Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Notes to Self

Often when I'm out I make notes to myself. Either in my head, or via text or e-mail or sometimes I write things down on cocktail napkins.

You see, I have a horrible memory and some things just HAVE to be noted to one's self. Here are a few of my recent notes:

1. Just because you man is with your at the club, it's not an excuse to look a trashy ass mess.

2. If you CAN wear it comfortably to the club, you probably should NOT have it on at a black tie gala.

3. When dealing-against your better judgment-with a group of young insecure women it's inevitable that one or more of them is going to throw salt on your game. Dust your shoulders off and remember not to take any photos with these hateful, inconsiderate broads, lest one of them tag you in a facebook photo and people think that you're real friends instead of party friends. ICK!


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Hilarious as usual. People never know how to dress properly for black tie events!!!

antithesis said...


TatooTuesday said...

DAMN, T... Somebody threw salt on your game, lmao?

Brian & Lauren said...

I ALWAYS look forward to reading your posts girl!!! lol!!