Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Disney Volunteer Campaign

Have you all seen the new Disney volunteer campaign? For a day of service, they'll give you a free day at the park. I think that's pretty cool. I didn't have time (or patience) to scan the inserts that I saw in magazines, but here's a youtube clip of the commercials.

I love that volunteerism is so big now. I remember being in high school and my cousin's mom talkin' about "you should volunteer, so you can put it on your college aps and me looking at her like she had three eyes." LOL! I definitely stepped my service up in college though and I'm doing a decent amount of service now. (Of course, I always think I could be doing more).

Anywho, I'm proud of Disney and proud of the world we live in where people know and understand the value of service. I'm also proud of My President and First Lady. They are big on service and it's showing.

Have you seen any good volunteer campaigns lately?

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