Friday, December 19, 2008

Why AK is funeral music as of late

Obama Friday will be back on another Friday. (I'm busy and sick and tired, so I had to just pull something from the drafts for your reading enjoyment).

Disclaimer: I LOVE Alicia Keys. She's mad talented, I just have opinions and such about her latest music (that I've heard). I promised more on her, so here you go.

Superwoman: Love the sentiment, hate the delivery. Superwomen need to be lifted up, this is the type of song you play over a tribute of a fallen soldier or matriarch.

Like You'll Never See Me Again: Again, love the sentiment, but must you be so morbid? I actually used to say this all the time. "Hug me like you'll never see me again." I actually never saw that dude again. I stopped saying it. Enough about me, this is the type of song you play at a pimp and/or ganster's funeral.

No One: This is the type of song you play at an innocent man who was gunned down ferociously by the NYPD for NO EFFING reason's funeral. The lyrics are perfect for a travesty of such epic proportions. For some reason, DJs play this at the club. *insert perplexed expression here* What dance can you do to this? This is a we-just-broke-up-and-I'm-drunk-and-going-to-start-crying-in-public song. Why, AK? Why so sad.

Teenage Love Affair: The type of song you play at a young pimp and/or ganster's funeral. Maybe 15 year olds are feeling it, but it reminds me of an actual teenage love affair. My mom made me break up with him. He joined the army and married a 3W. I don't want to hear this ish.
You all swear AK as of late isn't funeral music, but after hearing these radio tracks I have no desire to hear the rest of the album. This is nothing like "You Don't Know My Name," which was also kinda sad, but HOT to the nth degree. This is nothing like "If I Ain't Got You"...

Wait a minute... this is actually JUST like Diary of Alicia Keys. Dark, dreary and tear-jerking. And I absolutely LOVED that CD. Is that really what's up? Depressing slow songs?

R&B is depressing. I'm about to go listen to some fruit snack rap to make me feel better (LOL!).

And in funnier news look at JL on the Colbert Christmas special

Can we peep Colbert's rabbit fur boots at about 2:11 though. Hilarity at its finest!


Cris said...

OK I have to defend AK. OK maybe just a little. I have to admit this is my least favorite. Songs in A minor is def. the best. But i like No one. That is my jam. I was feeling kind of funeral like on Never see me again though. But the album is not bad. We should have known that it would be different when she changed.

Y'all know the A Keys from Songs in A minor and Diary would never wear her boobs out or have her hair straight! When the braids and the gear changed, the music changed.

ThummyB said...

Yeah - I'm not feeling the depressing songs right now. I do love AK, and I think that she's incredibly talents., right about now I'd rather have something that's more uplifting.