Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Engagement Stories!!!

I am an engagement connousieur. I really am. I hear THE BEST engagement stories and when I don't hear them first hand, people call me and tell me about ones they heard and forward me ones they saw on the internet. In my opinion, the best (and most crucial) part about a good engagement is the element of surprise. Top 5 that I can think of off the top of my head are:

5. Ol' boy in Atlanta who broke the bank for that serious engagement. (I'll e-mail you the full story if you want it)

4. Joi & Jesse (he made a video, had the 'rents there, lovely! See the video here)

3. Dorian and Jake (did the Michigan Ave., horse and carriage, winter wonderland theme, she thought he was being a tourist, totally surprised her. I loved it!)

2. Serena and her husband (he got her nails done beforehand, she thought they were just going to a play. Oooh I can't even explain how hot that is to me. She was clueless and surprised AND her nails were fresh to death for the photos)

1. R&P He took her to Miami for her birthday on a surprise trip, so she was completely blindsided by the proposal. He proposed on the beach after an elegant birthday lunch, P got a list of directions to a shipwrecked bottle in the sand with a hand-written note from R. After she read it, he dropped to one knee and the paparazzi (me, thummyb, Meeg and Su) caught it all on camera.

Check out this new hot new celebrity engagement story too:

Eva and Lance

On Wednesday, December 24, while vacationing with their families at the couple's favorite winter getaway spot—the Big Bear ski resort in the San Bernardino Mountains outside of Los Angeles—Marcille and Gross decided to open gifts after dinner in their rented cabin. When Marcille opened her gift—a pillow with a note attached that read: "Hope you like it. Give this pillow to the man you love and he will explain." Read the rest here at Essence.com.

What's your favorite engagement story?


ThummyB said...

What happened to Eva's last name? Didn't it used to be Pigford?

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

@ThummyB - Eva decided to just go with her middle name "Marcille" since Pigford doesn't have a nice ring to it! LOL

Ok, I loooove engagement stories too!!! My cousin actually got engaged the day after Christmas. It was so special and so unexpected. The way he did it is just too much to type!

Great post!!

Anonymous said...

I love engagement stories. I hope one day I have a good one. My friend's boyfriend took her into a jewelry store and said "So what do you think - we should probably get married, right?"

She cried because it was so AWFUL! I cried for her. What a horrible engagement story - what is she going to tell her children?

Oh well, I guess she should be grateful that she has a man who wants to marry her...sorta

I've always thought he was a moron.

suga said...

I blogged about one of my closest friend's surprise engagement in 2007. He not only surprised her, but he surprised ALL of her friends and most of her family. It was beautiful. Here is the blog, just in case you want to check it out.

Another engagement story: another one of my closest friends finally decided to move back to the city where her boyfriend lived (they met in college in his hometown but she moved back home after she graduated and they were 6 hrs away from each other) Long distance wasnt working so they broke up for a few months. Eventually, he told her that she would either need to move out there with him or consider them over forever. Surprisingly, she took him up on his offer (he is a REALLY good man...SERIOUSLY. Personally, I woulda never left his ass). Anyway, she moved back in early 2007 and we all had a feeling that he would propose on Valentines Day, but the day came and...nothing.
They designated a Sunday each month to spend time ONLY with each other. Well, a few weeks after V-Day, on their Sunday, he told her he was going to the store and he'd be back when she got out of the shower. When she was ready, he wasn't home but there was a note: the beginning of a scavenger hunt. Each note either directed her to an item that was sentimental (like a Maya Angelou Poem that he had framed for her after they went to one of her readings) or a place where she would pick up a gift (like the flower shop and the nail salon). The scavenger hunt lasted a few hours of course, but it eventually led her to the spot on her college campus where she'd met him...7 years to the day. She stood in the front of the school gym and he came out of nowhere with his brothers taping, and he pulled out a ticket. They'd met at a step show and he'd saved the ticket for 7 years! He asked her to marry her there and she was so emotional, she could barely say "yes". Their wedding was this past August. He managed to surprise her again by creating a fairytale picture book about their relationship, and had her read it on the mic at the reception. The last page said, "They lived happily ever after, but there was one more surprise. Go outside". And the page had a picture of some keys. She went outside, with all of us behind her, and there was a Benz just chillin in the front of the building. We'd all passed it during rehearsals and after the wedding. lol It was such a great surprise, and he made a serious sacrifice by trading in his car so she could have the Benz, and then agreeing to drive her Camry until they could afford to buy him a newer one.

I could only wish...

Sorry for blogging in your comments. lol I love engagements too!

T said...

@ Suga,

That story is so sweet! I can't believe he kept the ticket for seven years and I LOVE the fairytal thing at the wedding reception. *round of applause* for that brother!