Monday, December 1, 2008

She get it from her mama!

Side note: Killing Wal-mart workers for sales on cheap merchandise is no way to celebrate the birth of Jesus. This is a disgusting infuriating mess.

Side side note: I got my clothes back!!! It only took 30+ days and formal complaints to the Better Business Bureau, the East Lakeview Chamber of Commerce and Chicago's Tribune's What's Your Problem column. Minor details so long as I got my jeans back. I am so happy. I missed my clothes!!!

On to the topic at hand.

So you all know how I [generally] say what I feel without regard for people's feelings?

And you know how unless it's my intention, I USUALLY I don't even know I've hurt someone's feelings until someone points it out to me.


This little conversation will explain where I got that from:

Mom: My girlfriend is old school. Her son came home from college and she's talking about he should spend ALL his time with her. That's crazy.

Me: My friends parents are like that. It's hard to get together with people from out of town 'cause their parents won't let them out when they come home.

Mom: Y'all are grown. Go where you want to go, I don't care.

Me: It's not about being grown. Their parents feel like they owe the time to them. You never demanded our time like that, you were always the cool mom on the block.

Mom: *stops to think for a second* Nah, I don't think that's it. The difference is your friends parents probably miss them.


Me: Ma? You don't miss me?

Mom: I mean, I love you.


Reese said...

LMAO your moms is the truth
(id still holla though :) Im just sayin)

Kismet said...

LOLOL! Aww. Your mom loves you.

I'm definitely one of those. But I think you're right, T. My mom misses me and all--but I OWE her that time. She paid for college, she's dipped a bit into the grad school fund, she's had my back my entire life. A little bit of time is the least she thinks I can give her, lol.

@Reese. Dude? At moms though?

And you got your jeans back!!!! Yay!!!!!

antithesis said...


and about that walmart thing. was it that serious. it's black friday at walmart EVERYDAY. i mean was people hoping to get shit for free???? a SHAME

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL @ your mom's comment....LOL LOL
but you know she loves you so it's ok.
I forgot to mention the Walmart madness. I live in NY and it was all over the news throughout the day. People are so sick!

K to the... said...

Damn, momma! LOL!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i bet she does lol

identitycrisis said...

glad you got your clothes back. what did they say happened to them?

you gotta love moms. i think mine would say the same thing.

T said...

@ crisis, you know they didn't say anything. They just called to tell me they were there, left a message on my voicemail and I went to get them. I really didn't believe they were there until I had them in my hand.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

First off I was there when the guy got trampled over. Black Friday by Green Acres is usually crazy but this year people just seemed more vicious and less concerned about others. This recession is sending people ape crazy.

Second, wow to your mom's comment. I had to show it to my mother and her reaction was priceless.

She gave this as-a-matter-of-fact face and then calmly says, "I understand what she means", like HELLO Mommy I'm right here.

T said...

@ Mrs. YF, wow. I can't believe you were there. What was it like. Did people realize this man was dead? Was anyone able to make any purchases? I heard they shut the store (as they should have).

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

People were only realizing it was just that serious after the fact. Went about their way like they did not see a man lying on the floor. Purchases were made. People were happy. The man was dead. That's basically the senario. After, they did close not only the store but the entire entrance to the rest of the mall because another woman by one of the electronic stores caught a heart attack.

Cris said...

LMAO, I can see the crickets in the background now as the comment was said. I feel so bad because I am in tears laughing but my mom is the same way. It is like that when you have the cool mom. Its not that she doesn't love us, she just has to have her me time. We have the type of mom's that don't have to get their groove back because they never lose them, LOL