Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tea's Natural Hair Resource Guide

Hey Folks,

These are the sites I use most (or used most when I was transitioning). Contact info for my stylists is at the bottom. As well as links to my natural friends' blogs who I'm sure wouldn't mind answering any of your hair questions.

And this marks the last post of Natural Hair week. I hope you enjoyed it. Per usual, tune in for Obama Friday tomororw. :)

Motown Girl: IMO, the best comprehensive Natural Hair Site: lots of info on products, hair style how-to, natural fly chick of the month, etc, etc,

The "Natural Hair" Group on facebook. (You have to log in to see it)

Miss Jessie's: Funny I've never spent money on a Miss Jessie's product (Got 'em for Christmas), but the photos are pretty to look at.

Carol's Daughter: I have spent money on these products. Go to Sephora and try the smells out before you buy them. Some are really fruity, some are really woodsy. It's all about what you want your head to smell like for weeks at a time.

Naturally Curly: I rarely go here, but they had the hook-up on product reviews when I first started transitioning.

Nappturality: Beware, they are ONLY about the tight nappy curls. If you have loose curls (by nature) or ever dare put heat on your head these sisters get crazy and indignant. I don't kick it over there, but they have some good advice for first timers.

N.A.I.M.A. (Naturally Alluring in Mainstream America) - It's a NING site. You have to be invited (so send me your email if you're interested) and you HAVE to put up a photo otherwise the sitekeeper goes ballistic, but it's some cool peeps in there with some good hair tips.

Main Stylist (who helped me transition and who does my color. She's natural too.)
Kiva Salon and Spa (Water Tower)

Back-up stylist (She tamed the naps for Dorian's wedding when I was about half perm and half natural. Cori was on maternity leave and she took good care of me. She's also natural)
Spring's Place (1503 S. Michigan)

Braid Stylist (I don't know if she's natural or not, but she can braid her behind off! The shop is out in the boonies, but I have the hardest time finding folks to braid my hair. She's the "it" girl of the moment)
The Magic Shop (Skokie, IL)

Homies with natural hair (who also have blogs and would probably answer further questions)
Kismet, IdentityCrisis and Thummyb

Blogger buddies with natural hair Antithesis, Kay

See, the resources are ENDLESS!!!


antithesis said...

moment # 675 that i wished you lived in DC: those stylist recommendations would be sooooo useful!

but i guess it's also...

reason #357 to go to the Chi

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

I'll definitely be checking out those rescources. I find that by taking care of my hair as though it was natural, works for me.

Happy Thrusday

ThummyB said...

Hold up...don't be spreading false info about my NP. Nappturality welcomes all curl patterns. It is definitely true that putting heat on your hair is a huge No No. However, sistas w/all types of curls are welcome.

There is a concerted effort to avoid the 'good hair/bad hair' stigmas, so if you have hair like Miss Ceelie and you're complaining that you can't make it look like Tracy Ellis Ross, then yes, ppl are going to call you out. However, if you natrually have TER's texture, then you will indeed be supported and given tips to grow and maitain your tresses.