Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Support Our Troops

Everyone that knows me knows I have a strong commitment to giving back. Giving back and serving my country had never really been in the same sentence for me before now. Our President-elect called me out in February 2007 when he announced his run for the presidency of the United States of America (I was crying that day too). He said this wasn't about him, but it was about me, about US, giving back to OUR country. He said everyone should get involved in government in some way.

I felt compelled to do something for my country and got involved in his campaign. :)

Now that the campaign is over I'm not exactly about to join the armed forces BUT I do very much appreciate the service our armed forces give. The only reason people aren't dropping bombs on our head (be for real, we're not the most-liked country on the planet) is because our armed forces are out there doing the damn thing. And whether or not we agree with our country's leadership, our troops deserve our support.

So this holiday season, I'm going to do something for our armed forces and here are top 10 Web sites that provide creative opportunities to give back to our troops.

10.Soldiers Angels

9. Give 2 the Troops

8. Troop Support

7. Support The Troops

6. Support the Troops and Veterans

5. Operation Support Our Troops

4. America Supports You

3. Operation Homefront (supporting the folks the soldiers left behind)

2. Any Soldier (this is a heartwarming/tear-jerking organization right here. Bless this soldier's heart!)

1. The United Service Organizations (USO)

If you're apprehensive about giving money all willy nilly to organizations you've never heard of, then call your grandma, ask her who's baby is in the service and send that soilder a card or care package. (You know your grandma knows who's baby is in the service!!!)

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