Monday, January 5, 2009

Fun Times at the gym

Hey Folks,

Welcome back to work or school (or whatever else you're using Tea & Such to procrastinate from). I missed you all!

So everyone's doing New Year's resolutions... I don't do that, but more power to you. For folks who have resolved to lose weight (and/or be healthier), peep this site that's offering free recipes and a free 30-day pass to Bally. You can't beat free with a stick.

Now, on to today's post. You all know I'm on and off the fitness train. Right now I'm on. I had 12 straight days off work (YAY!) and I went to the gym 10 of those days. *Patting myself on the back* I'm also trying to get into this formal dress for inauguration. Easier and cheaper to lose weight than to buy a new dress (There's always a dress...) I digress...

I was talking to a homie and he said I "spoil myself at the gym," referring to the fact that I don't think working out should be torture. I do the bare minimum and peace out. Unless you're a model, professional athlete or some other person who depends on their fit body to eat and pay bills, then I just don't believe in pushing it that hard. Give me 30 minutes juking on the elliptical and that's enough. (Yes I said juking on the elliptical, you should hear my workout playlist).

Friday I decided to try a new class at LVAC called "Workout Challenge." I knew from the description that it wasn't going to be fun, but there was no hip-hop dance, pilates or even aerobics classes at the time I wanted to work out and, for once, I wasn't really feeling the elliptical. Of course, my guy's workout judgment was secretly getting to me, so I decided to "challenge" myself.

I go to the class and the first thing we do is jump rope in place. 1) My coordination is not all that hot and 2) WTF?

We do 2 and a half minutes of jumping rope, then a bunch of squats and other unnecessary stuff, then 2 and half more minutes. About 30 seconds into the second set of jumping rope, my heart starts jumping into my throat and I feel a faint coming on. For those of you that don't know I have a tendency to faint. (It's called vaso vagal syndrome, no big deal really). I just need to pay attention to my heart rate and slow it down when necessary. Well... Friday it was necessary. I promptly put that jump rope and those heavy ass weights back and hollered at my usual eliptical machine.

No pain, no gain is fine... for the rest of y'all, but I'm just trying to keep my heart in order. If I'm getting chased on these Chicago streets, I want to be able to outrun my attacker. That's about it. I'm not doing any marathons, triathlons or anything ending in thon, really. Your girl's just trying to ward off the obesity, diabetes, heart disease (and sheer laziness) that seem to plague my family and my community.

If you find a fun (and simple) strength training class, let a sister know, but you won't find me jumping rope, running obstacles courses or any other faint-inducing behavior in the name of good health.

Happy Monday!


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Happy New Year!!!!

I really need to get in the gym this year! I say that every year, but I never keep my promise. :-)

antithesis said...

lol. when im at the gym, i like to find a balance between pushing myself and doing the minimum. i think i like to challenge myself on some days and make it a "light day" when im feeling a big more lazy. im results-driven so if losing 5 lbs means pushing myself on more days than not, then ill push myself. i dont know. i dont rely on my body for my lifestyle but i need it to look a certain way to get the attention i crave from males.

ThummyB said...


*side note* I JUST heard someone talking about vaso vagal syndrome. I think it might have been one of the girls at your job.

Anywho - as long as you are getting in some sort of exercise, then I am cheering you on!

b.enchanted said...

1- Pilates is pretty great. It hurts, but you might like it. It'll give you memories of AJ.

2- Have you tried a step aerobics class?

3- Soooo, is vaso vagal syndrome what did you in that one night in the pack? :) I kid, I kid...

T said...

@ B,

1. Pilates is my ish, but my punk azz gym doesn't have classes at convenient times.

2. Step aerobics is also my drug of choice, but again, punk azz gym with the extra fancy classes.

3. Real talk, it actually was and I need your memory not to be so sharp.

identitycrisis said...

I love that everyone is on their fitness grind this time of year. Motivation everywhere. I have found that I actually "enjoy" myself at the gym. I'm not spoiling myself but I know if I go too hard, I would walk right on out the door after 15 minutes. Having the summer off gave me the opportunity to go the gym in 2 hour blocks - 35 on the elliptical, 45-60 on the weights/stretching, another 35 on the elliptical. That isht does NOT fit into my crazy work schedule and it backfires by me not going at all if I can't spare the 2 hours. This post let me know that a little bit is ok and a whole lot better than nothing.

suga said...

When I'm in to it, I love working out. When i'm not into it, I lay my ass down and go to sleep lol

A few years ago, I was on a weight loss tip. Lost hella lbs, but hit a plateau so I decided to add jumping rope to my morning work out. No big deal...used to do it as a kid, right? Set my alarm so I could jump for 15 minutes. I barely made it to 3 and almost had an asthma attack. Jumpin rope aint no joke. Kids be burnin hella calories and don't even know it. I'm scared to see what a game of hopscotch might do to me now. lol