Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kanye's... er... um... T's Workout Plan

As some of you know one of my best friends has embarked on a journey to eat better and exercise more often, which ultimately results in weight loss. My girl has lost about 50 pounds over the past two years and we are SO proud of her.

The two main reasons she's doing such a great job is because she blogs about her efforts to make her more accountable AND she has a wonderful network of friends, family and loved ones that support her endeavor.

I don't have to tell you that illnesses and diseases caused and/or aggravated by excess weight plague the African-American community. If we, as a generation armed with more information than our ancestors, can lose a few pounds to save a few lives AND pass that healthy living and knowledge information to our children, I'm down for the cause.

To that same end, if you've been paying attention, you may have also noticed I picked up about 10 (or more) of those pounds my girl lost. I was discussing with her how every November my weight is up, then I do a diet (or eat better plan, whatever) and it's back to where I want it by April or so. This diet-dance is OLD and TIRED. I've decided that this (10 or more pounds heavier than usual) is the size I'm going to be.

However, that's no excuse not to exercise (and ultimately get this new weight right and tight). I have about 3 weeks before me and my girls storm the desert, so here's my plan:

Exercise 6 days a week, 1 hour

Monday - 1 hour cardio
Tuesday - 1 hour cardio
Wednesday - Pilates
Thursday - Pilates
Friday - Day of REST
Saturday - 1 hour step class
Sunday - 1 hour cardio

I need your support in my quest towards staying healthy (and be for real, I'm trying to make sure nothing's out of place in those facebook vacation photos!)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Things that destroy my party-going experience: Part 1

I work hard and life can be so serious sometimes. I use the weekend to recoup and refresh, and all the better if a hot DJ and a cold drink (or several) are involved.

Because of my heavy recuperating activities (your girl likes to party), I've noticed a few things that take me from a Zen partying experience to an infuriated raging disgust in 0 to 60. I'm going to start sharing those things with the blogosphere, so folks can vicariously feel my partying pain or chime in when they can relate.

I was going to make this Part 1 of a 2-part series, but seeing as how my recuperating has been extensive to date AND we have the entire spring and summer to party in the Chi, I'm not going to put a limit on the series. For the most part, I'll do a laundry list of things that irk me (yes, I said irk). Other times I'll have so much information on one topic that it will take up the entire post. We'll see what happens... (Enjoy!)

Rude bouncers/door men
- A rude front door experience (coming or going) can be and usually is, by far, the most upsetting part of partying experience.

Some questions to ponder:

1) If the party's free before XYZ time, WHY must you act as if it's SO full inside and have us stand in line for a ridiculous amount of time in order to get us to pay. Standing in the freezing cold waiting to get into a party is not what's hot. Moreover, standing still in any weather in 4-inch heels is also not fun.

In fairness: This hasn't happened to me in a LONG time. I stopped messing with promoters who do that back-handed mess. If I'm going to patronize your establishment, you need to respect my time and money, not try to take advantage of it.

2. Why does the guy at the door act as if he's doing you a favor by letting you in?

3. Is yelling at me before I enter or after I leave the party really making your job any easier? I mean have you found yelling to be a truly effective means of mass communication?

4. Is this kindergarten? Given your superior attitude, I wonder if we should we form a single-file line. Will you wait until it's quiet like Mrs. Washington used to do on the playground?

5. Does saying "If you don't have a coat, please go outside" really work in March in Chicago? I mean, WHO standing in line for coat check DOESN'T have a coat?

6. How much do you really get paid? I mean, you take your job SO SERIOUSLY, you must be getting paid a lot of money to risk your life. (In the Chi, talking to people like you're crazy has resulted in the shooting wounds and/or deaths of many a bouncer. I'm not proud of the statistics of my city, I'm just curious as to what amount of money would force them to put their lives at such risk.)

Side note: I was leaving a concert recently and we walked out of the door and started looking around in a "which way did we park" type manner. The moment, I mean THEE absolute MOMENT we stepped out of the door, the short bouncer was like "PLEASE DON'T STOP HERE! PLEASE MOVE FROM IN FRONT OF THE DOOR!"

One of my girl's co-workers, who I'd just met that night, was with us so I proceeded to act right. But... had I been amongst JUST friends, I would have given him such a thorough piece of my mind that he probably would have quit his job that night.

Back to the list of things that make you go hmmm...

7. Which police academy were you rejected from that you end up at a door near me and get to feel important? Did they throw in an extra bonus for you to be so rude? They MUST'VE.

8. Given the A-hole bonus package you must've received, why do you look so upset to be at work? I mean, this is your job right? You chose to stand outside of [insert bar or club name here] in Chicago where it's cold 9 months out of the year and check purses and or IDs. Why the ugly face? I don't mean-mug you when you drink at home by yourself or at a bar in Melrose Park or Harvey to relax from a taxing weekend of life-risking bouncer duties, Do I? Please return the favor.

9. Do you sleep with your flashlight? I know it's DARK in the club and you NEED your flashlight to escort NFL bench warmers to their private booth(s), but you seem so attached to your weapon... er... um... flashlight. I swear, I saw one of you checking out my shoes with your flashlight last night. My shoes, though fly, did not pose an eminent threat to anyone's safety.

This post just prompted me to be philanthropic. I'm going to start the "give a bouncer a free teddy bear or blanky, so he doesn't have to sleep with his flashlight anymore" foundation.

And if you're offended by this post, you're more than likely guilty of being an A-hole bouncer. I'd suggest you stop reading this blog (to keep your ego in tact) and curl up with a new flashlight.

Wow, I can't believe rude bouncers took up the whole post.

Shout out to all the respectable nice personable bouncers that do exist. I appreciate you and wish there were more of your kind. Muah!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Laundry Etiquette

So I'm doing laundry today and I thought about something I meant to ask the blogosphere (or facebook world) about a while back...

Side Note: I hate doing laundry. I live in an apartment and even though the laundry room is in the building, I still hate it. I wait until the absolute last minute to wash clothes and I surprise myself often with my seemingly never ending underwear drawer.

You all know I'm on my grown woman, buy own a home soon plan. There is NO motivation greater to buy a condo, than in-unit laundry. 908 W. Stoughton, oh how I miss thee.

Anyway, I just have a quick question:

What's more rude

1) Taking someone's wet clothes out of the washing machine because they took too long to take them out of the washing machine


2) Leaving your clothes in the washing machine for so long that someone would be prompted to take them out of the machine?

I realize they're both rude and defy apartment laundry room etiquette, but be honest, which is more rude? (Clearly I did one of these things and I just want to know how folks feel about it).


Ok, now that the judge and jury (by way of comments) are in I'll admit, I did number 2. I'm usually pretty good about getting back on time because of the bra incident in college. (Ask Les about it). This time, I set an alarm, but didn't hear it when it went off. I was maybe 15-20 minutes late, at MOST.

I'm not saying I'm confrontational and/or have a bad temper, but I waited for the person to come down the stairs so I could tell them how I feel about putting their "God knows where they've been" hands on my clean clothes. Then it occurred to me that they were just being laundry room friendly by helping me transfer my clothes from the washer to the dryer with a stop on the folding table. When that person didn't materialize after their load was finished... I returned their laundry room friendly favor. :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If you need personal space, drive to work

So I guess it's about time for another post. I don't have anything fresh, so I'm going to copy and paste this email I sent to Kyra Kiles, editor of Going Public, a section devoted to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) in the RedEye (a publication for the Chicago Tribune).

As many of you folks know I'm a true northsider now and I don't have a car anymore. I drive when ABSOLUTELY necessary (bigs up to I-go) (Oh and if you sign up, tell them I referred you. I need my points!)

All that to say, the CTA is my primary mode of transportation. Given that it's so PUBLIC, I'm bound to be disgusted with it some days of the week. Here's a concern that never ceases to amaze me about CTA riders...

"Hi Kyra Kyles,

I take the CTA daily, and while I have my qualms with the organization, the worst part about the CTA is the people who ride it. I ride the 145 and 146 daily and get on at Belmont, the last stop before the bus goes express to Michigan and Delaware. Every single day people act like they don't know how to walk to the back of the bus.

If there's only standing room, it's common knowledge you should go to the back of the bus. Not just further back, but all the way back. Tourists can get away with this ignorant behavior of standing in the doorway or towards the front, but if you've been on a crowded bus at least one time you should know to go to the back.

The rush hour commute is no time for personal space. People pay a measly two dollars per ride and act as if they've rented a Rolls Royce. If you don't want to be bumped, pushed or sneezed on, drive to work. However, if you must take a CTA bus, please GO ALL THE WAY TO THE BACK OF THE BUS!

My Real Name, My real Age, Lakeview"

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tea's Afternoon Tangents March 19, 2008

1. Did Easter sneak up on us or what? I mean I haven't even had time to think about who's mama's house I'm eating at. I like to celebrate the death and resurrection of my Lord and Savior with some lamb, macaroni and cheese, greens, cornbread and potato salad and I'd prefer not to have to cook it myself.

2. Why do people keep calling Good Friday, no work Friday? We got Martin Luther King day at my job, that's about as close as we're going to come to get a holiday as religious as Good Friday. Sigh.

3. I ate a meal replacement bar, a meal, a brownie and a piece of blueberry poundcake today and it's not even 5pm. If you say something about skinny people not needing to worry about weight, I swear I'll erase your comment. If I gain as much weight next year as I did this year, I'm well on my way to being 200+ before I hit 30. I LOVE my sweets though. I'm gonna hit the gym hard... this weekend. :P

4. What's up with the weather? I know this is Chicago, but that little taste of spring wasn't even right. Had folks outside on St. Patrick's day convinced that it was 60 degrees, but it was more like 36. Nonetheless, the spring kicking it has commenced and it won't stop until November.

5. OBAMA is THAT DEAL! Did you hear/read his speech on race and politics? If you didn't you should have. This man eloquently put so many people in their place, it's not even funny. I stay FIRED UP. READY TO GO!

Adding Value

I spoke with one of my college communications professors recently (meaning within the last year)and he told me about a new study finding in the business world. The problem of adding value. Many managers feel that they can add value to your work, and rightfully so, they have more experience and expertise... So when you send something in to be edited, they always want to add something to what you did, be it absolutely necessary or not.

So in "adding unnecessary value" to one's work you in turn lower morale because:

1) You make that person feel like they didn't do a good job (when they did)
2) If the person recognizes the value you added is unnecessary, they will then feel like you're wasting their time and this will create a resentful environment.

I have a manager who feels as if her thoughts and feelings are of value to me and my work. This is how she "feels" about something. Or this is what she "thinks" about XYZ. It's never a concrete thing, it's a feeling. And while intuition, insight and gut feelings can help catapult someone to the next level, it doesn't really keep me warm at night if you can't produce tangible examples.

The problem is that she doesn't realize how irritating and unnecessary all of her extra "value" is to me. She doesn't recognize her adding value as a problem. In her eyes, she's doing a good job "managing," when in actuality, she's stopped managing, started micromanaging and if I didn't know better, I'd think she was trying to DO my work.

I don't know how many times I can say, I've got it, I'll handle it, I understand or I'm on top of things in order for her to stop sending me little "tips" and "tools" about how worried she is about something (again, her feelings). I've decided that there's nothing I can do about her,


As a manager, I will make sure that if I'm editing work or making changes that I will limit my added value. When I do add value it'll be based in on facts (that word is mispelled) and not feelings (I feel like it looks so different from last year). I'll also try my damndest not to spend so much time "doing" the work of the people that I'm managing, that I forget to ACTUALLY manage them.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fashion (or lack thereof) and such

So as you know from 2 posts below it hit 48 degrees in Chicago and most of us have officially kicked off the spring-summer partying season in honor of the lovely weather.

So Cam and Common Ground threw another hot event on Thursday. I was impressed with the crowd and the overall atmosphere, but I noticed something that I must share. I've been on hibernation since Rob's birthday party in December, so I guess I must've missed the turn that fashion was taking. Here's how I feel on a number of "trends" that have ripped the runway, bounced into a magazine, hit the H&M racks and ended up on someone's body...

I'll start with the positive.

1. In general

- The individualism that's showing up is refreshing. I remember one summer like '04 or maybe '05, it was like the stores only sold one dress in a thousand colors. You know that Miami looking spandex dress that was tight on the bottom and flowy at the top. It usually had your top exposed or people would wear a rhinestone bra or something under it. I'm so glad we're past that.

2. Pencil skirts and flowy shirts/flowy skirts and tight shirts

- Ok, I love love love this trend. And everyone who wore an outfit like this generally had the right shape to rock it. On the tight shirt piece, think spandexy long or short sleeved type shirt. I'm gonna have to post a link because it sounds ugly as I'm typing it.

3. Skinny Jeans/Shiny leggings

- I love this trend too, which is so funny because I HATED it this time last year. Trends take a while to grow on me. I hated three quarter lengths sleeves when they first came out, I hated ballet flats when people started wearing them, in grammar school I HATED puff coats, then I bought one in high school. Whatev, you get the point. Love how people were rocking the skinny jeans (for the most part).


4. Hair

- So in this category there were a number of atrocities. The most notable is the lack of a trend, if you will. The bob is back in full force, bangs made a debut, layers are still hot and of course, bright colors are in. News flash: The wrap went out in the 90s, it's not coming back. Boring limp hair is not what's hot anymore ladies, no matter how long or silky smooth it may be. Please step your game up.

5. Sweater Dresses

- I don't know what in the panty-line-showing-cottage-cheese-flowing-hell was going through people's minds, but sweater dresses are not for everyone. Like a number of trends you must have the perfect shape to rock a sweater dress (not too skinny, not fat in ANY way).

- And while we're on that note, let's discuss proper underwear. If a dress requires a thong, but you aren't comfortable in a thong, or don't look right in a thong, I can guarantee that that's not the dress for you. If you just must wear the dress, there are other options ladies, seamless boyshorts work perfectly. The people that I'm talking about specifically would have done the world some good if they'd just picked up some spanx. To that same end, I should not be able to see your bra or panties through your dress, skirt, shirt, pants, whatever (unless it's a part of the outfit, which is something I won't even discuss today). That means the shape of it, the color of it, etc, etc. It's like some people don't have parents or grandparents who would have instilled this kind of make-sure-you-wear-the-proper-undergarments pride in folks. I just can't understand.

6. Leggings/Tights/Stockings/Shirts

- SHIRTS ARE NOT DRESSES! We KNOW that you're rocking a shirt. It's not cute, it's not trendy, it's not trend-setting... It's a mess.

- TIGHTS AND STOCKINGS ARE NOT LEGGINGS! Again, we know they're tights, we know they're not footed leggings, we can see the scar you got in recess in the third grade through the tights/stockings. Leggings are opaque. Do not let your friend convince you that you look ok. Jeans and a shirt would have been a much better simpler look.


- This is for the brothers. If you have on a knee-length black or gray wool coat on top of a button down shirt, that does not make it a jacket or blazer. You looketh a mess. And the sad thing about this is that there was FREE coat check and it was hot as death in this party. There was no excuse whatsoever to be walking around looking like you're getting ready to Drive Ms. Daisy. It was horrible.

8. Things that just don't make sense.

- I can't think of what to call this category, because I was so very confused by an array of things that were going on.

This outfit I'm about to describe is very specific and the internet is wide open, so if you know the girl I'm talking about or if the girl I'm talking about is reading this, I mean you no harm. Just speaking my mind.

There was a chic at the party that had on black stretch high-waisted skinny jeans. Vintage. Think faded super tight jeans we used to wear in different colors in the early 90s, the ones that don't even have belt loops. Then she had on a maroon, green and white striped long-sleeved rugby shirt with a white collar and it was TUCKED so tough into the skinny high-waisted jeans. I don't even remember the shoes because when she walked in the room, I couldn't get the confused look off my face, so I had to look away.

Also, people are doing ignorant things with vests, scarves, high-waisted pants, funny looking shoes and even button down shirts.

Don't take my word for it. Please get out to a swanky location near you and have tons and tons of fun people watching.

Of course, "You know who" is going to come in here and say I'm a hater for posting this post. He's absolutely right. I am envious of people who can walk out of the house looking a complete and utter mess KNOWING they're going to see people they know AND that photos will be taken. I can only dream of being that secure. I reserve my HAM moments for the gym and Jewel.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Have a Bad Day? Steal a meme

I was tagged to this meme by Kismet at

1. I can’t believe I’ve never…

...been to Africa.

2. Every time I think about … I (still) cringe.

...where children will come from

3. I wish I’d …when I had the chance.

...backpacked in Europe

4. I’ve never felt so out of place as when I… approving someone's paid time off.

5. … is/are my guiltiest pleasure.


6. I hope … know(s) how grateful I am for …

...My friends...being my extended family.

7. In my darkest hours, I secretly blame … for my dysfunction.


8. … changed my life forever.


So enlightening and introspective in just eight questions. Geez! I don't know THAT many people in the blog world, but I'll tag Reese and Arin to keep the party going. and

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Songs of the Summer

So much to write about... so little time. True bloggers must be sleep-free because my to do list is hanging over my head like a horse chasing a carrot, but when I get it in my mind to write about something, I have to stop and do it. Whatev, sleep is for the weak.

So it got up to something like 48 degrees in Chicago today and it has me dreaming of summer. Cocktails outside of the Viagra triangle hot spots... Afterwork happy hours... Rooftop parties and get togethers... Family reunions... Balconies... Barbecues... Beaches and of course, the songs of the summer.

Do you remember how you would feel when Ay Bay Bay, Buy you a drank or Wipe me Down came on the radio, your iPod, in the club last summer? Do you remember how hyped you would get if someone used that as the background for their little party promotion youtube video? Even though you knew the same 8-10 people would pop up on facebook saying they were attending the event the same day it was created (A,A,D,J,J,M,M,M,R and R), you still wanted to go because you knew the martinis would be right, the music would be on point, but most importantly the weather would be beautiful.

You knew that it would be 80 degrees outside no matter what time you left the party/get together/bbq/WY reunion (cause be for real everytime you leave the house it's a WY reunion) and it made you feel good.

I got that feeling today and it made me wonder what the hot song of the summer of 2008 will be. Will Usher drop the hotness, T-Pain, Flow-Rida or a brand new one-hit wonder that makes us feel good all summer long, then we never her from him again (think Err' body in the club gettin' tipsy).

So in honor of every year's HOT summer joints, we gone go back... way back... back into time. Here are some of my favorite summer songs from way back when...

(And after compiling the list I can guarantee R. Kelly's going to drop the hotness this summer... can't wait!) Feel free to add the ones I forgot via comment.

1992 - Summertime, Will Smith (This was really '91, but I'm too young to think of one for '92)
1993 - I got a man, Positive K; I Get Around, Tupac; Bump & Grind, R. Kelly
1994 - Aaliyah - Back, Back Forth & Forth
1995 - One More Chance - Biggie; (Hate to admit it, but)... This is how we do it - Montell Jordan
1996 - Big Poppa - Biggie; Hay - Crucial Conflict
1997 - I'm not a player - Big Pun; Usher - You make me wanna (or any song on the Usher CD really)
1998 - Horse & Carriage - Cam'ron; Ghetto Queen - R. Kelly
1999 - What Y'all Want - Eve; Ginuwine - So Anxious; Destiny's Child (all 4 of 'em) - Can you pay my bills
2000 - Ruff Ryders Anthem, Ruff Ryders; Bust Ya Gunz, Swizz Beatz (Pretty much anything by Ruff Ryders in 2000)
2001 - Feelin on your booty - R. Kelly; Fiesta - R. Kelly
2002 - Hot n Herre, Nelly; Usher - You don't have to call (not that flashback!)
2003 - Get Low - Lil Jon 'nem; In the Club - 50 Cent; Ignition AND Move your body like a snake, R. Kelly
2004 - Yeah - Usher, Ludacris, Lil Jon; Lean Back - Terror Squad
2005 - Drop it like it's hot - Snoop; Ciara - Oh (2005 must've been a wack summer 'cause I can't think of any other hot songs)
2006 - Poppin' - Chris Brown; It's goin down - Yung Joc
2007 - Ay Bay Bay, Buy You a Drank; Wipe me Down
2008 - ???

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My first iPod

Ok, let me preface this post letting you know, I'm extremely frugal, but I like nice things. So I'll pay $100 for a cut and color, $70 for some ballet flats (they're SO cute, trust me), but I won't pay more than $.99 for a burger if I don't have to.

My good friends know that I think CDs are a waste of money. Yeah, I like music, but the radio works just fine and if I really like someone (John Legend, Alicia, Kanye and random others depending on how I'm feeling, I'll buy the CD).

Now you're all reading this blog confused like... CD? Why don't you have mp3s by now. It's 2008. Right, but I'm frugal and since music isn't a driving factor in my life, I wasn't really about to go out and buy and iPod or Rhapsody or any other music playing concoction that would cost me more than free.

Then I got a free iPod from my job. GREAT! Now I have to figure out how to work the darn thing. Figured it out. Now I have to download music... Major problem. Remember, I'm frugal. So I have super slow DSL. (Why would I pay for high speed internet at home when I spend more time at work and they have high speed internet there?)

So I figure out how to download limewire, it takes all day Saturday, but I can't figure out how to actually download the music. Whatever, I have some music on my computer that people sent me and I have a few CDs that have collected over the years. I only need the thing to workout and for plane rides anyway.

So I have some songs on there, I'm finally at the gym working it out and my ears are too small for the headphones. Yes the itty bitty headphones that come with the iPod are too big for my uber tiny ears. And buying smaller headphones would be against my frugal religion, so I just have to keep putting them back in when I'm running on the treadmill. Very irritating.

I also couldn't figure out how to charge the thing. Figured it out.
Couldn't figure out how to disconnect it from my computer without that icky warning sign. Figured it out.
Couldn't figure out how to turn it off. Figured it out.

Then I put it in my purse, it plays and drains the battery, so when I want to use it the battery's dead. I can't figure out how to make it stop doing that, then my homie Paris tells me to try to hold button. Genius...

But I think my hold button is broke.

I guess I'll just have to figure it out.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Fabulousness that is Ms. Patti LaBelle!!!


Trust, you do not KNOW a thing about fabulous until you've experienced Patti LaBelle in the flesh. I had the pleasure of having her as a spokesperson for one of my clients this past week and I was overwhelmed with her very presence.

First of all, she's short. Like 5'0 with no shoes and 5'5 with heels on.

Second, she's capital P, PRETTY at 63 years old, she's not pretty for her age, she's pretty for real.

Third, she's the epitome of bling. From her Prada pumps to her super chunky diamond rings or her authentic Louis V bags. This woman has got it going on.

More importantly, her vocal cords are stronger right now (at 63 years old) than any artist in the industry right now. Beyonce... sit down. Christina Aguilera... sit down. Chrisette Michelle, Jill Scott, Fantasia, sit down, sit down, sit down.

She was the finale concert onboard the One Love Gospel Cruise and with good reason. She started singing and it brought a tear to my eye. I mean, she just brought the mic up to her mouth and the sound that came out was nothing short of a miracle. She got comfortable with us too, she kicked her 5 inch heels off, she talked to the crowd about everything she's been going through (lost her mother, father, 3 sisters and got a divorce) and she just sang from the heart. If they played a song she didn't want to sing, she just said, you know what I'm not feeling that song today, I'm going to sing XYZ acapella. The best, I mean, the absolute best part of her concert, she brought Yolanda Adams and Byron Cage on stage and they free-styled Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Ooh, it was WON-DER-FUL. I love concerts, but I realized I've been missing out. Going to see John Legend and Alicia Keys and watching Beyonce on DVD has gotten me excited about the theatrics, the show, but now I'm more interested in the talent, the voice, the strength of the vocals. If anyone's interested in a Gladys Night, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan or Patti LaBelle concert, hit me up. I'm all in!!!

(Last thing, can someone email me about how to put up photos and I'll post pics of Ms. Patti)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Tea's Morning Tangents - March 3, 2008

1. It's 75 degrees in Miami. I couldn't be happier.

2. When I got to my hotel before check-in yesterday, they didn't have the two beds I wanted in one room, so I got a free upgrade to a two bedroom suite. It's probably quadruple the size of my studio in Chicago. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad to leave.

3. I'm really excited and curious to see what happens on Tuesday in Texas and Ohio. I'm sad that I won't be able to do my usual phonebanking. I feel like I'm letting the campaign down. However, when politicians go on vacay, I'm sure they're not giving me a second thought, so I'm going to just watch and see what happens. If you have time, please make some calls (for whatever campaign you support). We can sway the vote in whatever way we want if we get involved! :)

4. Meant to write a facebook note about this a couple of weeks ago, but forgot: I often find myself in situations where I'm the only black, or one of a few blacks in the room. At bars and clubs and recreational events, not unlike work or undergraduate life at the U of I. I noticed a couple of things that are pretty consistent when I'm the only black person at a bar, that I'd like to shed some light on to help people navigate these (hilarious) race relations.

a) I don't want to talk to the only black guy in the room because he's black, so unless he's the hottest guy you've ever seen, don't suggest I hook up with him.
b) I don't want to talk about Run DMC, NWA, Nate Dawg or any other 90s rap star you can come up with. Truth be told, I'm not a big rap fan. Talk to me about John Legend, Jill Scott or Alicia Keys and you've made an instant friend.
c) Whenever a song with a beat comes on do not look at me to see if you are dancing correctly. How would you dance if I wasn't standing right there? Yes, I'm going to laugh at you if you have no rhythm. It's O.K.
d) Whenever a rap song comes on do not make eye contact with me to show off that you know the words. I don't know the words... unless it's a radio song and then I only know the words because the radio plays the same ten songs every hour.
e) last, but certainly not least YES, I have heard the song Aisha by Another Bad Creation A.K.A. ABC. YES, I know MY name rhymes with Aisha. NO, you do not have to sing the song to remind me. (To be fair, white people aren't the only ones who do this. All races of people still sing this song to me when they first meet me.)

5. I'm working on learning to live in the moment. So not focusing on the past and not worrying about the future. Of course, I can't help but plan, but sometimes I get so caught up being excited about what's coming up, that I forget to be grateful for what's going on now. Case in point, I got to Miami super early yesterday (to get my blue black) on and I was enjoying this big two bedroom suite by myself and I was thinking I can't wait until I have the opportunity to stay in a place like this for leisure instead of business. That was the absoulte wrong attitude to have and I changed it immediately. Instead, I thought how EXTREMELY happy I am to be here no matter the trip purpose AND the fabulosity of the room isn't going to change based on who's dollars are paying for it. So I'm happy, grateful and ecstatic right now. No need putting those good feelings off!!!

Have a Happy Day!


Sunday, March 2, 2008

First Post!!!

I always have a plethora of facebook notes, so I figured it was time to cross over into the blogosphere. I'll be talking about everything from politics (GO OBAMA!) to sports (GO BEARS!) to sermon notes to people that irk me (lately party promoters and CTA patrons) to the random moments that make up my extremely blessed life, heirin known as randomocity.