Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Young & Powerful... Um... Probably Not

(This is a long one, but worth every word. Trust me.)

If you live in a major metropolitan area and are between the ages of 21 and 35, you've probably heard about Young & Powerful for Obama. Until this weekend, I thought they were an official group, like Women for Obama or Believers for Obama.

Not so.

They are a collection of, dare I say, arrogant young folks who think too highly of themselves and don't have the experience (i.e. old folks) needed to pull off a classy event.

Why T? Why so harsh... well...

My young behind paid $125 to go to the Young & Powerful Group Black Tie Gala (formerly "for Obama," now they're just "group"). It was from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

I'll describe the scene starting with when I arrived right at 8ish (I was trying to get my money's worth, don't hate). Also, keep in mind, I throw events for a living, so I probably criticize more than I should when it comes to the finer details and I also just have high standards, especially when my money is involved.

10. I walk in, there was a woman who appeared to be in charge walking around with a cell phone in between her breasts in her strapless ball gown. (this says nothing of her colleagues with cell phones on their spaghetti straps or flip flops and gym shoes on with their elegant ball gowns) Really? At a black tie gala? You're young and powerful and you couldn't grab a blue tooth, a clutch to house your phone or even flat event-appropriate shoes? Disgusted.

9. There were people changing in the bathroom. I'm not saying I've never changed clothes in a hotel bathroom. I'm just saying, these women could have found another bathroom to change in besides the one outside of will call. Again, disgusted.

8. The person who checked my name off the list at will call looked tired and didn't welcome me or thank me for coming she just...

7. Put a tacky orange wristband on my arm. Isn't everyone here 21? Why do we have to wear wristbands at a black tie event? It really threw off my entire look. AND AND they had orange AND blue wristbands. I didn't know WY, U of I or the Bears sponsored, but apparently so.

6. The "VIP" people's tickets were not at will call. So the VIPs proceeded to will call, THEN had to turn around and go out the way they came in to get their tickets and gift bags. VIP? Really?

5. They were only giving gift bags to the "host committee" i.e. the folks who planned the event i.e. a good majority of the VIPs. Imagine the disgust of the corporate sponsor I overheard berating this aspect of the event. Clearly everyone on the host committee is already familiar with the sponsor's products and/or services. Those bags were for the general public. Whatev...

4. There was no where to sit... "T... What do you mean there was no where to sit?" I mean for $125 (discount) and $150 (full price) you had to find a seat at 1 of the 3 open tables or sit at the chairs lined up against the wall (meaning you couldn't leave your seat without your girl holding it down for you).

The other 10 tables were reserved. (yes, there were only a total of 13 tables for 500 people) How one gets to reserve a table, I don't know, but this option definitely wasn't given to me. No one wants to stand up all night in black tie gala shoes (i.e. hurt your feet shoes).

In the defense of the YPG, there was seating for about 30 people in another room, but who wants to be away from the action AND that other room wasn't advertised because the chic at will call was rude (see # 8)

3. People who did reserve tables could be overheard in the drink line complaining that randoms were sitting at their table. Why they didn't have signage signifying which table belong to which group, I can't understand, but they didn't and folks were livid. You can't call someone VIP, promise them a table, then have randoms at their table and act like there's nothing you can do about it. A mess.

2. There were only "heavy" hor douvres, no dinner. Now in the defense of the YPG, that's what the flyer said. So my bad for not looking. I killed my heavy hor douvres too, despite the fact that I had no table to set them on. Yeah, I looked like I was eating a hotdog at a baseball game, trying not to get mustard on me. Say it with me now... A mess.

1. They had the NERVE to have a program. Look dude, no one wants to hear or see a program. We want to eat, drink, be pretty and dance. That's it. You know where I was during the program, right? The drink line.

Alright, alright. There were plenty of positive things about the event. There were cuties galore, the 8-9 open bar, got extended til 10, til 11, til 12 and then eventually all night and last but not least DJ Premonition SNAPPED. By the time he came on at midnight folks were so bored and ready to get it crackin' that the dance floor juked nonstop until 2 a.m.

Can you imagine dancing to "We pop champagne... for Barack's campaign" with 500 20-and-30-somethings in pretty dresses and tuxes.

Yeah... it was hot like that.


antithesis said...

NONE of that is ok...i wish people who do things knew how to do them...

Brian & Lauren said...

Again, I'm trying not to laugh too loud in this church.... Those people are out of control for that foolishness!!

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

LOL well errone cant be Event planning Extraordinaires. But for $125, I'da expected more too

K to the... said...

Sounds like you paid $125 for a $15 event. Well, at least you got to juke your frustrations away! :-)

ThummyB said...

OK - You know I feel you 110%. The only thing that I will defend is item #1. I can say that I have never been to any gala, luncheon, tea, ball, reception, etc. where a program wasn't involved. As a matter of fact, I'm sure that the 'official' balls also had programs (you know I watched CNN all night, and there were more ppl speaking/performing than Pres. Obama).

I only say that so that you won't be pissed at future events. Plus, think of it like this...most balls won't have DJ Premonition on the tables, so you need something to break up 4 hours of jazz or easy listening music.

Product Junkie Diva said...

For 125 bucks wow that is horrible.

kay* said...

wooooooooooooooooow. that is so not cool. i would have been PISSED OFF and had my face lookin' all

but at least the eye candy would have gave me something to smile about ;)