Monday, June 30, 2008

Tea's Tangents

1. The blogosphere is surprisingly quiet today. It must be because BGG's on vacation.

2. Where's the tomato?!?!?! That's what I was screaming in my office while eating my FRIED chicken sandwich from Popeyes. The ban is lifted, they owe me at least 87 cents for leaving my tomato off the sandwich. (Yes, I ate Popeyes for lunch, Operation get it right is not a joke.)

3. Thanks to Operation get it right (right quick) a good majority of my jeans don't fit. I'll be wearing dresses for the rest of the summer. LOL!

4. I want a laptop. I was going to save up to get one, but the instant gratification of clearing the hallway where my desktop sits and using it as closet space AND simultaneously cancelling my AT&T super slow DSL is much more tantalizing than having a debt-free portfolio.

Do you have any suggestions? I secretly want a MAC, but I'm a punk. What if I can't figure it out? What if I can't get my pictures from my Dell PC over to my MAC. What if no one emails me anymore because my computer isn't compatible? What if facebook looks weird? Yeah... I'm not getting a MAC. I have a dell now, but I kind of don't want that either because these fools are not located in America and I get tired of sitting on the phone for hours with people not understanding what I'm saying.

BUT I don't know exactly what to get. Again, if you have a laptop you love, let me know. It doesn't need to be fancy, but I need to be able to hook a mouse up to it. And the screen needs to be big enough that I don't need glasses, but small enough that I don't get a hernia when I lug it to Argo Tea Cafe.

5. I'm looking for a white maxi dress. If you've seen one in the stores lately, let me know. (A store I can get to in the city of Chicago (not the 'burbs), of course. Online shopping won't work this time around).


6. Everyday I wake up and my hair does something different than it did the day before. Now it's decided to be curly. Fine by me. Now I have people stopping me on the street asking me how I got it "like that." And I always trip up a little bit before I say... it's natural. I almost feel like I'm lying to people, 'cause it never occurred to me that people would envy my God-given natural texture. It's pretty effin' cool, actually. :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Get it Right Report

Ladies. And. Gentleman.

I would like to announce that after crossaint breakfast sandwiches, tea and coffee made with half and half instead of skim milk, McDonalds and Epic Burger for dinner and a few pints of Ben & Jerry's and Haagen Daaz, the bridesmaid dress is fitting NICE-LY.

Now to make sure this isn't just a farce, I'm going to go get a couple dozen Krispy Kremes tomorrow and make sure to have one with each meal. Oh yes... it's on and poppin'.

Besides the fact that I feel my heart slow down after every burger and I'm secretly feenin' for a salad, I think operation "get it right" is one of the most successful ones yet.


Friday, June 27, 2008

Michelle Obama

After having one of the most stressful weeks at my job to date, I find myself at 2:14 p.m. on a Friday with little to nothing [urgent] to do...

Go figure.

Well, I've been meaning to write about this for a little while, glad I finally have some time to do so.

The New York Times recently wrote this before Michelle Obama went on The View. You all know I don't watch TV, so I didn't see it, but I heard she did a good job.

That's besides the point. The point is Michelle is very publicly dealing with something that most African-American women deal with in private on a daily basis: She has to apologize (in one way or another) for not being a white woman.

UPDATE: After proofing this I'd like to change the above sentence to something that anyone who doesn't fit the status quo has to deal with on a daily basis: trying to fit the status quo.

Now don't go getting scared about what you're about to read... like my posts on picnic shoes, hair moisturizing and shopping I'm going to give it to you straight, nothing to be threatened by.

Race is an issue in this country. As much as we'd like to sweep the "issue" under the rug, somehow it just keeps creeping up. That's because if you don't clean up the dirt, it'll always be there. It's not going to magically disappear and everytime it surfaces it's going to be just as dirty as it was before, if not more. America's dirt is that surprise, surprise we're NOT a melting pot. We're more like a tossed salad. Everyone IS different. Each race COULD stick to ourselves and be just fine, but coming together enhances us all. (I mean I like tomatoes and carrots and olives alone, but they're even better when together in a salad with a little creamy ranch dressing... I'm just sayin').

My point is, we were segregated, now we're [arguably] integrated, but no one race has educated the other race on the nuiances of their race or culture because no one wants to admit that we're different. Because White people make up a majority of the population in the United States, by default [most] non-white people have had to figure out how White people best operate.

I guarantee you've never heard a Black college student asking a White college student WHY they wash their hair everyday, but you've absolutely heard a White college student ask a black person why they DON'T wash their hair everyday. I'm not hating on the questions. I welcome the questions, I'm just saying that save for white people, you usually have to do some research into someone's background to understand where they are coming from, why they do what they do, why they don't sound like you sound, etc, etc.

Because most people know how a White woman sounds, acts and feels, most people expect that all other women are going to act this way. Michelle Obama does not sound like a White woman. Nope, she sounds like a Black woman from the south side of Chicago *Imagine my lips pursed and my neck poppin' as I say what I'm about to say* She's not on that with you!

She worked hard to get where she is, recognized her parents and ancestors in the process and is not about to be a pantyhose wearin,' apologizin' when people don't like what you say, tip-toein' on eggshells, type of wife to the presumptive democratic presidential nominee (GO OBAMA).

But because people are not used to a woman like her, I'd argue that they're threatened (hence the "need" to soften her image). And they're threatened BECAUSE they don't know how not to be BECAUSE they've never been taught, never been exposed to a woman like her. Be it educated woman, black woman, real woman, pretty-but-still- smart woman. I don't know that it's a strictly race thing, but I know race has a lot to do with it.

Hell... some people have never been exposed to anything other than people JUST like them. If they're stupid, they only know stupid people. If they're rich, they only know rich people. If they're [insert race here] they only know [insert race here] people.

So what am I saying... What exactly is my point? You know... I really don't know... I just wanted to talk about it... let me re-group.

Ok. Got it.

My point is Michelle Obama is an attractive, real, Black, educated, woman. She is a devoted wife and mother and though I understand WHY the campaign MAY see the need to "soften" her image (they want to win, duh), I think it's some straight BS and I'll be glad for the day when people who are capital R, REAL (like myself) can be themselves without having to sugarcoat every darn thing to make others feel more COMF-TABLE!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Question of the Day

What good is a sale I ask thee, if I've no money to make a purchase...

Damn discount emails!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quotes of the Month

It's my 100th post! YAY!

Anyway, you all know my life is extra hilarious. These quotes are so funny that I can't give them context nor reference. If you were there, you may bust a gut reading this, if not, you'll have to trust me, they were funny.

"Men's Sunday?"

"We should live together."

"Are those... BABY shower decorations?"

'Grandma said if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. All I have to say about that dress is "..."'

"Did you mean to tuck your shirt in?"


***Insert disgusted face here*** "Oh, I don't need that"

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fitness Updates

Since I last gave an update...

Thursday - (Nothing, but I got a free pass from all of Tuesday's activity).
Friday - Nothing
Saturday - 30 minute dance class, 10 minutes of weights (if 1.75 Liter margarita jars can be considered weights)
Sunday - 10 minutes of chair lifting (in and out of thummyb's crib, hard work, I swear)
Monday - 10 minutes of Pilates

Thanks for keeping me on my grind.

I am, however, trying to gain some weight before R&P's wedding, so I don't have to get this dress tailored. I think 3 or 4 good pounds would get me fitting it right and tight. :)

***Update. I wrote this before I actually did my 10 minutes for today in hopes that it would motivate me to do it. I got on my pilates mat and turned on the DVD and everything... Iaintgunbeabultadoit. It might be that cake and ice cream I had earlier... Oh well.***

Sunday, June 22, 2008


So... I'm no PJD, but Antithesis asked for it and Nerd Girl hooked me up and asked for an update, so I feel like I owe it to folks to let them know how it's going.

Product: Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme
Price: $58 for a 16 oz. jar (but I got it for the free from Nerd Gird)
Claim: BABY BUTTERCREME is here to rescue kids, mommies and daddies from knotty, dried out tangled kinks and curls. This splendid moisture blend is essential for softening and growing out natural hair. Shhhh........ On the hush, grownups looking for a softer scented alternative to Curly Buttercreme will love it too!

The truth is I have a very good hair regimen going right now, so I haven't needed any additional moisturizers (I do a 1-2-3 wash and go 1)olive oil 2)burt's bees conditioner 3)IC fantasia gel... gets me right in 15-20 minutes or less every morning). However, I never know what my next hair step is going to be, so I decided to place my bid in to get the goods from Nerd Girl and happened to win.

Have you ever been in a bathroom after a baby's diaper is changed? It's like you smell the powder and the baby wipes, but the stench of poop, while muted, is also present. This is what Baby Buttercreme reminds me of. Perfumed poop. It claims the scent is lighter than the Curly Buttercreme, but Curly Buttercreme has a delightful peppermint scent and I happen to like it a lot.

Well... you all know I've been obsessed (and disgusted) with wack feet lately and determined not to be the subject of any fly diva's blog post, I make sure to take good care of the dawgs. I typically used Bath & Body Works Creme (the too thick to rub in creme, not the lotion), but ran out and have no time to get to B&BW soon. I've recently improvised with a lotion and baby oil mix on my feet with socks to lock in the moisture nightly. I wasn't thrilled with the results of that mix.

So I go to my bathroom, looking around for some new mix ingredients and what's this... baby buttercreme. Surely if it can detangle kinks and curls, it can soften up my tired soles... right?

Verdict: Given the wack smell of baby buttercreme, I'd never want to put it in my hair (or the hair of children, if I had children), since it's so close to my nose... However since feet are typically close to the disgusting ground anyway, I had no qualms about lathering them up with the perfumed poop concoction. It was a messy process and the stained socks will now forever be foot smoothing socks, but the next morning my feet were as smooth as a baby's bottom.

IF you happen to have this lying around and don't want to put it in your (or your child's hair) I highly recommend it as a foot care regimen. Otherwise, you should skip it and use your $58 in a much more constructive way.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Ok, let's talk about feet. If you know me personally you know I HATE the way feet look. I don't like my feet, I don't like your feet, I don't like people touching me with their feet. I'm not even a big fan of baby's feet, put some shoes on them bad boys.

I was once in a relationship and asked my man to wear socks around me. (He knew his feet were ugly, but in retrospect, I probably should have been nicer so as not to hurt his FEELINGS, better blk_sun?)

Whatever, I don't like feet. They're the closest thing to the dirty, nasty, filthy ground (and I say this living in one of the cleanest metropolitan areas in the country). [Most] feet stink and they look like little gremlins coming out of your ankles.

My mom even told me as a child: "All feet are ugly, just some more than others." LOL (I got it honest, I can't make this ish up).

Given my disgust with the aestetics of feet, I will say I am grateful for my feet and take VERY good care of them because a general dislike for feet is one thing, but unkempt feet are something totally different.

Every year that "pinky toes up" email forward comes around talking about I will not have my heels rough, I will polish all my toes, I will cut and maintain my toenails, etc, etc. People forward that bad boy, but they don't REALLY take the pledge. I saw this white woman on the bus with ashy heels (so you know that's a new level of crusty) and chipped polish (which I HATE), and she had the NERVE to have on slingback peep toe pumps. REALLY, crusty woman? You live in Chicago and mean to tell me you couldn't find a closed toe shoe to cover up the hideousness that is your feet?

In closing,

Quote of the day:
T, I can't even describe it to you, but all I can say is she had the ASHIEST back-of-ankle I have ever seen.
- Mike

Question of the day:
What in the matchless name of JESUS possesses people to have their dirty, stinky, crusty, ashy, chipped polish, hammer toed, fungus having feet out on public display? Get a pedicure OR PUT THAT ISH AWAY!!! UGH!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On blast

With the technological phenomenon that is the cell phone, comes all kinds of ridiculousness and debauchery. Of late (the last year or so), I've been getting a lot of grown men who are sour for some reason or another (most commonly because their attempts at catching up with me have come up short). Anyway they feel the need to tell me about thier FEELINGS via text message.

Attention losers: If you send me wack text messages, you're getting put ON BLAST. [I won't even humor tea & such readers with my responses. Some of you all might get fired and Reese would definitely break his phone.]


"When I first met you, I thought I had lucked up on a mad cool sista, but this entire episode has been extremely wack."

"I do apologize for making u lose whatever interest u had in me."

The following is an oldie, but goodie, a reoccuring theme, if you will

"I was hoping we could still be friends"

Womp, Womp and WOMP!!!

Fitness Updates

First off, I'm in a ridiculous type of good mood right now. It's 8:29 p.m. and I'm still at work and surprisingly not pissed about it....

I know, weird.

I think it's because my phone finally came and I have numbers I wanted to get and have made calls I wanted to make successfully. Yeah, that must be it. (For those of you not on fb, my phone broke Sunday night. Long story short: new one should have been here yesterday, but it wasn't and I was LIVID. I couldn't even write about it though, given the cabbie-po-po incident. Oh well.)

So anyway, blk_sun asked for a fitness update since last Thursday, here goes.

Thursday - Nothing
Friday - Nothing
Saturday - Nothing
Sunday - Nothing
Monday - 30 minutes of cardio at LVAC, 20 minutes of pilates at the crib (Gets me up to my 50 allocated minutes for Th-Mo)
Tuesday - 15-20 minutes of walking home from jail
Wednesday - I'm about to do 10 minutes of pilates when I get home, which I don't even HAVE to do given the rigorous activity from yesterday. This will get me a free pass to not workout tomorrow, since I have thangs to do after work. (And hopefully I'll leave before 8:30 tomorrow... hopefully).

Lastly, I'm CLEARLY taking the bus home. CLEARLY.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tea's Hot Tonight

It's 9:01 p.m. I just got in the house and I'm NOT doing pilates. I don't have to do the pilates, you wanna know why? Because I just walked home from the police station on Clark and Addison,

Why T, why were you at the police station?

Well, I'm glad you asked. I was at the police station because I decided to leave work by 8p.m., grab a bite to eat and hop in a cab, so I could at least by home before 9 p.m. I signed out at 7:54 p.m. got Friday's to go in a relatively quick amount of time and hopped in a cab. I told the cab driver my destination AND that I had an American Express. He said it was fine.

Over the course of almost 4 years with my company, I've learned to say American Express and not just credit card because apparently AmEx charges more money than the other companies and cab drivers have some sort of attitude about it. So if they have an attitude, I'd prefer they tell me upfront. Most will say no, I don't take AmEx, and I'll kindly take my little green corporate card elsewhere.

So I get to my door, he runs the credit card, I sign the thing, then he tells me to hold on for an authorization code. Typical cab behavior, but then it's taking forever. Somewhat typical, somewhat not. He says it's not working. Cab drivers say stupid stuff like that when they just want the cash. I say call it in. (People who's expense reports don't come back until 50-60 days after they submit it, say stuff like that).

He calls it in and is adding numbers where they shouldn't be and getting my security number all messed up. To make matters worse, it's on speaker phone and dude who answered the phone is American. Dude who's driving my cab is NOT. So I'm like this is going to be a problem. The guy on the phone says that's a bad card. He hangs the phone up immediately and says "You pay me cash"

I'm thinking... NAW JOE. This is a company card. I JUST spent $2100 online buying premiums with this card. I KNOW it works. So I'm like I'm not paying you cash. I told you I had an AmEx, you have the number and the security code and my name and address, make it work. He's arguing with me and whatnot and then is like fine, we'll go to the police station and they can work it out from there.

I'm straight up like Madea at this point (or my older sister, whatever image comes to mind first). I'm like TAKE ME TO JAIL. I Ain't SCARED OF THE PO-PO. (Ok, I didn't say it just like that, but that's what I was thinking and that's what I meant). So we get to the police station and I'm pissed.

Side note: I had the $11.85 in cash in my purse, but it's the principle of the thing. If I wanted to pay cash I would have paid cash.

Back to the story. We get into the police station and he's going over his story. The police are looking at him like he's nuts and I'm like that's my card, it's a corporate card, it works, he's full of it. He's like I tried it three times in the car and I called it in and you heard me call it in. And I'm like I heard you, but I'm pretty sure the guy on the other line had no idea what you were saying. So the police is like, sir, this is her. Her ID is matching her credit card. I don't think she'd try to stiff you for $11.85 AND she even gave you a tip.

So I'm like fine, let me call the dispatcher, I guarantee it'll go through. So I call, I didn't even have to give the security code and surprise, surprise it went through. I got an authorization code RIGHT away and wrote it on his little punk azz receipt. The dispatcher says do you want me to talk back to the cabbie, I'm like no, you're on speaker, I think he heard you loud and clear ***rollin' my eyes*** So I throw, yes throw the phone on the counter and say, you know what, I think I'll walk home. The cab driver is like (think east Indian accent), why are you so mad? Another eye roll. 20 minutes later, I'm home with a story to tell, but my blood is boiling furiously.

Moral of the story today kids: English is the official language of the United States. LEARN IT!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Children: #1 or #2?

Let me give you some background. You all know I have my general and specific thoughts on marriage and infidelity and those conversations sparked conversations about another hot topic: the role of kids in the family. I have yet to form a strong opinion on this one, but I'll present both sides.

Preface: I'm talking about married people with kids.

Kids=Priority #1 POV
On the one hand parents feel like children didn't ask to be in this world, so they need to give them what they need to survive. Which usually includes the basics: food, clothing, shelter and the not-so-basics: gaming systems, $200 shoes, $6,000 pre-school educations AND ALL of the parents time and energy.

These parents feel it is their duty to do whatever it takes to give their children every opportunity at life. And if it means arguing with, divorcing, spending less time with or any other thing to their spouse, they'll do it because the kids are the top priority.

Kids=Priority #2 POV
On the other hand, some spouses feel like the marriage is priority # 1 and everything else (including the kids) is secondary. So if it comes to the husband/wife being happy or the kids being happy, these people are going to pick the spouse more times than not. Now, so we're clear, I'm not talking about ANY sort of abuse to the kids. I'm just saying that the spouses are not willing to sacrifice time (or energy) with each other because jr. has soccer practice. They're not going to sacrifice their love life, nor quality time because of the kids.

These people feel that if making kids happy is breaking up the marriage, they'd rather pay more attention to the marriage. They feel why not have unhappy kids for a season [who will eventually get over it] and keep your marriage in tact, than to end up alone when the kids leave. (Because hopefully, the kids will leave someday).

As you know I don't have a spouse, nor any kids and though usually EXTREMELY opinionated, I've yet to form an opinion on this one. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, but am curious to hears others' thoughts.

If you have an opinion, let me know:

Are you going to go to work, run behind kids all evening, then commit to spending a set amount of quality time with a spouse?

Are you going to have the kids be less involved (skipping piano, ballet, football and VBS) so you and your spouse can have more time to be together?

Are you going to sacrifice love, sex and all that other ish to make sure the kids go to the best schools and are well-rounded educated individuals who have the best chance of success at life? (Be for real, raising geniuses can be tough on one's schedule).

Are you willing to leave a spouse because you all don't see eye to eye on how the kids are raised? (For example: S/he wants to move to another country and you don't think it'd be good to uproot the kids)

All of that to say what's the #1 priority: the kids or the marriage?

Event Alert - Be Bright Pink: High Tea @ the Drake

From a friend who's blogging now too, who knew? Get your philanthropy on...

I work with the Outreach Committee for Be Bright Pink, a great organization dedicated to empowering young women at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. On Sunday, June 29th, we are hosting a High Tea at The Drake Hotel, titled "For The Women We Love: A High Tea for Ladies and Gentleman," in an effort to raise funds for all the amazing programs and initiatives that we support.

Tom Kehoe, a wonderful decorator from Chicago, is donating the decor and Chicago Social Magazine will be providing exclusive coverage and the photographers. The keynote address will be given by Jessica Queller, the writer/producer of "Gossip Girl," and overall, it will just be an exciting opportunity to mix and mingle with a lot of great people! Tickets are $40, but you can also purchase VIP tickets for $65 (includes premium seating and a wonderful gift bag).

I've attached the actual invitation (which looks great), and the link to buy tickets is

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quiet Time

I haven't posted in a couple of days, which is so unlike me as of late. I have about 10 drafts that are cute little filler topics - you know things to post up on days that I don't have hot topics to write about or time to elaborate on a hot topic.

Given my busy - well busier - schedule, I don't even want to use the brain power it takes to come up with a hot topic (which isn't a lot of brain power at all really).

So that's where you come in. Like Antithesis, I'd like you to tell me what you want me to blog about and I'll honor some requests. I say "some" because I already know a couple of people are going to hit me up with private facebook messages about some ignorant ish I SHOULD write about. Given the delivery type (private fb msg), I already know Iaintgunbeabultadoit!

So anyway, what would you like to hear tea's thoughts on?

Side note: blk_sun, I saw your question. I do not have a satisfactory answer RIGHT now, but tomorrow, I should be able to give an answer that'd make me proud. :) (hopefully).

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Workout Plan - Third Try

What happened to this girl? Or even this girl? I don't know, but I'm not doing any boot camp type of workout plans this summer. I just switched my membership over to LVAC, but I have no idea when I'm going to even step foot in that place again.

Working 7 days a week is not for the faint at heart and I refuse to overdo it (since I seem to think working two jobs isn't overdoing it). So I was talking to Thummyb, who's made a major commitment to health and fitness and she suggested just doing something simple, so there's some activity (15 minutes a day or something) instead of no activity at all.

So, I'm going to commit to doing 10 minutes of Pilates everyday. That's all I can do right now. So it's not the get it right, get it tight plan. No, this summer will host the keeping it from falling all the way off plan. :)

Thummyb, Antithesis and everyone else on a workout plan, I'm going to need you to hold me to it. Now, if you're not working out, do not come up in here asking me how my workout plan is going. My sleep deprivation and achy muscles may cause me to bite your virtual head off, for real.

Have a productive day!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Real Quick

I was sitting over here in a funk and God stopped by and smiled on me. I kinda feel guilty for my previous mood. It's turned out to be an AWESOME day!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cedric Benson

Let's talk about it.

I guess folks are running around throwing hissy fits because the Bears cut Cedric-3.5-yards-a-carry-Benson. THREE. POINT. FIVE. YARDS A CARRY.

Now I heard from my boy he was a beast in college, but what first round draft pick isn't a BEAST in college? You have to step your game up when you get to the NFL and this dude could not deliver. I mean has he EVER turned a third down into a first down? EVER? Seriously? Send me a clip if you can find it.

Also, I read in the paper that he had a bunch of injuries, etc. Now I don't remember this because who keeps up with rookie injuries? I'm sympathethic, I really am. But if my brain (the body part I use most at work) went dead, I'd have to stop working. If you're an athlete and the body parts YOU use most aren't working, you're going to lose your job as well. (Which is why athletes should at least try in school. A professional sports career is not guaranteed). It sucks and I'm sorry, but I just don't understand why folks are up in arms about this mess.

People are also mad that he didn't make a statement. Have you ever heard this dude talk? I met someone that went to college with him and said while he was a great athlete and very nice respectable fellow he's also dumb as a stack of bricks. As a PR professional, I think his publicist/lawyer/whomever is a genius for issuing a written statement rather than doing a press conference. It doesn't matter what you say, people are going to think what they want to think. Michael Vick gave one of the most heartfelt eloquent apologies I've ever heard and no one even attempted to forgive him.

Ok, taking a step back and being a Black woman as opposed to a fan, I can honestly say that I don't think he got a fair hand. It's POSSIBLE that he wasn't drunk, that he was profiled for being black and that if he was white this would not be such a big story.

Now, if I wasn't drunk I would take the breathalizer test. That's just what I would do. But apparently Cedric Benson must have some OTHER way of proving his innocence. I do think that everyone deserves a second chance though... Oh wait... this was his second chance.

The moral of the story today kids, is that if you're a running back who averages 3.5 yards a carry, your legal record needs to be squeaky clean. Period.

Now if Rex Grossman could just smuggle some drugs or something, maybe we could get this team back in order.

Last, but not least, I've been missing Thomas Jones since the DAY the Bears dumb azzes traded him, but I miss him more and more as the days go by. Come Home Thomas!!!

Quote of the Day

"You know... sometimes when your hair ain't right, your LIFE ain't right."

- Dorian (speaking on possible causes for my mood yesterday.)


So I left work at 8:13 p.m. last night and got here at 7:03 a.m. today... I'm now on the phone with AT&T. Been talking to them since 7:11 a.m.

I could just shoot myself in the foot... really.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Question of the Day

Does anyone know of an evening worship service (any night of the week) in the city [Chicago] in a location I can get to via CTA and still make it home alive?

Real Quick

I'm wondering is THIS is where I should be right now. This moment may be fleeting, but up until right now I was sure it was. Now, I'm just not sure it is.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

East Lakeview Campaign #3

First, I'd like to say it was 79 degrees at 9:39 p.m. last night. I'm SO excited. Summer, please stay in the Chi, we LOVE you!

So anyway, the East Lakeview Campaign is in full effect. The #3 reason to move to East Lakeview is that you can fall ALL the way off undocumented.

Case in point: I needed to make a Walgreens run last night. I threw on a bra and some shorts that I bought for Operation Desert Storm, which, due to my label-free week, no longer fit. (For, DD, MJ and AP, I already had on underwear and a t-shirt, give me SOME credit.)

So anyway, I wet my hair, threw on a headband and bounced. No lotion, no make-up, pedicure-free. I mean, I was out there WRONG. This was way worse than the picnic shoe incident.

The awesome part is that I couldn't care less because I KNEW I wouldn't see ANYONE who recongnized me and I didn't. If I had made this run to Walgreens on 53rd, Target on Roosevelt and Clark or worse, Club Jewel on Roosevelt and Wabash, GUAR-AN-TEED I would have run into 10 people I knew, been embarassed and had to make up some excuse about how I had a terrible flu and was just coming out for medication... Instead, teaandsuch readers can only "imagine" how wack I was looking, but the world at large will never have any proof.

In closing... let loose... Move to East Lakeview!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Event Alert: My Black is Beautiful

Yes, I'm up at this time of the morning. I've been up for about two hours and still have an eight hour workday ahead of me once I actually get to the office in Chicago. I'm at the friggin' airport.

Anyway, no time is free time, so I'm blogging right now to make good use of my time.

On to the topic at hand.

My Black is Beautiful is a campaign by Procter & Gamble to 1) Inspire a dialogue among African Americans to define their own standard of beauty and 2) Affirm and celebrate the individual and collective beauty of African American women.

I first saw this campaign as a special advertising section in Essence. I usually skip those, but the artwork was so pretty and the taglines so catchy, that I just had to see what it was about. It intrigued me, made me feel good inside, made me want to pass it to someone's little sister or cousin.

What a wonderful wonderful set of objectives that has been put forth by one of the largest and highest grossing companies in the world. Of course, every company is always more focused on its bottom line than anything else, but how awesome to direct that focus in such a positive way. I have no problems buying products from a company that values my beauty, rather than tells me how to alter it to look like someone or something I will never look like.

Big ups to Procter and Gamble for getting it right.

Here's a list of My Black is Beautiful activities going on in the Chicagoland area this weekend and next weekend. Please get out and support this effort by Procter and Gamble and let them know that we expect and appreciate their focus. Maybe other large companies will follow suit.

Dates, Locations & Activities:

River Oaks Mall
Saturday June 7th
Macy’s Court
10 am – 8 pm

Hair analysis by Pantene Relaxed and Natural
Skin analysis by Olay
Makeup consultations by Cover Girl Queen Collection
Oral Health Screenings by Crest
Fashion Styling Competition by Tampax (clothing provided by Macy’s River Oaks)
Fashion Show, sponsored by Macy’s River Oaks)
WGCI live broadcast featuring Frankie!
Pick up tickets for the main event!

Navy Pier Festival Hall B
Saturday June 14th
11 am – 8pm

Pantene Hairmony Studio – Get basic salon services featuring Pantene products (wash, style, dry)
Olay Skin is In Studio – Mini facials, skin analysis
Cover Girl Makeup Studio – Full makeup applications
Massage area
Manicures by Cover Girl
Health screenings (diabetes, blood pressure, etc)
Always “Let it Flow” Poetry Lounge
K-Mart “Blue Light” Suite – a place to sit, hang out, chill
Panel discussions about tons of topics
Main panel discussion hosted by Tasha Smith (Why Did I Get Married)
Keynote speech by Susan L. Taylor
Fashion Show by K-Mart
Performances by Kindred, other artists TBD

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tea's Tangents - Obama Day 2008


2. I'm not sure that I've ever seen anything hotter than this:

That's right folks. The future first lady of these great United States just gave her husband a DAP. *screaming* THAT'S WHAT'S UP.

3. Everyone's blogging about Obama BGG, Kismet, Jack and Jill, Angry Black Woman (both of which you can see from Kismet's page),Nerd Girl . Even Jesse Jackson, Jr. (who knew politicians even knew how to blog) - Now someone sent me his post in an email minus the link. Womp. He's not getting his own post on my blog, so if someone has the link, let me know and I'll add.

4. I wore my Obama button today with a red shirt layered on top of a white shirt with blue jeans. Yeah, I was getting my low key patriotism on! I have never met so many nice people in one day. Genuinely happy people... people who without my button would never talk to me and I would never feel the need to talk to him. Obama brings folks together EVERYWHERE. This is an awesome awesome feeling.

5. There was nothing low key about how I decorated my door though. Every paper I could get my hand on was taped to my office door. Obama Won! He's the One! Obama's the One! Obama Made History! The Chicago Tribune cover is my favorite. I think because it's him AND Michelle. It's classic, to the point, pure hotness!

And in non-Obama tangents...

6. I'm having a label-free kind of week. i.e. I'm not considering nutrition labels this week. I'm eating what I want, which right now is a pint of Ben and Jerry's Half Baked.

7. I haven't been to Sweat Shop since Thursday, which means I'm going to have to pay double for #6

8. I lost $8.12 on an Ebay sale. This is what happens when you grossly underestimate shipping. On the bright side I have one less thing cluttering my studio and I learned a valuable lesson. USE THE SHIPPING COST ESTIMATOR. It's there for a reason.

9. While I thoroughly enjoy my new gig, they completely pissed me off today. How does an organization call a mandatory meeting, then cancel it without notifying EVERYONE that is was cancelled. I guess they got the message to all but two people: me and the other confused lady running around the building looking for a meeting. I dare you to guess if I'll even attempt to go to any other "mandatory" meetings.

10. I gotta go pack for Houston. Good night.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW! Matter of fact, there's not a word to describe how I feel. I want to jump out of my skin. We did it. Yes, me, Barack, Michelle and all the other volunteers. We came together and we made a difference. Who's ready for November. I AM! YES, WE CAN!!!! WHEW!!!

Ok, here's an oldie, but goodie. (i.e. posted on fb before I had a blog).

Hey folks,

I went to the Chicago Rally last night for Obama and it was awesome. The crowd was so energetic and literally fired up. They had CNN on all night and you should have heard everyone screaming every time they showed and Obama state. I've never been so happy to see dark blue in my life.

They played the Will.I.Am Yes we can video and everyone was singing to it and we were chanting all night. YES WE CAN... SI, SE PUEDE... WE WANT CHANGE... O-BA-MA... FIRED UP... READY TO GO. Actually, the people in the crowd behind the podium were the hypest crowd. One guy was the cheerleader... When I say O, you say Bama O-BAMA O-BAMA. It was awesome.

Barack and Michelle came out around 10:30 and shook a few hands. Then they walked on the stage together, took a stroll around the stage and then she walked down. They look every bit like the first couple of the United States. He is so poised and she is so regal. It was amazing to see their chemistry in person.

So he gave his speech and, of course the rowdy crowd was even rowdier by the time he came out and when we got out of control he would either take the control back or let us chant for a while. The look on his face while he listened to us scream, WE WANT CHANGE or YES WE CAN was amazing. The look said I am so ready for this job and thank you for coming out, for believing in yourselves enough to help me make this happen. It said I am the future president of the United States and I will keep my promise of change. (Yes people, I saw that in a look).

I'm sure you can youtube the speech, but my favorite part was when he said (paraphrased). The media is adding up points and numbers and reporting on who's leading, when they should be reporting on who matters." I love his take on the media. It's obvious that he's jaded with business as usual - biased reporters, stupid questions and lack of substance in general. I can't wait to see how the media landscape changes when he's the president.

He also said that this presidency is not about him... it's about us. The people. That's been a consistent message throughout his campaign. He even mentioned that in Springfield, IL when he announced his candidacy. He said "We are the change we've been waiting for." It was a call to action (and a good one at that).

So after the speech, Michelle comes back out and they begin to go around the stage shaking hands. I'm thinking OMG are they going to come all the way around. They did. I shook hands with the Obamas! I was so star-struck, so overwhelmed... I started crying. I couldn't help it. Michelle just looked at me and said, don't cry, which, of course, made me cry more. The future president and first lady of the United States were literally within reach.

This change, this election, this presidency is so real I can feel it... and last night I reached out and touched it.

I'm so excited people. I'm fired up, ready to go and I'll be at the Chicago headquarters every week making sure I do my part as an American citizen to make sure everyone in the country (or at least everyone on my call list) knows who Barack Obama is and why he's the best choice for President.

Answer This

No really... answer this real quick (answer over there if you can)? I'm curious to see how you feel about it. :)

Monday, June 2, 2008


This week has been inundated with hilarity (and insight). Here's a glimpse:

"I'm done seeing my friends in the rearview thinking that we're closer that we are!"
- My boy's myspace page quote

"Man, my $#%* don't play burned CDs."
- Ira, on the technological capabilities of his stereo

"My baby was acting too lame at his birthday party"
- Hoodrat on the bus speaking on the timid nature of her child at his 2 year old bday party

"Either there's a pregnant girl in the club OR she just had a baby and has on a too small shirt. Either way it's a atrocious."
- Me to Kismet via text on the craziness I encountered at the club

"I don't have 2 hours to be ugly"
Me to R... I see this will require further explanation:

R: So you just get a car anytime you want?
Me: Yeah, I-go is cool. They have cars parked all around the city. You pick the make and model you want and the location, then go pick it up. I always get the Honda Civic Hybrid.
R: Why don't you try the other cars?
Me: Well they only have a bunch of hybrids like the Fit, the Element, pretty much a lot of ugly stuff.
R: *Laughs* You're only using it for like two hours to run errands, right?
Me: I don't have two hours to be ugly.