Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weekly Hair Regimen/More Styles

Weekly Maintenance
I have to comb through my hair at least once weekly (unless it's braided) to prevent tangling and/or locking. Yes, your natural hair will loc up on you if you don't comb it. Don't be alarmed.

Instructions - Saturate hair with Garnier Fructis Strength & Repair Fortifying Deep Conditioner, comb through hair with a strong wide toothed comb one section at a time - add more conditioner as necessary, but the conditioner should be easy to comb through. If not, you need to find another deep conditioner. Rinse conditioner, (optional: clarify with baking soda, rinse baking soda), follow daily wash and style instructions from yesterday.

In the winter time (so far), I just do the weekly maintenance and either put it in a head wrap, get it braided, or wear a towel dryed curly fro. For the winter curly fro, instead of washing/wetting my hair each morning, I just spray it with water (or a liquid moisturizer) and that makes it manageable enough to pick out/finger comb through, but allows it to dry much faster.

My cousin is going to try two-strand twists for me at the end of this week and I'm thinking about flat-ironing it and getting a fly cut of some sort, then going to back to the wet fro in the spring. I dunno.

Headwraps - I love 'em. End of story. I can't really find a picture with one on, but you know what a head wrap is. (Not a doo rag Mike, before you come in here roastin')

Cornrows - Cornrows are a simple go-to for the in-between times. They itch like hell though and I haven't found a good winter moisturizer that I like yet.

Flatironing the naps -
November '07 (the last time I straightened my hair)

There is a such thing as heat damage. If you blow dry or flat-iron your hair, there is the chance that you could permanently relax your hair and/or parts of your hair. There are plenty of people who don't have a perm, but who got the ish blow-dried out of their hair and now it's permanently straight. To each her superfly own.

I haven't gotten my hair straightened since November '07 for a few reasons.
1) If I wanted to wear it straight I would get a perm
2) I am afraid of heat damage
3) There is always too much precipitation in Chicago. Name a season where it doesn't rain or snow here? It's always wet. So I haven't straightened it yet, but I've been thinking about it. Maybe for a vacation. :-)

Dying Hair - Do it! (if you want more color) Dye will loosen your curl, so if you absolutely don't want your curls to get ANY looser, don't dye your hair. Otherwise go crazy with color. Not worrying about overprocessing your hair is one of the fab benefits about not having a perm. Also note: I got regular at the beauty shop, chemical color in my hair. Some natural sisters prefer henna and other natural ways to color hair. I don't know anything about it, but if someone wants to share, knock yourself out. Below is color I got done in June.

Quick recap of today and yesterday: my must-have product list is: Burts Bees Raspberry and Brazil Nut Conditioner, Garnier Fructis Strength & Repair Fortifying Deep Conditioner, Olive Oil (plain old EVOO from the grocery store), Miss Jessies Curly Buttercreme, Baking Soda, Strong Wide Tooth Comb, Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In conditioner (optional, 'cause it doesn't do anything, but smell good) and IC Fantasia Gel (the truth!)

Also, I stay away from anything that contains petroleum or mineral oil (which add unnecessary build-up) and sodium laurel sulfates or sodium laureth sulfates (which strip hair of moisture).


Reese said...

whats with the smiley face T

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

I really want to get a color but I'm scared because I have a relaxer. I like your color though.

antithesis said...

a note on coloring:

dont be like me and get the little $5 box of textures and tones and change your color every two months or so. why did i think that was a good idea? im not bald but my hair is suffering from splits and dryness...

T said...

@ antithesis, thanks for the color advice.

@ Mrs. YF, if you're going to do color with a relaxer it needs to be semi-permanent. It you do permanent color on top of relaxed hair, you will be bald in a matter of weeks. ICK!

Also, I would recommend going to a stylist who's all about hair health. Relaxed hair will also become weaker if you color it relaxer (semi-permanent or not).

You have to really focus on moisture when you put color in relaxed hair. Otherwise, it's a wrap.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I like the styles T and I totally agree with the whole mineral oil sulfate statements.
I hate those ingredients!

identitycrisis said...

I swear I commented last night but I don't see the comment anywhere.

Recap - Love your hair growth and this whole idea. Been natural for almost 7 years and I still have questions. I asked about winter styles but I see you covered that. However, I have never figured out the whole headwrap thing. I've been thinking about trying it again but I never know what to do with my ears and I think they make me look sickly. Somehow they seem to look fly on everyone else. Any tips?

T said...

IC, when I was in college this org named Women of Color had an annual conferernce. A woman came to talk to us about natural hair care and other stuff. She had the most fabulous head wrap and she told us how to do it. Every since that weekend I've been rocking the wraps. I could show you how to do it perfectly. My favorite head wrap used to be a pair of gaucho pants and my second favorite it a t-shirt fabric from Hancock.

I like my headwraps tight, so my advice is to use fabric that stretches. I know thummyb wears her headwraps loose, so she can use fabric that may or may not stretch.

I can't really explain how to do it in words, but I'll show you the next time I see you. It's super simple.

Maybe I'll make a video over the Christmas break since I have so much time off work... probably not.

Cris said...

I was going to say just do it in a video. And there are videos on YouTube that show you how to do certain wraps.

I forgot to mention in the other blog that your hair grew so fast. You look like a different person except for your big yellow smiley face, LOL. I hould have monitored my growth like that. It is pretty long now though for it to be only a little over a year since my BC.

Keep them coming and I will post anything that I may have.

boogie said...

i just recently became a fan of the miss jessie's products... (shout out to IC on that BOGO Free!)
i have tried the garnier at the recommendation of other friend-girls with natural hair. i however, did not like it at.all.

you really have to be willing to try ANY number of products. i did not know color loosens your's time for some color. T, do you do your own?

T said...

@ boogie. No ma'am, I don't do my own color. I get it done at the shop. Peep this post for all my stylist suggestions (if you're ever in the Chi).