Friday, October 31, 2008

I am Obama

Oh my goodness, song and video are HOTNESS. Chi-town love all day baby!!!

J.Kwest - I Am (Obama) from Endangered Peace on Vimeo.

Black "cool"

Given we're about to elect the first black president, I think there's no time better than the present to discuss how the world sees and (in my field of work) how the world markets to black males.

Here's an excerpt from the following article in PRweek:

"So what is a marketer to do about black men, in particular, as we seek to capitalize on a marketplace increasingly shaped by people of color? We should encourage clients to understand that black men's “coolness” is not just found on BET or on basketball courts. It is a power that can be tapped and leveraged in all fields of endeavor, at all income levels and in every region of the world."

I enjoyed the piece. I thought the comments were especially brutal since this isn't a warm and fuzzy look at the world as if everything's perfect magazine, but a magazine by PR professionals, for PR professionals.

I'm clearly biased though, so what are your thoughts? And if you have something nice to say, please post it to the article as well.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tea's Top 10: Best Things about HU Homecoming 2008

And to balance out the WTF moments from homecoming, here's all the good ish from two weekends ago.

10. Going straight from the airport to the club on Thursday night (We get it in).

9. Vitamin Water.

8. Alphas steppin' on the yard. (Don't you love culture?)

7. A new homie telling us to "come into the fold." (You probably had to be there for that one.) Same new homie also said: "Baby girl, I feel how I look." Conceited ass!

6. Seeing a "My President is Black" t-shirt being sold on the street. I didn't grab it, but I will be rockin' that to the gym if I see it again.

5. The McDonalds on campus which mirrored the White Castle on 79th and South Shore/Stony Island.

4. The beginning of the party bus (when I was still sober-ish)

3. P saying to a wack dude: "You need to get up... Immediately." when he sat next to her on the party bus.

2. Seeing Kismet.

1. Kismet being the best host EVER. Shrimp rice, salad, brownies, cookies and pancakes anyone?

And that's a wrap on HU homecoming fodder! Last day to early VOTE if you haven't already, we've got history to make!!!

Tea's Top 10: WTF moments at HU Homecoming 2008

Homecoming fodder is almost over and we have a surprise guest entry coming up real soon, so please keep tuning in for the madness.

So to recap: Here are Tea's top 10 WTF moments from HU homecoming.

10. The misuse and abuse of leggings.

9. 'Ol boy trying to charge our girl $20 to get into the club, when he let us in for the free... uh... naw playa. (And she wasn't ugly either, before you bring that up as a defense)

8. The seafoam green tights fiasco.

7. "Watch out for the big girls" coming on at the club and skinny girls, like myself, getting dirty looks from the big ones.

6. People stepping on me at the club and not saying excuse me, turning around and looking at me like they were going to do something because they stepped on MY shoe, then realizing I was NOT. ON. THAT with them. I swear at parties in Chicago, no matter how crowded, people don't bump into each other like that.

5. No one at the club having any pull. DC peeps are the most clout-free folks I've ever met. Everyone pays everywhere, no hook-ups at all. Um... ri-dic. I can appreciate Reese, Marques, Tate and anyone else who ever let me in the club for free, put me on a list or bought me and my girls a round that much more now. These dudes in DC need to step it up.

4. The prepaid ticket line and the regular ticket line being the same damn line at "The Park." What in the hell did I just pay for online, if I have to stand in line with err'body else. Wackness.

3. Being confined to the third floor at "The Park." You can't go up. You can't go down. Just have fun on the floor you're on... um... ok.

2. Everybody swooning over "The Park" when it was just a suped-up lounge. It was a nice lounge, but the crowd made the place, not the other way around. It just looked like a nice seafood restaurant (It might have been a seafood restaurant). I guess for someone who's never been to a nice seafood restaurant, it's "that deal."

1. Me and my girls almost getting into a fight with a grown man, him pouring his drink on us (majority on me) and security at Love holding ME back, while this grown cock diesel dude proceeds to walk away.

(Please believe I'm going back next year though! I haven't had this much material since All-Star weekend in Vegas '06. If I had been blogging back then, you all might be in new careers by now [after having lost your job from laughing hysterically the ridulousness we witnessed])

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Omegas, Kappas & Alphas... Oh My.

HU's Yard...

This Omega man had the best t-shirt EVER!!! Doesn't he remind you of my baby? Hey Josh look-alike!

Kappas have the best line names

The good brother Kodak Moment

And the good brother Hell Knaw

It was Alpha Step Time when we got to the yard




Two Tires, Sweet N Low & McDonalds

So walking down Georgia Avenue this is what we saw.

Paul Wall lookin' dude.

Sweet N Low.
D, everytime I'm out of town I see something pink that I think you should have. (Remember the beetle in Vegas)

McDonald's Crackin' like White Castle on 79th

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I slept with a big girl

Have you heard this horrible song? I tried to google it... nothing. Must be that DC/Baltimore "hotness." Oh my goodness. The club erupted when this ish came on. I was dancing, then I stopped like... did he just say... what I think he just said.

I look around, look around and all the slim girls have the same disgusted look on their face that I do. All the big girls are gettin' it and all the men are confused. They're like should I like this song, shouldn't I like this song. Should I be dancing with a big girl right now? Should I stop dancing with Tea and all her fly homies (who are not big girls). What to do? What to do?

I don't know how the fellas felt, but no matter how lit I was, I couldn't dance to that song.


Thanks to tattootuesday for putting me up on game. They said Watch out for the big girl, not I slept with a big girl. (That's what Vitamin Water will do to your hearing). Listen to it here.


P.S. I'm tired of talking about homecoming, but I have SO much good material. I'm going to put up a couple of posts a day to get it all out there. See below...

Male Hair Problems

Slick it down or cover it up, but this tangylicious foolishness is still a damn mess. Maybe they were celebrating Halloween ahead of time...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Misuse and abuse of Leggings

I've crossed over to the dark side. Yep, I now own three pairs of leggings and I actually wear them. And I'm not going to lie to you... I look good in 'em. I still hate 'em though. Not on me, on most everyone else. And here's why:

1) Because contrary to popular belief, shiny leggings are not for everyone. She wore this on the yard. Um... ick.

2. Because the patterns and prints can get to be a bit much. You go from looking stylish to looking like you've been shopping in your toddler's closet. (You know little kids look lovely in some patterned leggings)

3. I don't even know where to start. These shoes and leggings didn't even have a chance.

4. A gift from thummyb... There are no words.

P.S. It's going to get up to 44 degrees in Chicago today and it might snow later... Womp.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tea's Tangents: Saturday Morning Edition

I haven't done one of these in a minute. My mind and heart are all over the place right now... here goes.

1. Please pray for my sister and her family. They had a horrible apartment fire and lost nearly everything. Thank God everyone is alive and well.

2. A recent study/report came out naming Chicago the most stressful city to live in in America. I didn't disagree then, but given Jennifer Hudson's mom and brother were found dead in their south side home, I wonder what everyone else thinks now. Please pray for Jhud's and her family too. Chi-city IS my city, but it's a got damn shame. Given how I'm feeling right now, I'd seriously consider moving to the country.

3. Why do the Bears have so many noon games this year? Is it because we sucked so bad last year. I would really like to go to church THEN watch the game. The Bears are making it uber difficult.

4. Speaking of church, I'm going to AFC's 8 a.m. service tomorrow and I'm going to BBC's 7 p.m. service. I'm trying to get it in!!! LOL!

5. My girl's ex died in a motorcycle accident last week. He was 28. Life is SO precious.

6. A HS aquaintance just got laid off and several of my friend's companies are laying off as we speak. You all know I love my job, but I appreciate it now more than ever. I keep bracing myself for them to tell us they're cutting healthcare or firing my admin and now I have to make all my own copies (EW!), but that hasn't happened yet. *Sigh of relief* I can't stop thanking God for all my blessings.

7. I've been judging myself like crazy lately. I know there's a better way to do better than to beat myself senseless about areas where I fall short or have made mistakes. Red or green pill, you live and you learn.

8. Completely random, but there's something about a man who takes a good photo and enjoys it that excites me.

9. My computer at home is SO slow. I'm trying to wait on that compuer credit from the job (Maybe that's what they'll cut back on). I want that MAC so bad I can taste it. I was at Kismet's crib in DC plotting on hers like oooh, this is nice.

10. I know you all have seen this video already, but please go check out the commentary on this site. I was crying. These folks are hilarious!!!

11. Peapod is being super nice lately. I got 4 free samples with my last grocery order and good stuff too. Kleenex, All laundry detergent (and a coupon), honey crisp apples and Barilla spinach and ricotta cheese tortellini... You know how I feel about free or discounted stuff. I see you Peapod, trying to keep customers happy. Mission accomplished!

12. Speaking of food, I'm about to get into the most wonderful Saturday morning breakfast. Pancakes, Sausage, eggs, fresh fruit and juice. Yeah... I gotta go.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Old People, Pinstripes and Bling

DC's club scene. I can't make this ish up

UPDATE: Everyone's commenting on the last two pics, but do you all see grandmom and grandpops in this first two pictures? They are seriously 50 or 60 years old gettin' it in the VIP section!

Happy Friday All!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Aint nobody tell you to wear seafoam green tights."

Background: Me, P and Chanel are on the yard at Howard's campus, enjoying the scenery, free step shows, vendors, culture and, of course, the fried chicken, fish and jerk smells (yeah, they had soul food on the yard). So we go to find a bathroom. You know err'body was sippin' on some drank on the yard (You saw yesterday's post right?), so the lines were outrageous. We find an open building and proceed to search for a bathroom minus the long line that's formed at the one-stall bathroom right in front of us.

Next thing we hear is: "YOU HATEFUL BITCHES, I'M ON MY PERIOD!"

Um... we rotate, but I end up hearing what's going on. Apparently shawty doo-wop disregarded the line of 10-12 black women and went straight into the bathroom. She was swiftly moved out of the bathroom by said 10-12 women and proceeded to lose her damn mind, cursing everyone out. So while she ran off to find another bathroom, the women in line proceeded to have a full-out roast session the ENTIRE rest of the time they were in line.

Then this one chick is like:

" 'Ol ET looking bitch (Tea's side note: she did have some wide-set Brandi eyes). Ain't nobody tell her to wear seaform green tights. I'm on my period too, but I gotta pee."

LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Only at a black event at a black school, do you get free entertainment such as this. Y'all know I was the peanut gallery too. It was HI-LAR-I-OUS!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All my Fritos Lays!!!

That's what Beyonce's country behind sounds like she's saying on her new "Sin-gle La-dies" song. I call it the bitter bitch anthem of 2008. (No offense whatsoever to anyone who digs the song).

I don't like the video, I don't like the message, I don't like the fact that she can't pronounce La-dies!!! I just don't like it. (I Love Beyonce though, in general)

It still jumped at the club (what Beyonce song wouldn't jump at the club).

So do you like the song/video? Why or why not?


And since we're already talking about food, allow me to introduce you to Vitamin Water.

You know the stuff that 50 Cent (and Alicia Keys, I think) endorses. That watered down juice that deliver electrolytes and vitamins and other goodies to your body. I'm not a fan of flavored water... unless... it's tricked out. And I'm happy to say I introduced my homies to a new beverage this weekend. Vitamin Water and vodka.

Dorian and I discovered this treat by accident on Western Illinois University's campus some years back. They were giving away free vitamin water AND we wanted to keep a consistent buzz throughout the day. Perfect mix. When we first did it, it tasted like cough syrup (ICK!), but we perfected the recipe.

Don't sleep on it folks. Here's why it's hot:
1. Liquor goes directly to your blood stream.
2. You can't taste/smell the vodka.
3. You can drink in public. We did it at HU's homecoming on the bus, in cabs, on the Metro train, on the yard... no one had any idea that it's wasn't Vitamin Water.
4. People will think you're healthy.
5. It beats a red Solo cup any day of the week.

G2 Gatorade also works or Sobe Life Water... whatever you fancy, just throw some vodka in it and get your all day buzz on.

Disclaimer: I only do this when I visit college campuses. It just feels right.
Thanks for all your votes. I'm in the top 50 now! I think we have a couple more days.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chilvalry... What's That?

Thanks to everyone who's voted for me several times. Please keep the party going!


Now to the topic at hand.

Folks in DC are rude. Not all the way rude, like if I'm inebriated and falling all over myself, people will help out (more on that later), but folks just bump into you with no niceties. No excuse me, pardon me... nothing.

So we're at Love. I'm getting manhandled by everyone. This one chick stepped on my shoe, then turned around and looked at me like I did something wrong. I gave her the Bernie Mac "Bust A Move" face and she swiftly retreated.

All in all, I didn't bitch about people knocking me over. I didn't even notice how irritated I was by it, until a grown ass man tried to pull it with me. My feet had been hurting for about 15 minutes, so it was REALLY time to go. We were in the doorway on the way to the stairwell to get the hell outta the club. It's completely gridlocked. All of a sudden a big 6'2, cock diesel dude starts pummeling his way through the crowd. This dude is not security.

Me: Excuse you
Dude: Stupid look on his face
Me: I'm standing right here, you need to wait like everybody else
Dude: Smirk on his face, while still squeezing past me to go nowhere but right in front of me
Me: Pushed dude off of me. I don't need his pecks on my breast or my back while I'm trying to get outta the club
Dude: Gets his bearing together than swells up like he's about to hit me
P: Snapped on this dude from behind me and was like you're not about to hit her
Security: Late on the job is pushing dude forward and pushing us back
Dude: walks down a few stairs then comes back and pours his drink all over us (mostly on me).

Now I have Tangeray smelling shit in my hair (Thank God I don't have a perm) and I don't even really remember what happened after that. I saw some girl taking photos of the altercation (a woman after my own heart I see). P swelled up on her too. I know I jumped about 5 feet from where I was standing and two security guards held me back. I know me, P and Chanel took turns holding each other back (Women always put the safety of their friends before themselves. I'm sitting here thinking "I can't let Chanel fight this grown man, he'll kill her," but then I'm thinking "But I'd whoop his ass though," LOL!).

I know I ended up in the hallway calling the security guard a punk cause he could stand up to a 5'5, 135 pound woman, but couldn't do shit about that man who poured his drink on me.

We walked out of the club so fast we forgot our coats in coat check and these security bastards (different security bastards from earlier) would not let us back in. This dude took our coat checks (while we stand in the cold) and brought us our jackets.

Love is completely different from Dream even though it's the same building. The amount of hoodness and just overall disrespect for women is baffling and disconcerting (Maybe because it was homecoming weekend, probably not). I've never appreciated the Chicago party scene more than I did that night. Don't get me wrong, we got it crackin' at the club, but that type of ending to the evening was unneccesary.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I love my girls!!!

*singing like Dream* I LOVE MY GIRLS!

Thanks for holding me down this weekend. I love you both very much. Muah!!!

And in true T fashion, here are some throwback videos

Where my girls at?

Are you a Ryde or Die Chick?

P.S. stay tuned this week (and some of next) for the HU homecoming recap. Some serious stuff, some super funny stuff a TON of "Do You See What I See"s. Trust me, I could write for the rest of the year on this weekend. Happy Monday Folks!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I just got back from the cleaners. I put in 6 pieces and the three designer things I dropped off are mysteriously gone. I'm on my way to the airport. Like I might seriously miss my flight to DC writing this. I WILL NOT let this ruin my good time or my good mood.

When I get back, I will, however, be rendering a cuss out that would make someone quit their job and become a monk or nun, while simultaneously fearing for the life and well-being of their current family and future offspring.

East Lakeview's Finest

This is super old, but I snapped this walking around my neighborhood. Feast your eyes on Lakeview's finest.

Yep, family. That's a purple weave in 2008. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Vote for me [again] here.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Natural Hair is not a game

This was one of my sturdiest combs right here... oh well.

Vote for me [again] here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Garage Sale Pics

So my mom and stepfather had a garage sale a couple of weeks ago. The whole family pitched in and more importantly, we registered people to vote. There were several good moments (my sister and her kids trying to steal $1 toys, old ladies trying on really ugly stuff and liking it, everyone looking for plus size clothes -- we were selling the stuff because WE can't fit it and we're not big), but by far the BEST moment was registering a 62 year old white man who's never voted before. He'll be voting for Obama on November 4th. Yes We Can!!!

Garage Sale Goodies: What you know about floppy disks, LOL!

Mom, me and grandma rockin' that Obama gear. That's a voter registration form in my hand.

I WANTED to take a picture of this Gordon Gartrell shirt that we had out, but we sold it before I could get a photo. Womp.


P.S. Vote don't forget to vote for me [again] here.


P.P.S. Speaking of voting, I campaigned in Muskegon, MI this weekend and if those people are any indication of what the electorate in Michigan looks like Obama is DEFINITELY going to win. Yes We Can!!! Volunteer or donate today!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Please Vote for Me!!!!

So I found some site called Brickfish... I have no idea what it does, but I signed up and entered for a chance to win a Marshall's shoe shopping spree. :)

Yes, that's my foot coming out of a pile of shoes... I'm an acrobat. :)

Please vote for me here!!! And you can vote every day for the next nine days. I only need like 250 votes to have a chance to win, so if the 19 of you that read teaandsuch vote every day plus invite 15 of each of your friends to do so, that should get it done... *sounding like the manager from Office Space* MM-K? Thanks.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Do you know what today is?

On this day, sixteen years ago, my dad died. For clarification, I should say my first stepfather, the only man I ever called dad. I was 9. My mom was crying softly when she told me. She hugged me and told me he loved me like I was his own. He was 33. Mom was in her late 20s. It was picture day at school. I took a pretty picture. I guess that helps folks understand why I have no tolerance for bad pictures of me. If I can take a good picture on that day, then there's no excuse for taking bad pictures. Ever. My mom came to my school to talk to my teacher, to explain things. Kids were whispering. I cried. Sam had just turned 5. Josh was almost 4. I'm pretty sure Juanita had to go to school too, but I don't remember.

It doesn't get any easier to go through this day, unless I put it out of my mind, which I can't really do. So when my mom asked me if I knew what today was, I did. I do. And it still hurts.

Friday, October 10, 2008

No Air, No Air

Isn't she absolutely breathtaking?

My goodness, I love this photo! My best friend and her husband took some I-wish-we-had-more-time-on-our-wedding-day-and-the-photographer-wasn't-bull-ishing wedding photos (because they felt like it). Click here to see some of the photographer's favorite shots. (It's worth the click, trust me. I wouldn't send you off on a Friday.)

Question of the day: Does this picture remind anyone of a high fashion ad? I think it reminds me of a Kate Moss perfume ad, but I CANNOT find the exact picture (or commerical) I'm looking for, which makes me think I'm making it up. Either way, the photos are HOTNESS.

Have a great weekend err'body!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Peeing in a rush

Ok, folks we're about to get real personal in here today. Yes, we're talking about the bathroom, but not just any bathroom. The bathroom at work. I'd suggest eating your breakfast first and coming back in the afternoon.

Yes, I'm crazy, but if I can't talk about it on Tea & Such, where can I talk about it...

And these are rhetorical questions ok...

10. Do you have friends and co-workers you ONLY see in the bathroom? Your offices aren't near, you don't work on any teams together, but you all seem to be in the bathroom at the same exact time every day.

9. Do you discriminate against co-workers that don't wash their hands in the bathroom? You're like "You know, I don't really want her on my team. I've noticed she isn't extremely thorough."

8. Have you ever taken a nap in the stall at work? My boy at Project Fresh wrote about this, Pure hilarity!

7. Do you ever go to the bathroom to waste time? You're like I COULD work on this project... or I could go to the bathroom... imma go to the bathroom. LOL!

6. On the other hand, when you're really busy, do you forget to go to the bathroom? You're in the hallway on your way there and remember you need to e-mail or fax something or make a call. Then you're like what was I SUPPOSED to be doing. It's a shame when you have to put bathroom breaks on your to-do list. Ah... client services.

5. Have you ever gone to the bathroom just to scratch a mosquito bite? Every time I go on vacation I come back to work with some mosquito bites on my thighs that I can't quite get to in my office... I'm not scratching my goodies, but it'd appear that I was, so I just have to to the bathroom to get it done... Yah well...

4. We were out to dinner discussing how good Fiber One cereal tastes (I know, I know, we come with the HOT TOPICS, lol) and one of my co-workers was like "yeah, but doesn't that make you have to GO at work?" And I'm like *eyebrow raised* "you don't GO at work?" I spend 10-12 hours of every Monday through Friday at work. WHY would I torture myself and wait until I get home to let the inevitable happen...

3. On that same note, does your place of work have a special stall? At my office there is one toilet stall that's specifically dedicated to well... #2. It's understood when you go into THAT stall what's about to happen. When you're IN that stall, you see people come into the bathroom, make a bee line to that stall and when they notice you're in there they leave out, go get another cup of coffee and come back. Only people who work at my job can attest to how ridiculously funny this is.

2. Keeping in line with this topic, do you put that liner in the toilet before you go to prevent um... bathroom noise? If not, try it... works like a dream. We need to get some elevator music in there, for real. I'm gonna make myself useful and put that in the suggestion box.

1. Now that we've got the big ish out of the way... do your co-workers pee in a rush? I swear I must have too many buttons on my skirts or zippers and belts on my pants or something, but almost daily someone will come in the bathroom after I come in, pee, wash their hands and be back out before I've even lined the seat. And let's be for real, if they move that quick, they're just wrenchin' their hands, which brings me back to number 9.

We're all in a rush at my job, but damn, some things you need to take your time for.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Members Project

American Express card holders stand up!

AmEx has a project where members send in philanthropic ideas for appropriating 2.5 million in AmEx funds. An advisory panel, of which Judith Jamison is a member, picks the top 25, members vote and out of that vote a winner emerges. We're now in the last phase now and there are only 5 ideas left.

Stop by Members Project and cast your vote for this awesome awesome program.

P.S. Please tune in tomorrow. For the first time ever, Tea & Such is going to get REAL personal.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lotionless Travesty

This is a visual consequence of riding public transportation. As Mike would say, she had the ashiest back-of-ankle...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Register to vote

Hey folks,

In Illinois you can register to vote until October 7th (tomorrow). So please register if you haven't already. Even if you don't intend to vote at least register, so you don't wake up on November 4th and WISH you were a registered voter.

Other voting updates: You CAN still register to vote in Illinois October 8th-21st, but you have to register and vote the same day. It's called GRACE PERIOD REGISTRATION. (Isn't this just wonderful and exciting!!!)

Anyway, get registered folks. We can't win this election without your vote!!!

And because Tina Fey is the truth, Happy Monday to you

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bears vs. Lions: Live Blogging

Did Devin Hester just trip over his own feet

We ARE NOT going to win games if the Bears can't get Touchdowns. Yes, a field goal is better than nothing, but why can't we convert these third downs. I mean, seriously!!!

Matt Forte is the TRUTH!!! I still miss Thomas Jones though, but I believe Forte is Change We Can Believe In (LOL!)

Did you see that man stretch out. Yeah, Forte is what's up. (Challenge or not)

The Bears are looking like acrobats this game. I LOVE IT!

I went to Walgreens and came back and we went from 17-0 to 31-0. GO BEARS!

2-minute warning. 34-7. I'm pretty sure we're going to win, but I'm a Bears fan (not nearly as optimistic as a Cubs fan), so I'm gonna wait until it's over to declare victory. :)

Ok, now it's really over. YAY!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008


I missed The Game season premiere. :( I planned my whole day off around this show. But it came on at 8:30 ET, not 8:30 CST and I missed it. Womp.

Someone please send me details...


You can see parts 1 and 2 of the episode below...

Everybody's Top 10: Worst Pick Up Lines

I think most of these are a "You had to be there" type of funny, but I promised... so here you go.

10. Low expectations dude: Can I buy that for you?
My girl: A $1.00 toothbrush?
Low expectations dude: Yeah, let me get that for you
My girl: Ok.
Hotel store attendant: *rolls eyes* that'll be $5. Pockets $4 and shakes her head at the thirsty dude.

9. Me: Coming out of a convenience store at the CTA
Old CTA Worker: I could have bought that [$1.00] donut for you
Me: Oh, that's ok
Old CTA Worker: 3 minutes later: Some coffee would go perfect with that [$1.00] donut
Me: I'm ok
Old CTA Worker: Are you sure, I'm just trying to help YOU out
Me: If I wanted coffee, I would have bought it for myself [in other words STEP!!!]

8. Loser: Excuse me, you dropped something
Me: Looking around...
Loser: My phone number

7. My girl: Texts a friend (probably while inebriated)
Wack Arnold Dude: You can't text me if you don't have my number
My girl: Oh ok
Wack Arnold Dude: So do you want my number
My girl: No

Side note: He was a cutie pie and did, in fact, get the digits, but the line was wack!

6. Thirstbucket Johnson: Do you come here often?
My girl: (Waiting in line to check in at our resort in the Bahamas) The Bahamas?

5. My boy: I have a woman
Thirstbucket Jenkins: I know you have a woman, I’m just trying to be your woman for tonight, hell just give me 20 minutes.

4. Thirstbucket Jones: Hey girl, what's your name? You look like you have some pretty feet.
My girl: *Looks at her boots in the dead of CHICAGO WINTER and shakes her head*

3. Lame Dude: I noticed you were looking at me
(No response necessary for that one)

2. I-couldn't-think-of-anything-better-to-say-dude: Do I know you from somewhere
Me: *Serious as a heart-attack* Broadview Baptist? Rock of Ages? AFC? Whitney Young? U of I? Maywood? Around the way?
Dude: Oh, I didn't really recognize you I was just trying to think of something to say
Me: Walking away... thinking next time, don't do that.

1. Overconfident dude: So when am I going to meet my future mother-in-law?
Me: When you meet your future wife.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Product Review: AmPro Gel

Ok, Tricia from AmPro has been waiting for over a month for me to post this. She popped up when I wrote this post. Thanks so much for the free goodies.

Product: AmPro Pro Style Clear Ice Protein Styling Gel

Now you all remember Ampro from back in the day when you used to use the brown gel to slick down your baby hair. Matter of fact, Brandy and Tyra probably still do it, but I digress.

I recently used the clear gel to maintain my wash and go style. I usually use IC Fantasia Hair Gel (tip from Kismet) to get the curls lookin' right.

Ampro is about as thick as IC Fantasia in my hand, but it's not as heavy as IC Fantasia is in my hair. I have a lot of thick unruly hair, so finding a gel that tames it is no small feat. IC Fantasia holds my hair down all day. I found that AmPro clear gel is pretty light and the look is about the same, but the feel is just too light for everyday use. (They also have berry ice and the aforementioned brown gel, but I didn't try those)

The fab thing about AmPro is that it comes in 2 oz containers (i.e. travel size). You could probably get away with one 2 oz jar for a weekend trip and 2-3 for a whole week trip. If you're traveling longer than that, you're going to have to bite the bullet, take a whole jar of gel and check your bag.

Verdict: AmPro is not IC Fantasia, but it gets the job done. If you travel a lot and are tired of sticking gel into travel size containers with a butter knife I highly recommend it. It's a sturdy little 2 oz container so I say buy a couple, try the gel ('cause everyone's hair is different) if you hate it, scoop the AmPro out and put your favorite gel of choice in it.

Have a Good Hair Day folks!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tea's Thought for the day...

Marriage is not an indicator of success and being single is not an indication of failure.

Just thought I'd put that into the atmosphere, because it seems that the rest of the world thinks differently.

I don't even feel the need [nor do I have to the time or energy] to elaborate right now. If you're brave enough to disagree with me, we can argue it out in the comments.

That's all.