Friday, November 28, 2008

Obama Friday

Happy Black Friday Boos! I hope you were able to spend time with family or close friends yesterday. And may that turkey taste just as good today as it did yesterday. Amen!

And here's your weekly dose of Obama goodness!!!

1. This was posted on the MSN homepage on Sunday night. Whether you like it or not, I give MSN two snaps for putting a Web site I read all the time into the homes, minds and spirits of mainstream America.

YAY Mom-In-Chief. She's so fly!!!

2. Desiree Rogers - the new white house social secretary. (Oooh, I cant wait for all the photos to show up on YBF and Bossip)

3. Check out the Essence Obama photo gallery

4. Obamas on Thanksgiving (over at YBF)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

YAY! It's Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday... well, be for real, my birthday is my favorite holiday, but Thanksgiving is my favorite NATIONAL holiday. Even though everyone celebrates in their own way, I love that it's not "necessarily" connected to one religion or another and that no matter your situation, you always have something to be thankful for.

So, here are the top 10 things I'm thanking God for today (this could be a never-ending list, of course, but I'll just give 10 today).

10. That I have a GOOD job and great benefits in these volatile economic times.

9. A much-needed break from my wonderful job. :)

8. A reliable public transportation system (Yes, I'm talking about the CTA. Have you ever been to a city without public trans... a mess).

7. That my heat is included in my rent cost. Amen somebody!

6. My homemade baked macaroni and cheese. (What? You thought I was going to leave food off of this list). If you know me, you know I'm not about to just be cooking for no reason, but Thanksgiving gives me an excuse to throw down. Trust me, it's fire.

5. My loyal Tea & Such readers. Love you all. XOXOXO!!!

4. Barack Obama, his beautiful family and everything his presidency means to my grandmother, my mother, me and all the future generations of Americans.

3. All of my girlfriends [and some of my guys] coming home to the Chi (ready to party). YAY!!!

2. My extended family gathering at my moms house. (I went to the club with my little brother last night. YAY!!!)

1. The love, prayers and undying support of family, friends and mentors.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tristan Wilds

Hey, lil cutie!

I love this little 19 year old boy!

In case you haven't seen him, he was in The Wire, now he's on 90210 and he had a significant role in Secret Life of Bees (Please go see that if you haven't already).

P.S. I see everyone from The Wire is doing the damn thing! I see you, HBO, putting black folks on the MAP!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Get Your Donate On: Minds Matter

Even though you've stopped giving $7 and $8 donations to the Obama campaign, you can still put that money to good use. (Honestly, I can't believe David Plouffe is still hitting my e-mail inbox up for donations. I'm like dude, we won... be easy. LOL! j/k... sort of)

My girl Mo, volunteers with the organization and she's pledged to raise $500 this season. Here's what she has to say:

"I am writing to tell you about a truly rewarding experience I've had with Minds Matter, a not-for-profit mentoring organization with chapters in Boston, Chicago, Denver, New York City, and Portland. Every week, I mentor a high school student with the the potential and ambition to pursue a college education, but who might lack the resources to achieve that dream.

Why did I choose to join this organization you ask? Honestly, I was inspired to get out and volunteer after hearing Michelle Obama speak at the Democratic National Convention and, within a week, I was signed up to be a mentor. I've actually adopted a 2nd mentee as a fluke, so things are getting extra busy.

Minds Matter helps send bright and motivated low-income youth to summer college programs or to four-year, colleges/universities by providing financial assistance to defray the costs of tuition, travel and/or books. Minds Matter helps students to realize their potential and achieve their academic dreams.

Some of the programs are sponsored by Ivy League universities. There is even one program that would allow the students to do an internship in Washington, DC for a federal agency. They would have the opportunity to intern on Capitol Hill. How great is that considering that this is such an exciting time to work on Capitol Hill!!!

As a volunteer-driven organization, we rely on generous donors like you to provide these rewarding opportunities to our deserving students. I hope you will consider personally helping our students achieve their academic dreams by clicking on the link below and making a donation.
On behalf of the Minds Matter family, I thank you in advance for your donation. If you have any questions about Minds Matter please feel free to contact me. For more information, please visit our Web site at

Thank you!!


Can you find $5, $2.57 or even $1 to help Mind Matter?

Donate here.

Monday, November 24, 2008

House Negroes

I guess I'm in an argumentative mood, 'cause I can't stop talking about things people typically argue about. So Al Queda had this to say about MY President.

Now, I really do think Barack Obama has the intelligence or will get the intelligence to find and kill Bin Laden 'nem. The first BLACK President? Yeah, it's a wrap for the terrorists.

But nevermind that. What I want to know is, in this post-slavery, post-Jim Crow error, why do black people, especially, insult each other by calling some folks "house negroes."

I'm not saying why do it, I'm saying why is "HOUSE negro" an insult. Were not all of our people enslaved? Do people really think that the slaves in the house wanted to be away from their own kids nursing white women's kids. Do people really think the slaves in the house enjoyed being raped by the old white men who's kids they were birthing and raising as bastards? Do people think the slaves in the house enjoyed explaining to their kids that their father was a white man, but that they aren't entitled to any of his white money because they're JUST negroes.

Are you effing kidding me, black people? Are we that divided that we can't look at slavery as a collective experience? Are we that full of self-hatred that we like to think that ALL of our ancestors worked in the field? Do we think that we're light-skinned for no reason?

Seriously. We've given this self-hatred and denigration such power that it's allowed a terrorist to use it against our President elect. It's disgusting to me. It was disgusting when Malcolx X [God, rest his soul] introduced (or perhaps reintroduced) the notion and it's still disgusting now. And don't take my angry word for it, Dr. Melissa Harris-Lacewell clarifies in paragraph 8 of this post. [H/T: Kismet][Side note: I really love and respect Malcolm X, but that doesn't mean I agree with everything he said]

I know there were slaves that betrayed their own for personal gain, but not EVERY house negro betrayed their people and not every field negro was loyal. Can we seriously chill with the nonsense?

If you think field negroes were better... somehow more noble or more "down for the cause" than house negroes, I dare you to think differently. I dare you to go cook somebody else's food, sew somebody else's clothes, clean somebody else's toilets, raise somebodys else's kids; and THEN be raped by somebody's... anybody's husband who claims to hate you in public, then claims he loves you in private. After your do all that come back and show me how you can deny any group of enslaved people the memory of the injustice that they endured.

How can enslaved people with shared histories be viewed as different by us based on where the oppression happened to them?

If we choose to asign one a noble tag and another a traitor tag, then we are actively and consciously doing the work of Willie B. Lynch.

Let's not do that.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Question of the Weekend: Bears Games

Why are there so many noon games on the Bears schedule this year? Is it coincidence? Is it based on last year's rankings? Is it how FOX or CBS or whoever else feels at any given moment?

This schedule sucks! I have to get up and go to 8 a.m. service at church every Sunday in order to watch these games. It's too cold out here for this nonsense. Can we bring the mostly 3 p.m. schedule back.

P.S. @ TT, don't come in here hating on my Bears (unless you answer the question a seriously first).

Friday, November 21, 2008

Obama Friday

It's that time again, Obama Friday!!!

This news clip is a must-see. ABC 7 Chicago is doing big things with Michelle Obama.

TOO. MUCH. CUTENESS! I'm gonna explode.

Did you miss the Obamas on 60 minutes? Watch it here.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Have a fab weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Swirl

Interracial Dating: Let's talk about it.

Essence recently sent out a photo gallery showing African American women in interracial relationships.

When I first got it in my inbox I was infuriated because I thought it was about Black MEN in interracial relationships. Now, Essence is supposed to be for Black women, but every since TimeWarner took over, they've been pissing me off. Profiling dudes with white wives (no disrespect, but it's supposed to be a magazine for and about BLACK WOMEN), putting Mariah Carey on the cover WAY too much (You know she only identifies with her Black side now that her husband is Black... womp.), and giving WAY to much love to the big girls. I'm sorry, shapely women are sexy, but heart attacks are not and Essence acts like every big girl is healthy. Even Mo'Nique and Queen Latifah are losing weight to be healthier, please recognize, the gym is your friend.

So anyway, I was pretty surprised by the reactions that came up when I saw that article. When I thought it was black men with other races of women, I was mad, but when I realized it was black women with other races of men, I had a you-go-girl type of attitude. I really thought I had a more forward-thinking attitude than that, but I can't control my feelings, only the actions I take regarding those feelings.

I actually have no problem with interracial relationships (or at least I don't think I do). I did at one time. (Sam & Josh would be surprised to hear me say that, because I've threatened them about bringing white girls home. [Don't judge me] They don't listen to me though. Truth be told, if they really love someone and she treats them well, I really don't care, but they don't need to know that right now. I need them to at least attempt to marry a sista).

I do, however, have a problem with identity crises and denying your race (i.e. I know a sister with a blonde weave who only dates white men and wants to adopt a white child. She asked a black friend of mine if she could babysit her pale light-skinned daughter, but didn't want to babysit her caramel colored son. Really?)

I could go on and on on this topic, but if you've given up on any race of people based on the few negative experiences you've had in your short life, you're a lost cause and I hope whoever you end up with is as twisted as you are, so you two can deserve each other.

Personally, I'd date outside of my race without a second thought, but for the most part, I haven't found any non-black men [in real life] that I'm extremely attracted to who are also attracted to me. It's usually a one-sided type of deal. i.e. I like Jude-Law-esque white boys and they like tall blondes OR Zero-swag white boys like me... I can't go. OR they're attracted to some negative image of a black women that they think I'm going to play out (I'm not a video hoe dude, get your life together).

I'll add more of my thoughts in the comments, but like Malik on The Game would say, how do you feel about the swirl?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Unanswered Questions [to myself]

This is a response to this blog post. It got ridiculously long for a blog comment.

Alright, I'll bite. I'm not a lurker either... I comment. :)

The question is what say I on Prop 8. Well...

1) I didn't know anything about it until election day.

2) I didn't care anything about it until people got really upset at black folks coming out in mass numbers to vote for Obama AND Prop 8 which makes homosexual marriage constitutionally illegal. (Correct me if I'm wrong on that)

3) I wonder why it was put on the ballot. Who was behind it and what was their purpose? (Southern Baptists Convention probably, the same folks who took a mag cover with women clergy off it's stands and the same church into which I made a decision to be baptized into the Christian faith-I was a genius of a five years old, I'm trying to tell you-And the same church in which I still hold the foundation of my religious beliefs.)

4) The people in California spoke when they voted to legalize gay marriage and the people in California spoke again to make gay marriage unconstitutional. (this terrifies me about the people who are going to vote for and against Obama in his second term, but whatever) I know you may say I'm simplifying the issue, but legally, besides another proposition, what can be done to undo this? Can you argue that its unconstitutional? Possibly. (I'm no law buff, so I'm not sure).

5) I saw a sign that says "Marriage is a human right not a heterosexual privilege." Is that true? Is this a legal matter? Is this a religious matter? Is this a moral matter? As a person who has a different moral and/or religious belief than another person what is my legal obligation to that person as a citizen of the United States and a human being? What is my legal obligation to vote for or against something that is in contra to my religious and/or moral obligations?

6) If my moral and/or religious beliefs are in contra to yours, does that mean I hate you? If we disagree does it mean I hate you? If I vote for something that you don't agree with, does that make me a hateful creature?

7) Stacyann Chin said [yeah, I watched that long youtube clip) all oppression is related. If that's true then, as a heterosexual, whether I want to or not, I'm oppressing gays. As a Christian in the U.S.A., whether I want to or not, I'm oppressing other religions. White people get angry, I mean downright furious when you tell them that they are racist by nature because they are the majority race living in a racist society (Looked what I picked up at all those CoInTel meetings). Some men [just a few of 'em really] get mad when you say they are sexist just because they are the majority gender in a sexist society. Now, I can say of sort of understand the sentiment. It sucks to think that just because I'm one religions or one sexual preference or one [insert descriptive adjective here] that I'm oppressing everyone who isn't like me.

Given the definitions of oppression and the -isms, how does one in any majority group stop being a [blank]-ist, without actively advocating for the minority group? Is that a possibility?

8. As you can see by my questions [to myself] I'm torn on the issue. I know EXACTLY what my religious obligations are, but I'm not sure on my moral and legal obligations. I can say I'm happy this ballot didn't come up in Illinois because then I would have had to make a choice. Right now, I can comfortably sit on the sidelines and watch it all unfold. I don't need to form an opinion, because it doesn't directly affect me right now.

I'd be mad if a white person had said something like that at the height of the civil rights movement, but it's the truth.

I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tea's Top 10: Club Cliches

There are a bunch of people who are anti-The Club. Some of them are always at the club though, talking about how much they hate it. Go the hell home then. Sorry, I digress, more on that later.

So you've got anti-The Club folks and what's happened is that they've had SO many bad club experiences, that they've given up on the club (Or maybe just one, whatever). Like my boy would say, I'm no quitter. LOL! But due to my club going tenacity I am sometimes subject to cliche club behavior.

Now we usually pick the classy spots, that avoid this behavior, but every once in a while, it pops up. Here are the top 10 cliche things that happened at the club this Friday (not the classy club we went to Saturday night that inspired yesterday's hilarious quote).

For my new readers, you might want to check these out, just for backgroud.


10. Hoes - Now there are hoes everywhere (and I may share my perspective on the different levels of hoes in another post), but these women were DRESSED like prostitutes. It was maybe 20, 25 degrees outside. They had on short tight dresses with strappy sandals... Miami gear... in the Chi. And not just regular strappy sandals, the I've-been-drinking-so-much-I-don't-know-my-toes-are-hanging-over-the-front-of-my-shoes-like-vienna-sausages-strappy-sandals [all together now: EW!!!]

9. Hood Representatives - You know the dudes that wear their short leathers or short furs or worse: short faux furs in the club. You can tell these dudes JUST left from getting hay in the middle of the barn and they look like trouble. These are the dudes the bouncers call the police and patty wagon for before they even get a chance to act a fool. These dudes are a little too touchy feely, but you're afraid to snap on them 'cause you can't tell if they're strapped or not and the security at the door didn't do anything to stop these fools from coming in, so as a female, you're on your own.

8. Police cars and patty wagons - Yep, right outside the club. Circling the block, stopping only in front of the club that Black folks are standing in front of (and understandably so, given #9 on this list). One cop had jokes though. He opened the door of the patty wagon and said "Does anyone want to go for a ride." Yes, it was wrong, but before you get indignantly upset, he wasn't arrogant of throwing his weight around, he was seriously joking with us. His other cop pals were none to happy about that. And Scott replied "HEY. My President is Black." LMAO!!!

7. Persistent losers:
Loser: "Why won't you take my number? So what you have a boyfriend, if it doesn't work out, you can just give me a call."
My girl (who doesn't have a man, btw): "How would you feel if you were my man and I gave some other dude my number?"
Loser: "I'm saying though, that's why I'm going to give you MY number."

6. Gym Shoes and/or Sketchers - Really, in 2008 as adults over the age of 25, we're still wearing gym shoes and/or Sketchers "dress shoes" to the club? Really, in 2008, you're going to let these fools in the club with this gear on? Really? In fairness, I think some of guys had on gym shoes too, but they were fresh. There are two types of gym shoe wearers. Those that CHOOSE to wear gym shoes and those who try to get around the fact that you can't wear gym shoes to the club. Most of the guys on Friday [excluding our boys] were #2. A mess.

Oh yeah, we don't say "sneakers" in the Chi, just FYI.

5. Hood Chicago Mixes - I'm talking HOLD UP... WAIT A MINUTE... at. the. club. These were hot in like 8th grade and freshman year in high school, but not since then has it been ok to JACK. JACK. JACK. JACK Your Body at the club. And people who aren't from Chicago, don't even understand the nostalgia. They just think we're hood.

4. White skinny bouncers trying to jump hard - This bouncer took money from the fellas in #9, THEN requested they get in a line. These dudes were ri-di-cu-lous. "Ay man, we in line." "Look, you said get in line, we in line, you betta make something happen quick" "It's cold out here, I ain't gone ask you, but one more time to let us in." Needless to say everyone got in and in a semi-orderly fashion.

3. Early dismissal - Did the club lights come on 1:07 a.m. No, you must mean We're not even going to discuss how I didn't get there until 12:30 or so AND I paid to get in (We left our first stop that night to go get some food, before going to this club. LOL!)

2. Fighting in the Club - I can you hear you now, saying T, you START most of the fights at the club. I know, I know, but there's usually somewhere there to hold me back. It rarely materializes into a fight. Just a good story to tell my grandkids (Granny wasn't on that with him, LOL!). But there were grown men fighting in the club. So much so that the DJ stopped the music and was like "TAKE IT OUTSIDE." A mess.

1. Trying too hard - This is from Saturday. Family, I wish I could've taken a photo, but I'll just try to paint a picture. Dude was AT LEAST 6'2, 6'3, so he's already standing out in the crowd.
Khaki pants (I know, a mess already).
Caramel Square Toe Dress Shoes.
Red Sweater.
Pitch Black Sunglasses. (the sun goes down at 4:40 p.m. daily in the Chi)
Multi-Colored Jamaican inspired skull cap. (that he wore all night)
Black leather coat.

I'm putting my hands together in a cheerleading pose right now asking Y?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Quote of the Day

This quote requires set-up.

The Scene:
- A Classy [but tiny] Club Atmosphere...
- The VIP Section
- Fine Brother + The Birthday Boy
- The Fine Brother's invited female guests (Us) + The birthday boys invited female guests (Them)
- Unnecessary, but inevitable female animosity
- Their body language was saying - "Who are these girls who don't even know the birthday boy in the VIP section?"
- Our body language was responding - "We don't need to know the birthday boy because we're drinking out of the same bottles you are, so apparently that's not a prerequisite... be easy."
- One of them was 6'3. I hang with some tall women and she was hovering over my girls. I should say she was AT LEAST 6'3.

The Climax: She starts dancing like she's 4'11 (please scroll up and notice I said we were in a classy, but TINY club atmosphere).

The quote (accompanied by the shit face):
"Um... I'm gone need her to understand she's a big bitch."
My girl, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Obama Friday

What? You thought I was going to stop talking about Obama? You crazy!!! I can't get enough. Here's a hodge podge of this week's Obama goodness...

Obama Pics on flickr

Political Cartoons

Chi-town Obama Video (You'll see some folks you recognize in here too)

Diddy is a fool, but those twins are adorable!!! Favorite quote at 2:45 "Are y'all fronting on me on national internet?" LOL! Love it!

And one of the pics I took at the rally last week. I love that never ending sea of Obama supporters!!! YAY!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Move to the Country

- I was watching HGTV last week. Property Virgins and some other homeownership shows. They were in St. Paul, MN and Cincinnati, OH and Dallas, TX and folks were getting 3BR, 2.5 Baths homes for 150,000, 125,000 and one dude got the same for 119,900.

- I was in PG County about a month ago and 4 chicken nuggets were $1.00. I went to Navy Pier last week and 4 chicken nuggets are $4.60 (I'm not making this up)

- On the Obama campaign trail in Indiana, I saw gas for $2.30 or something like that.

- Then my little brother sends me a text pix message (Got that Verizon family share plan) and gas in Jacksonville, IL (the country folks) is $2.09. TWO OH NINE!?!

What is this, 2002?

Yeah, it's official. I need to move to the country. I'd be BALLIN'!!!!

Gas in the NAP

Prices dropping daily in Jacksonville

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Identify that W

So in Chicago Walgreens is King. We don't have Rite Aid and CVS is trying to do their thing, but they can't really touch Walgreens. The Walgreens headquarters are in Chicago's suburbs, so it's not uncommon to see folks rockin' Walgreens gear on the weekends because everyone works there. So I'm in DC and I see a dude with a hat with Walgreens W on it. Everyone tries to be different, so I was thinking, ok, that's cool.

Then I start seeing EVERYBODY with a Walgreens W on their hats. So I ask someone...

Is there a Walgreens factory around here or something?

T, that's a Washington Wizards hat...

***UPDATE***UPDATE***UPDATE***... This is Washington NATIONALS hat. Nationals, Wizards, NBA, MLB... if it's not football, I'm pretty clueless. Sorry TT.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tea's Travel Tips

So you know your girl travels A TON. One day I'm going to write down all the cities I've been to. It's overwhelming just thinking about it. Anyway, I have knowledge that I recently realized the less-frequent traveler does not possess. Usually this knowledge serves to piss me off while at the airport being held up by casual travelers who can't believe they can't take a half bottle of scope from the house onto the plane...

Anywho, here are my Top 10 travel tips. I could probably do another one of these, but this is it for today.

10. Try not to check bags. Not only does it slow you down, but now every airline except Southwest charges about $15 a bag. An extra $30-$60 on top of your flight costs is not a good look.

9. Print out your ticket the night before your flight. Actually 23 hours and 59 minutes before your flight is best. You'll have better opportunites for good seats and you can completely bypass the wack lines at the airport.

8. Reading is fundamental. If you couldn't print out your ticket beforehand, DO NOT subject yourself to those long lines just because you don't know how to use the self-check or because you've never done it before. Read those simple instructions, check yourself in and be on your way to your gate.

7. Always buy plane tickets with credit cards (not debit cards or cash or check). If the airline goes belly up (ATA anyone) you can work with your credit card company to get your money back. If you paid cash you're assed out.

6. If you put a gate check ticket on anything, whether you gate checked it or not, the airline is responsible for that bag.

5. Buy a few extra of those $5 double shots on the plane. You never know when you might need to trick out a drink on vacation, a work trip, babysitting (joking...joking).

4. Use to find the absolute cheapest flights. I haven't found a better site and I fly a lot. It has nearly every airline except Southwest.

3. Wear some Obama flare to the airport. Even in Texas you'll get mad love from the TSA, flight attendants and all the passengers if you have on an Obama t-shirt or button.

2. Keep a travel journal. There's nothing like experiencing new places and things and the way you remember in retrospect will be completely different from how it feels at the time. When you get a free moment write down the thoughts you have about the trip (or put it in a blog draft immediately), so you never forget the feeling.

1. Wear a different fragrance every time you go to a different city. When you wear that fragrance at home, it'll remind you of the city you were in. It's a heavenly experience.

Please feel free to add your tips too!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Hey folks,

I got Evolver in the mail last week. Yes, I'm old school, I still want the entire CD vs. just the MP3s that I like.

At first listen, it's pretty hot. Songs I'm feeling It's Over, Green Light, Take me Away and Good Morning. All hotness. I'm torn on Quickly: love the message, not in love with the squealing delivery. Some of these other joints (Everybody knows, This Time, Satisfaction) have a real Alicia-Keys-you're-depressing-the-hell-outta-me-vibe.

Side note: When is it appropriate to listen to Alicia Keys as of late? Not at home, not in the car, not commuting, not at the club... it's funeral music really.

Anyway back to John. Unlike Get Lifted, I'm not in love. But just like Once Again, I have a feeling it'll grow on me and I'll fall in love. I'm about to listen to it about 20 times and I'll let you know after it's tattooed to my brain.

I love this man's voice!!!

Do you have Evolver? What do you think about it?

Question of the Day: Priceline

I have a couple of unexpected trips coming up and I'm not feeling these flight prices. Has anyone ever used priceline?

What was your overall experience?
Were there any hidden costs?
Any problems I should look out for?

Let me know. I really need to cut costs if I plan on purchasing any Christmas gifts this year, but gotta take these quick trips.

Friday, November 7, 2008


This photo makes me giggle!!! I'm so happy. I feel like I just got married or something.

Why I couldn't stop crying (and still can't)...

Disclaimer: This is a tear jerker. If you need to function at work, you might want to read this over the weekend.


In Chicago, we were watching CNN at the rally, and counting down out loud until the polls closed in Cali. 10-9-8-7-6-5... But it's hard to count together with 100,000 people when the clock isn't showing on screen. So here's what happened...

1:34 it got quiet in Grant Park

1:37 The entire crowd exhaled, then we frickin lost our minds. We were caught off guard and it was amazing. We could have cured drouts with the tears that were shed. It was the THE ABSOLUTE BEST MOMENT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.

5:07-5:11 You see how in New York, they were chillin' til the cameras came around. Not so in the Chi. After the annoucement we were LIVE cheering, jumping, screaming, bananas, NON STOP

6:35 Roland Martin coming with the facts. WATERWORKS!!!!

7:18 Quoting Dr. King. My body collapsed, I mean literally had to lean over. Overwhelmed, Overjoyed, emotionally exhuasted and in utter amazement at the foreshadowing. "I may not get there with you"? CNN, why are you doing this to me? "I may not get there with you"? OH LORD, I couldn't stop the tears.

8:02 Thummyb was like "Everyone else is crying and hysterical and Al Sharpton's just smiling on cue." No comment on this permed up puppy.

8:45 "What if Barack Obama is the symbol who walks through, what if he is the representative to the world of the United States." OH GOD... more tears.

9:40 Roland Martin choking up. GOOD LORD, WILL I EVER BE ABLE TO STOP CRYING?

9:50 Celebration in Kenya. The motherland rejoices. I give up. I put the tissue my Latino sister at the rally had given me in my pocket. My face is just going to have to be ashy, cause I'm never going to stop crying.

10:33 It's an incredible night indeed, Soledad. An incredible night indeed.

The worst part is that thummyb was standing behind me, so we hadn't really celebrated "together." And I think we both purposely didn't make eye contact at first. But then when it calmed down I realized I hadn't looked at her. I turned around and screamed in excitement and hugged her and we must've hugged and cried for like 3 or 4 minutes straight.

I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!!! I won't ever be the same after Tuesday, November 4th. I've changed for the better and May God continue to bless our great nation.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Complete Randomness

Hey folks,

I'm off work for the next four days, so I'll be catching up on blogging. My posts may be a bit random, 'cause my head is all over the place, but I'll do my best to make some sense.

Right now I'm going to start with everything I've been meaning to say about the election, but was a bit nervous about the wrong person stumbling across my page and voting the wrong way (and sorry for all the cursing. I do, indeed, need to expand my vocabulary):

1. John McCain is not a bad dude. The world would not have been over if he got elected. It would have been an old hot mess, but not disastrous.

2. Cindy McCain's wardrobe is flyer than a mutha. SO WHAT her suits cost hundreds of thousands of dollars? She's a BALLA!!! Please believe if I was a beer heir everything I have would be high end. I'd have Valentino dental floss, do you hear me?

3. Sarah Palin's outfits were also off the chain. I heard they were giving all $150,000 of her suits to charity. ATTENTION REPUBLICAN PARTY: I am not above charity. Please donate some super fly suits to me.

4. MAN... FUCK Joe the Plumber!!! This dude is the ultimate example of white privilege. Plumbing with no license and has the AUDACITY to talk to a political candidate about how his taxes are too high and allow himself to be recorded. Can you imagine the rhetoric that would come forth if a black or Latino man was out here promoting the fact that they're plumbing without a license and asking for benefits and help from the government?

5. To that same end, what about T, the PR professional? What about thummyb, the auditor, BGG, the writer and Antithesis and Kismet, the grad students. What the fuck about us, politicians? How many times can I watch the debates with you speaking to everyone BUT me. Is my job easier because I live in a big city? Is my life less important because I have an education? Have I no struggles because I've taken it upon myself to want better than a high school education. UGH!

6. BARACK OBAMA IS A BLACK MAN. Yes, he is mixed race, but this is America, people. One drop of black blood makes you a black person. If one more person says he's not black and that I should call him mixed-race, multi-racial, half-white or some other goofy mess, I might explode. What "African-American" do you know who isn't "mixed" race. We ain't light-skinned for nothing out here. Dummies.

7. Obama is the most qualified for the job. Period. His skin color did not win him the election (even if 95% of African Americans voted for him, LOL). What has a black person ever gotten because of their race except speeding tickets, longer prison sentences, unnecessary fear from all races and dirty looks from silly white kids at large universities who think affirmative action is running around taking tests for me. Side Note and News Flash: The UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS DOES NOT HAVE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Look it up. Sorry, had to get that out for all the racism I endured in undergrad.

And on a completely unrelated note who is Bakari Sellers, 24 and in the South Carolina congress and not hard on the eyes either. Why can't I ever meet these buttoned up dudes?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

That New Ish

In case you didn't know what's in and what's out, I'm here to sarcastically put you up on game. Enjoy.

10. Obama t-shirts are the new American GDP.
9. Green is the new black (I'm talking environment and fashion folks, not skin color and money)
8. Latinos are the new targets (freeing up black folks to act as ignorant as they choose)
7. Gays are the new offended (again, freeing up black folks)
6. Republicans are the new Klan.
5. Whites are the new Americans.
4. Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina AND Florida are the new blue!!!
3. Change is the new hope.
2. "Common racial epithet"s are the new bitches.


Yessir!!! We did it. Yes We Can and YES WE DID. Are you dancing right now? Why the hell not. I can't stop doing the cabbage patch, footworkin' and screaming for no reason at all.

Oh and tune in tomorrow for all the stuff I've been meaning to say about these here presidential politics.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Question of the Day: Election Day 08

How was your voting experience? Early voting, long lines, the good, the bad, the ugly. I want to hear it all.

I'll share my experience in the comments later, gotta get to work.

Yeah, it's blurry, but you already know what it is!!!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Barack Obama Said...

From Barack Obama to my email inbox. All emphasis is mine.

T --

We're just one day away from change.

Election Day is tomorrow -- Tuesday, November 4th.

We've asked you to do a lot over the course of this campaign, and you've always come through.

Right now, I'm asking you to do one last thing -- vote tomorrow, and make sure everyone you know votes, too.

When this campaign began, we weren't given much of a chance by the pollsters or the pundits.

But tomorrow, we can make history.

We've made it this far because supporters like you never stopped believing in your power to bring about real change.

Take the final step now.

Watch the video, find your polling location, and get everyone you know involved on Election Day:
With your vote, and the votes of your friends, family, and neighbors, we won't just win this election -- together, we will change this country and change the world.

Thank you,


(This man is about to be the President and he's still signing his first name. I LOVE IT!!! YES WE CAN!!!)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tea's Tangents: Canvassing Edition

What's up folks, I just got back from canvassing in Michigan City, IN today and Indianapolis yesterday. Here's a couple of random things on my mind.

1. I just got an update from the campaign that my ticket for the rally on Tuesday WILL be sent to my email inbox tomorrow. PURE EXCITEMENT! However, I don't know if I want to go or not. The thing is, it gets cold in Chicago at night. Now it's supposed to be 70 on Tuesday and 61 at night, but that hawk is no joke, even in the 60s. I REALLY want to be a part of history, but I also want to be healthy for the rest of the winter. Decisions. Decisions.

2. Quotes from the NAP:

Dude Screaming: 1A 1A
Me and Kel: What?
Dude: 1A
Me and Kel: Quiet confused looks on our faces
Dude: You mean you didn't early vote? You know 1A is Barack Obama.


I was thinking no this dude did not just cat call us while we're canvassing for Barack Obama with Barack Obama's punch number. I was so threw.

But then

Other dude: AY, come back
Me & Kel: Sorry, we gotta get to the rest of these houses
Dude to Kel: I just wanna take you out for a fish dinner or something.

Um... bruh man. We know he wasn't talking Tilapia, Grouper or Salmon. This fella was talkin' fried catfish, (perch if you're special) with a lil cup of cole slaw and two pieces of Wonder bread and hot sauce (they don't even have mild sauce in the nap). Um... can I voluteer in peace?

3. The headquarters were jumpin' tonight! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate, volunteer or at the very least make sure EVERYONE in your family knows their polling place and the laws in your respective state to vote. (They vary from state to state). This is the most serious matter and we're down to the wire, no time for BS-ing. Every little bit helps and you want to be able to say you did everything you could to ensure a Barack Obama victory. So hop to it homies!

4. I haven't been to the gym since like... well nevermind.

5. My 19-year old brother who lives in Florida and is registered to vote there, refuses to vote. I sweated him on his facebook page. I had my grandma call him. I'm tempted to reach out to a little hoochie at his college to see what that could do, but I'm spent. If you know ANYTHING that has convinced someone to vote (who doesn't usually vote), please let me know. I'll try it.

And having the first black democratic presidential candidate isn't quite enough for my little stubborn brother, so please don't say that.

I think that's it for now. I'm going to go rest and try my damndest not to watch the political pundits. They cook my grits.


6. Poor Mike Brown. This dude can't stay healthy for a full season EVER. He's like that little kid in school who came from a dysfunctional family. You'd like him to be on your dodge ball team, but you'd never know if this kid was gonna come to school or not.

7. It's gonna be 74 degrees in Chicago today. That makes me very happy since it was 34 degrees in Chicago this time last week.

8. Isn't my new avatar the cutest!?!?! I'm absolutely in love with it. Mainly because it's a cartoon version of me, but you know big ups to for making it possible. LOL!