Friday, January 30, 2009

Note to Airlines

Note to airlines:

When you start charging between $15 and $50 for people to check bags... people are going to stop checking bags. Guess what, we're in a recession too?

THEN it's going to take longer to board the plane because EVERYONE is going to have a carry-on bag AND a personal item;

THEN the airline will have to gate check bags FOR FREE to people's final destination when they inevitably run out of space;

AND the flight will still leave late. Causing air congestion, flight delays and a loss of money to the airlines;

AND people are going to get preturbed with your rude flight attendants screaming about who's bags can and cannot come onto the plane;

AND people are going to stop flying your airline;

It's a rather inefficient process. Try again.

This rant brought to you by T, I'm also available for business consultations, you losers.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i hope u feel better now

have a great weekend and chk my new post...

PyT said...

Girl, I totally feel you. I'm seriously carrying on, here on out if I can. US Airways is really screwing people over with $25 for the 2nd bag :-/

ThummyB said...

Girl - Did I tell you about this non-sense when I came back from ATL?

I knew that Airtran charged $15 for the 1st back, and something stupid like $35 for the 2nd bag or an over-weight bag. So I purposely take the largest suitcase in my set (not some special super-sized bag), pack it, and make sure that it weighs less than 40lbs.

I get to the airport and this mofo at curbside check-in tells me that b/c the bag measures more than 60 inches (combined length, width, and height), then its an extra $40 for a over-sized bag. WTF! I would have done better w/checking a 2nd bag or I at least would have brought home all of my isht and not cared about the weight!

Florence said...

I ranted about this on another blog. This may get me stoned, but I'm glad they're charging for bags. Hopefully it will encourage people to be more practical when traveling. But knowing what I know...and seeing what I've seen, it won't, and the airlines will rake in $$$$. Sucks for passengers but hey--you pay for convenience.

Maybe folks will think twice about packing those "just in case" items that never get used.

~la negrita

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Honestly, it makes me not want to fly anywhere. That's so wack. psshh.

Cris said...

OMG I am so not looking forward to flying anywhere. I can imagine all the carryon's that are really full of a bunch of crap. I know it helps me to think about what I will take on my trips. I will make sure to check out that MSN packing article you sent out before.

pipermadison said...

So true!! I was thinking that when I took a flight during Xmas. The plan was so fully of baggage - people were trying to hold bags on their laps. It was nuts.

PyT said...

What kills me are the people who try to put their coats in the overhead compartments. Yeah it's cold and all, but that compartment is for my bag. Either pack your coat or hold it. Geesh.