate of failure of marriage what is more important, love or money?

ThummyB said...


But again I say, that poor credit isn't necessarily a deal breaker. It's just something that we both need to understand and address going into the marriage so that we can plan accordingly.

Now - when does it become a deal breaker? For me there is a problem when someone is so reckless that I fear they will jeopardize our family's stability and future (i.e. losing our home, depleting the children's college savings, etc.). However, I would hope those traits would become clear well before we even considered marriage.

I think that Tatoo's response assumes that the person he's marrying is interested in changing their bad habits. However, if your girl's credit is busted AND she sees no problem w/being unable to secure a loan for a home/car AND she doesn't have a problem w/through the roof interest rates AND she thinks it makes perfect sense to buy buy buy, declare bankruptcy, and be debt-free in 7 years, then you may want to consider A. if this is truly the woman that you want to tie yourself too, and B. whether or not these bad habits are going to lead to problems down the line ANYWAY (b/c what's the point of overlooking a problem now when you know that in about 5-10 yrs it's going to chip away at all of this 'love' that made you overlook it in the 1st place?).

T said...

Damnit, I wrote a long fabulous comment and it didn't even go through. Let me attempt to say this again.

As far as TT saying this doesn't it matter to men and Reese asking whether the shoe is on the other foot or not. I don't know and I can't say that I care. Men and women have different standards to live by and in choosing a mate. I don't need a man that knows how to cook, be nurturing, scrub a floor or pluck my eyebrows because I have those things on lock. (It'd be nice if he did though).

@ Reese, welcome back brother. To your question of if you really love someone does this matter, I agree with Thummyb... HELL YEAH it matters.

It's not as if I find a man who's perfect and then all of a sudden find out he has a 300 credit score. A person's credit score says a lot about their understanding of and relationship with money. I wouldn't date a man with bad credit just like I wouldn't date a man with dirty drawls. His drawls say a lot about his knowledge of and relationship with cleanliness.

The fact that my relationship with money [and cleanliness] is positive means that I would not attract, hold the attraction of or put up with someone who's relationship with money was that much different from mine.

@ TT, I don't really pay you much attention anymore because the bottom bitches you seem to be interested in are so far from my level that they couldn't see me with binoculars... ol' mall working at, Karrine Stephens looking ass... LOL!

AND AND men DO look outside the race. Surprise, surprise, so do women. Nothing wrong with that.

And lastly, let's be clear, someone's poor credit score may not speak to his capability as A husband, but it damn sure speaks to his incapability as MY husband.

I can't speak for men or other women, I'm just telling you all what it is for me... I guess my standards are higher than I thought. LMAO!

ThummyB said...

"I don't really pay you much attention anymore because the bottom bitches you seem to be interested in are so far from my level that they couldn't see me with binoculars... ol' mall working at, Karrine Stephens looking ass... LOL!"

Whooooooooooooo! My gawd! I see I'm going to have to update my fav quotes twice in 1 day.

TatooTuesday said...

Thummy B, you were right on POINT!

WOW, T... I'm actually in agreement with that statement.

I just choose to date women who live in reality. I always said I never fit in with the bourgeois folks... LOL

But I will say this about credit... I didn't learn about credit until it was too late. My mom and stepdad always had A+ credit. I was never taught a thing about credit, credit scores or how they would affect you in the future. I had to learn the HARD way. Sure my credit score has risen dramatically since then and now I know the importance of good credit and credit hasn't stopped me from getting anything that I've wanted but I'm just saying... Stop being a snob T...

AND furthermore T, if you keep dipping in that KIDDIE pool, odds are you gonna find some bad credit...