Monday, February 16, 2009

All-Star Weekend Recap (With photos)

This seems like a long post, but it's really not, just a lot of photos)

First, we stocked up on vacation drank.

And of course, the breakfast of champions right here.

Here's the damage we did at the mall... well, let's be for real thummyb and I stopped at a couple of malls. Now this is the absolute best part about any trip. I guarantee you the messes are running rampant through the mall of any big event. HU homecoming, Inauguration weekend, All-Star Weekend, Pro-bowl. You name it, if you can find a mall, you can find a mess and entertain yourself for the free during the day.

Worst mess: the city alert "models" wearing high waisted shiny leggings and midriff baring t-shirts parading through the mall in the daylight. It was atrocious and most people were so focused at looking at the models butts jiggle that I'm sure they didn't even see what [else] they were advertising. Also, the promotion FAILED because that didn't want to make me go to, it actually made me ban it from my internet searches. Womp.

Side note: There were considerably fewer messes in general in Phoenix than there were in Vegas. It's like groupies stepped their game up BUT I also think a lot of messy folks sat Phoenix out because they couldn't figure out how to successfully bust down in the desert (and it's a recession, etc, etc).

Slam Dunk Contest: OFF THE CHAIN! I can't even describe it to you. I'm sure you saw it on TV, but it was that much better in person. Best part: Nate Robinson doing the stanky legg after he dunked over Dwight Howard's shoulder... LOVED IT.

This is the actual All-Star game. It was pure hotness too! Not sure if you watched it, but during the first 7 or 8 minutes the East team brought the HEAT, then it was all downhill for them after that. Shaq is a beast. I know you already know that, but it's worth repeating. Best part of the experience was clearly Shaq dancing with Jabberwocki. SO HOT (and unexpected).

As you can see we left no Vitamin Water unturned. We actually had to go back to the store and stock up for the last day. Vitamin Water attributes=Get gone quick, minimal to no hangover and no harassment from the po-po on why you're carrying open drank. I've converted PyT and Thummyb. If you go on a vacay with me... you too, will believe.

This photo right 'chere is the aftermath of being tipsy all weekend. We get to a party [that we pre-paid for] at the Arizona Science Center and the venue's nice, the food is good, but there's NO one there. Like 10, maybe 20 people and it's a big museum like the Field in Chicago. So we decided to check out the exhibits. We don't go to the adult stuff... nope, we end up making legos, puzzles, and playing in the "4-year-old and under ONLY" section. For some reason thought my shoe matched the legos and decided to capture it on film...

Then we spotted a mess (who was just as bored as we were) and bounced. (See mess below)

Is it a winter boot? A summer boot? Is it metal? plastic? Is that a hefty bag coming out of the top? Someone please tell me what the hell is going on here.

And lastly celebrity sightings were: Magic and Cookie Johnson promoting Cookie's new line of something at Nordstrom in downtown Scottsdale; Tiny and T.I. leaving out of T.I.'s party while we were on the way in; Amare Stoudamire at the same party (he was co-hosting); Carl Anthony Payne (Tommie from Martin) at T.I./Amare's party. Robert Ri-Chard at the airport (super cutie pie); Jesse Jackson on our flight home. And of course all the players and celebs that were actually at the game and dunk contest.

***UPDATE*** We also saw Christina Millian. She is cute as a button and just as fly. I think the Dream was there with her too, but I can't really recall. I blame it on the Vodka.

Yep, another one for the books. Have a great Tuesday everyone!


antithesis said...

1. i cant EVEN deal with how hilarious you are.
2. we are looooooonnnnngggggg overdue for partyin' 2gether.

suga said...

Looked like you had a ball. *seriously contemplating purchasing Vitamin Water*

ThummyB said...

You forgot 'Tommy' from Martin and the TI/Amare party...or is he not a celeb anymore? I kinda feel like you need to have done something on film/tv/stage within the last 10 yrs to qualify.

ThummyB said...

I meant 'at' the Ti/Amare party...not 'and'.

PyT said...

I was wondering if the groupies were going to be out in Phoenix.
2) Vitamin Water is that deal.. we are seriously making Curtis rich and I want a cut.
3) Slam Dunk - Nate doing the stanky leg was the highlight of the contest.. and Shaq is awesome. His dance was the ish!
4) Robert Ri-Chard is that deal! I've been feeling him since One-on-One.. he's replacing C Breezy as my light bright young boy crush.

T said...

@ thummyb, good lookin' out. I added Tommie. I'm sure [*cough* hope *cough*] he still makes more money than me, so he can be a celebrity.

@ PyT, I'm still crushing on the lil light bright cutie from the Wire and now 90210. :)

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Ooh, it sounds like you and Thummyb had a great time!!

You seem like you know how to have fun!! :-)

Thanks for sharing!